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7 Benefits of 3PL Freight Services To Help Scale Your Business!

Are you curious about the work that third-party logistics, also known as 3pl freight services, do? You may count on us for the answers.

Utilizing a 3pl freight services provider to handle logistics tasks like packaging, warehousing, fulfilment, and distribution results in cost savings because you no longer need to maintain a warehouse or hire people to oversee supply chain activities.

In addition to freeing up time to scale your operations, 3pl freight services are more efficient regarding tasks like shipping and transportation. 

Let’s discuss the 7 key benefits of 3pl freight services that can give you the launchpad to take your business to the next level.

3pl Freight Services In Ontario

Whether you are a multinational or a growing local company establishing a footprint in Ontario, your distribution network must be sturdy and agile.

One of the most challenging issues for developing businesses is adhering to the most current standards governing the retail supply chain industry. Larger orders require a precise solution to ensure on-time delivery while ensuring freight condition remains optimal.

1. Receiving 

With an on-hand inventory, 3pl free services can receive the merchandise and send out orders for fulfilment. In a 3pl warehouse, accepting incoming goods and storing them together constitute “receiving” that product.

Each 3pl has unique procedures and capacities. In addition, they coordinate the transportation of the goods from the supplier and manufacturer to the 3pl warehouse, receive the goods into the warehouse, and maintain efficiency until the products are ordered or required elsewhere. 

They also identify when inventory levels are running out of stock and place orders with manufacturers and suppliers.

2. Order Fulfillment

The administration, fulfilment, and distribution of orders are the critical aspects of 3pl freight services.

A 3pl provider may accept orders for items from clients, the general public, or others as part of an order fulfilment service. They may also place orders and deduct orders from stock levels.

Additionally, they get the desired product from the store in their warehouse, pack it, and prepare it for shipping.

Furthermore, they arrange the item’s loading and distribution to the desired location. 

3. Warehousing Services

Managing the secure storage of items until they are required elsewhere is one of the crucial aspects of 3pl freight services. A 3pl company may offer public warehousing, which can be allotted to clients based on priority, capacity, and demand. It can also provide contract warehousing, preassigned and rented out to a particular customer for a specified period.

They also support specialist storage for products requiring certain environmental conditions, such as food, chemicals, or merchandise.

They also offer in-warehouse monitoring and positioning for product identification, storage, and retrieval. High-security storage is provided for valuable, volatile, or otherwise sensitive commodities.

Moreover, a component of 3pl freight services is inventory auditing to ensure accurate reception, stock level management, and distribution of items.

4. Distribution

Distribution is the final service that 3pl freight service provides. Transporting products from the provider’s storage facilities to consumers or other supply-chain nodes. 3pl freight services also supply drayage, cross-docking, intermodal transportation, brokerage, drop-deck and low-boy transportation, full containers, less container load, less truckload, and truckload distribution services.

Furthermore, they use AI mapping, modelling, and fleet optimization to deliver products effectively.

5. Sensitively Freight Handling

3pl freight services transport certain items in specialized settings. Specialized vehicles are outfitted with systems for regulating temperature, light levels, humidity, and other variables to preserve goods as they travel to their destination.

6. Inventory Management 

The best 3pl freight services make it simple to synchronize goods in your 3pl inventory with your online marketplace, check the current stock levels at each third-party fulfilment facility, and proactively buy the merchandise to avoid stockouts.

You can examine the quantity on hand, and the number of units sold each day for each product when your 3pl collects and stores your inventory. It gives you complete transparency into what is constantly accessible for shipping to your customers.

You could even upload real-time stock counts to your store’s website so that customers can see whether things are out-of-stock right away – that’s how much a competent 3pl freight service provider can level up your business efficiency!

7. International Satisfaction

If you operate across several countries, utilizing 3pl freight services with physical locations across those countries can significantly help you expand your presence without having to invest in the corresponding infrastructure. In today’s convenience-based economy, 3pl freight services like Bowden transport are dedicated to assisting companies in developing their brands internationally in countries like Ontario and America.

Key Takeaways 

The top benefit of partnering with 3pl freight service is the level of control and expertise you get without the necessary expenditure of setting up your logistics. If you are a business looking for 3pl freight services in Ontario extending to the US, you must look at Bowden Transport.

Bowden Transport offers 3PL capabilities, including an advanced inventory management system, custom supply chain solutions, and 85,000-square-foot facilities with 28’ ceilings. Bowden Transport tops this with real-time freight movement and inventory management data, cross-border logistics, and market-leading LTL solutions. Contact us for a free quote today!

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