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5 Easy Tips In Making Your Flooring Tiles Look New

Using flooring tiles in your home is always a nice feature to make a space homier and more personalized. Not only does it give your home more an additional aesthetic element but it is also a great option to have a durable and long-lasting flooring material.

And when it comes to the aesthetic elements of a home, every detail counts. From flooring tiles to wall paints, everything can contribute to giving any space life to it. And so, having dirty and discolored flooring tiles can be a dealbreaker when it comes to interior design.

This just shows how important keep your floors of how clean and well-maintained as much as possible. They have to be properly maintained to be able to benefit from them in the long run because regardless of the price tag, nothing really lasts if you do not care for them properly.

At the end of the day, a clean and polished house will make your home more inviting to guests. It can also affect your mood and help you be more relaxed after a long and tiring day. No one really feels comfortable being in a space that does not exude an easy and refined vibe.

So, if you have yellow or discolored tiles (or trying to avoid them) at home and are not sure how to deal with them, here are some tips to consider:

Clean With Soap and Water

The easiest and fastest solution to any dirty feature in your home is cleaning them with soapy water. When it comes to basic cleaning, the soap and water combination does the job impeccably. You can easily access them on your shelves and does not take too much preparation time and effort.

They remove dirt, oil, or any substance that can lead to damage and discoloration from your tiles. Dish soap, particularly, is a good material to use with porcelain tiles and is good for reviving their shine. Just make sure to rinse and wipe them thoroughly to avoid ending up with slippery tiles.

Clean With Diluted Vinegar

Another solution that works like magic when it comes to cleaning is diluted vinegar. The solution is a bit of a stronger option than soapy water, so make sure that you are not applying it on your tiles for too long, using too much, nor rubbing too hard – especially for patterned tiles.

The acidity of vinegar is an effective product to remove stains and the buildup of other substances. It also doubles as a disinfectant and odor remover to keep your house tidier. As much as vinegar work efficiently for more serious discoloration issues, make sure to only use it on less sensitive tile materials such as ceramic.

Don’t Forget The Grout

You might be having squeaky clean tiles at your home after cleaning them, but your overall flooring situation will not look as polished until you address the grout issues as well. Dirt and dust can accumulate in your grout over time which can result in darkened color. If you are using light-colored grout, cleaning your tiles with the wrong products can make grout look yellowy.

Chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and diluted vinegar can solve your grout discoloration. Make sure to give the solutions time to get soaked by the grout and gently rub them using a toothbrush. This way, you are not fully disrupting the grout on your tiles and only working on the surface. It is important to note that moving forward, you have to clean the grout with your tiles every time.

Know What NOT To Use

When it comes to cleaning problems, situations might be intense enough to make you go for solutions you did not research and/prepare well. Using wildly known strong chemicals can also give an impression that they will work faster and more effectively than the other solutions available. This is not always the case, especially when it comes to tiles.

Tiles come in different materials and so they also react differently to chemicals you expose them to. Generally, harsh chemicals like bleach and acid are to be avoided when it comes to cleaning. Not only are they too strong for tile products, but they also post health hazards at home when left unmanaged. Using too much vinegar can also damage tiles over time, so make sure to use it in moderation.

Regular Cleaning

As the popular saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. Dealing with the not-so-satisfying look from your dirty and discolored flooring tiles might bring you constant pain, especially if you are having a hard time addressing them. The best thing to do is to avoid all of these and to keep them clean and well-maintained at all times.

Regularly cleaning them with the right products, mopping, and immediately wiping off products that can lead to staining are all helpful practices in keeping your tiles look brand new even in the long run. Despite having a busy schedule, making cleaning a habit can also contribute to not only a cleaner home but also an improved lifestyle.

Key Takeaway

Flooring tiles are an important element to complete your home’s overall look. They serve as features to either establish your space’s atmosphere or to simply be a better option for a long-lasting flooring solution. Either way, tiles are a popular choice among homeowners and are vital aspects when it comes to creating a home.

Regardless of being easy to deal with, a well-tiled floor will not be able to really work its magic when it’s not properly maintained. The beautiful texture, pattern, or material will also not pop when dirt and other substances are all over it. Thus, it is important to know when and how to properly clean your tiles to be able to enjoy your home.

By the simple acts of cleaning with soapy water or diluted vinegar, cleaning the grout, knowing what products to avoid, and regular grooming, dull and stained tiles can be avoided. And with clean tiles, you will not only have a tidy home, but a more refined space for your friends and family to experience.

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