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5 Critical Factors In A Successful Employment Pass Application

Getting a job is what most fresh graduates pass application put in their list of goals. That is because they want to try out the skills they have learned after years of education. Furthermore, they wish to know what it is like to live for themselves and be independent of their parents. That is why they are earnest to find jobs not only in their own country but abroad too.

To be able to work in a country like Singapore, you need to apply for an employment visa. Singapore has many types of work visas but the most sought-after is the employment pass Singapore visa. That is because this particular employment pass has a lot of benefits compared to other employment work visas. However, it isn’t easy to get an employment pass Singapore visa. That is why in this article, we will tackle the 5 critical factors in a successful employment pass application.

1 – Educational background

Educational background is very important if you wish to work in Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower only grants an employment visa to those candidates who can contribute to the country’s economy. A sign that a candidate can deliver such results is his or her educational background. Usually, they look for employment pass Singapore candidates who have graduated from prestigious universities in their home country. They favor those who completed their tertiary education in Singapore. Thus, if you wish to work in Singapore, you have to select a college that is listed in their approved list of accredited universities.

2 – Relevant work experience

Aside from the educational background, another aspect that the Ministry of Manpower looks into is the work experience. However, not all work experience doesn’t equate to qualification. The more relevant your work experience is to the job you will get in Singapore, the more you get approved for your employment visa.

In the employment pass Singapore scheme, related work experience is a great factor especially if your educational background is not strong enough. That is why even those that didn’t graduate from prestigious schools still have hope of getting an E Pass. That is if their work experience will render them eligible.

3 – Singapore job offer

The most important factor to succeed in the E Pass application is to get a Singapore job post offer. In reality, you can’t submit an employment visa application if you don’t have a definite job waiting for you in Singapore. That is because only an employer is allowed to apply for the E Pass on behalf of the employment pass Singapore candidate.

Furthermore, you can’t come to Singapore unemployed unless you signed up for a personalized employment pass. However, if you are aiming for the E Pass, you should look for a job in Singapore first. Once you confirm the job, the employer will start the process for the employment visa application.

4 – Minimum salary requirement

All employment visa passes have a minimum salary qualification. This is one of the ways the Ministry of Manpower can assure that the employment candidates will contribute to the economy of Singapore. In the situation of the employment pass Singapore visa, you need a monthly salary of S$4,500 a month. This is its minimum salary qualification for new graduates or those with less work experience. However, the required salary is higher for those older candidates with longer work experience. Thus, when you apply for a job in Singapore, you need to ensure that your promised salary will meet the minimum qualifications.

5 – Professional job Application:

Employment passes Singapore candidate can have an excellent educational background and work experience. He or she can be promised a salary higher than the needed amount However, if the job that was given to him or her is not a professional job, the candidate will not be eligible for the E Pass. That is because the E Pass is only applicable to those who will work in Singapore on professional status.

Managers, directors, executives, doctors, and college professors are examples of jobs that are eligible for the E Pass. Jobs that fall under the mid-skilled work and low-skilled work are not eligible for the said employment visa. That is because there are separate work passes for these types of jobs. Thus, make sure that your job position will qualify you for the E Pass.

There may be a lot of critical factors to succeed in the employment pass Singapore application. However, the benefits garnered by being an E Pass holder outweighs these requirements. An E Pass holder can not only rent homes but for open a savings account. This employment visa holder can apply for passes to bring their loved ones with them to Singapore.


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