March 24, 2023

16 Features to Include in Your On-Demand Food Delivery App

Food Delivery App

Food is an essential aspect of our lives. We rely on food for our mood swings, bad days, or even when we want to celebrate something special! As a business owner, it is inevitable that you tap the opportunities in this ever-growing market. To have a successful online food delivery business, just another food delivery app will not serve the purpose.

It is all about providing a one-of-a-kind user experience that solves some obvious and some not so obvious challenges for people when they order food online.

So, here this article has all 16 most important features that you have to look at!

Features for Customers

During on-demand food delivery app development make sure to have UI and features that make sure customers keep coming back. You need to include features that will make your app the best of all. Let us discuss these features. 

  • Quick Login

It is the first step where your customers will be interacting with the app. So it is important to make it simple. A complicated sign-up might result in your customers leaving the app. So, What you can do is, ask for basic details and later on allow them to add more things to their profile. You can also give them quick login by integrating social media login.   

  • Search

After the customer logs in, the next step is searching for food. This feature is the core of the app. And so it is important to research well on dividing the food items by location, veg/non-veg, dessert, main course, drinks, and more. You can showcase the dishes in the easiest way possible so that your potential customers can find their dishes instantly. Also, make sure to add details of restaurants for customers to know more about them.

  • Add to Cart and Schedule the Order 

After customers have figured out what to order, it’s time to order the food. It is quite possible that the customer might want to order from different restaurants. So allow the customers to add dishes from different restaurants to the cart.

The other thing is allowing customers to schedule the delivery time. For example, if you have a meeting from 12 to 12:30. And wish to have lunch soon after that. With the scheduling option, the customer will set the delivery time to 12:30 so they can have lunch just after the meeting.   

  • Multiple Payment Options

Give your customers the choice of paying from wallets, credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, and COD for people who do not do online transactions. This way you are not restricting your users in any way and thus chances of them abandoning the card just before payments.

  • Contact Information of the Assigned Delivery Person

After the order is confirmed, send users the contact information of the assigned delivery guy. This way the customers will know who is going to come for the delivery and contact them in case they have any issues. This feature also works as an added safety for the customers as they will have an idea on who is going to come to deliver the product.

  • Real-time Tracking and Status Update

With this feature, the customers will be able to track the location of the delivery guy with time estimation. This way the customers will know how long it will take to deliver the food. Also adding status like order confirmed, order on way, or coming at your doorstep will give the idea of where the food has reached without opening the map.

  • Order History

This is an important feature if you want your customers to order again quickly. Instead of letting the customer go through all the processes of search and filters and order, allowing them to order food again from the order history itself is a much more convenient option. 

  • Ratings and Comments

Give your customers the freedom to share their reviews about the dish they ordered, the restaurant, etc. This way other customers can also go through it while ordering. 

  • Offers Promotion and Push Notification

This is a must feature if you want more and more customers to keep coming back to your app and order again. Give them promo codes after their first purchase which they can use for the next order. The other thing to do is to send notifications on a regular basis to keep reminding the customers that your app exists in case they are hungry.

Features for Admin (Restaurants)

Here are the features that you must consider while on-demand food delivery app development for the restaurant owners or we can call them an admin.

  • Managing Content

The restaurant owner or admin will manage all the content they want on the app. The menu, price, pictures of the dish, discounts, etc. 

  • Assigning Orders

What if the restaurant is not available to deliver due to a rush or any other issue. The admin can show the availability of the restaurants. After the customers have ordered, allow restaurants to decline orders in case of any issue.

  • Analyze Report

Having reports to go through the number of sales via your app will give the admin more clarity. Any negative reviews or failed delivery can be analyzed and taken care of to maintain the reputation of the restaurant. 

Features for Delivery Person

If you have the order and delivery model you will need logistics as well. Here are some features that your app needs for the delivery persons.

  • Handling Orders

The delivery person has to handle the incoming request after the order is confirmed by the restaurant owner. It will allow the delivery guy to accept and reject the orders. 

  • Route Optimization

This feature is important as it will give the delivery guy the optimized route. With the help of GPS and map this feature will show the shortest route available. After the delivery guy has picked up and delivered the order they can update the status likewise for getting assigned to the next order. 

  • Wallet

The delivery guy can manage the tips from the customer and restaurants with the wallet. They can view the wallet to check the amount and transfer the amount to their bank account as and when required. 

  • Delivery History

With this feature, the delivery guy will be able to view all the previous deliveries and payment information. This way they can keep track of the deliveries and order amount of each delivery. 


The food industry will keep expanding and to enter and be an important part of this market your app must have the features that I  discussed above. This way you will be able to build a food delivery app that will sustain you in this competitive market. If you have something unique in mind then add it so that later you can make it your USP.

Summary: An on-demand food delivery app must comprise features that can make the experience seamless for customers, restaurant owners, and delivery persons. This article will give insights into those important features. 

Author Bio:

Maulik Shah is the CEO of BiztechCS, a food delivery app development from India. Maulik likes to explore beyond his comfort zone. When it comes to writing for the blog, his contribution is priceless. No one else on the team can bring the deep industry knowledge to articles that he has. However, his door is always open and he is generous with sharing that knowledge.