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11 Important Tips for Planning an Outdoor Event

It takes some extra effort to plan an outdoor event as compared to an indoor event. You will take interest in planning an outdoor event as the summer will come. But you cannot forecast whether it will rain or it will be a sunny day if you have planned a picnic on that day. However, it can be miserable for the participants of the event if your planning is poor. So, before hosting an outdoor event prepare a backup plan for this. Now I am going to give you 11 important tips for planning an outdoor event.

  1. A permit is necessary – Once you make the decision to hold an outdoor event, it becomes necessary for you to get a permit for this. If you do not have a permit and you hold an outdoor event then it can be shut down easily.
  2. See all ordinances – Do you know about noise ordinances? These are applicable in every town. Is it possible that after a certain time you can make the noise? It is also important to know about safety and fire codes. The safety codes restrict you from overselling tickets. You need to communicate with the police, fire department, local authorities, and state authorities about this.
  3. Sometimes you need to do more work for outdoor events as compared to others – Does an outdoor facility already exist for holding your occasion? If yes then half of the work is complete. If the answer is no then go and target a new area with which you are unfamiliar. Now it becomes critical for you to do coordination and advanced planning. The others can depend on you for food, equipment, communications, toilets, and power. It is your responsibility to arrange all the things at the venue and take that out when the occasion finishes.
  4. A considerable amount of time will be required for loading-in and loading out – In order to arrange sanitation, security, and power for the participants you need time to load these items in and also to load out.
  5. Layout and logistics – If you want to set up vendors for the venue then use markers to make a rough sketch of the place and take its photos too. In what way will you load the equipment? The guests and the crew? If you want to make arrangements for the parking space for the attendees, trucks parking, and equipment downloading, then you need to coordinate with the suppliers and for that an advance meeting with them at the venue is necessary.
  6. Availability of power – There will be a requirement for power stations for lights, DJ, and foodway stations. Take extension cords with you if enough power stations are not there. Along with this arrange a system that gives you backup power.
  7. Make sure that the guests feel comfortable there – Arrange drinking water for the guests at the venue. In addition to this take portable air conditioners for rent.
  8. Arrangement for sanitation – There is no place for any mistake here. If toilet facilities are poor and restroom facilities are not proper then the guests will not like it. For the crew as well as for the guests, provide equipment for sanitation.
  9. Make amenities available – For the comfort of the guests, you can arrange bug sprays, sunblock, light blankets, and hand wipes.
  10. Proper lighting – For safety, convenience, parking areas, walkways, and exit paths you need proper lighting, especially if it is an evening occasion.
  11. Arrangement of medical facilities – Always has a first aid kit with you if your event takes place at a distant place. Get the address of the hospitals that are nearest to that place.

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