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Bike riding is a man’s activity. Therefore, every male child has an earnest passion and desire to ride a bike. However, in the United States, there is a certain age limit for motorcycle riding. Hence, putting these limitations and restrictions are for the sake of safety and protection of biker riders.

So, when a boy reaches at the age of 16. Parents must allow him to learn a bike. However, he must be allowed to perform and enjoy a practice of riding on the street. Hence, the craze of street bikers is rising and prevailing in the United States. Therefore, teenagers are always passionate to ride a speedy bike on the road. So, they buy scorpion seat online to sting other bikers.

Nowadays, teens are being fearless of showing stunts on their bikes. For instance, they raise the front tire of a bike or stand on the running bike. Every bike rider has a different style of stunt to perform on his bike. It is simply for fun but creates serious life threat consequences for them. However, safe riding is a basic rule for young bikers to protect them from harm and damage.

Here are seven fundamental safety rules for riding a bike for the first timers:

Helmet is a Must:

Helmet is a must element to wear for bikers. However, it is their lifeline. Therefore, every sensible rider should put on a helmet on their heads. So, they must make it a regular habit of using a head covering to increase their chances for safety. Bike is a dangerous ride by itself. So, riders must take extreme care and attention.

Therefore, they must make sure to get all the protective measures. These measures are ideal to prevent them from harm and damage. Thus, getting a head injury is a direct hit on the back skull that can cause a rider to lose their lives on the road.

Learn the Proper Bike:

Amateur riders are extremely risky to travel on the road. However, they are responsible for their self-harm and also destroys someone else’s life. Therefore, they must ensure to learn the proper technique of biking. So, there is a rule for the first-time bikers to must learn it. Learning is a good thing to practice your bike regularly on your local streets. Hence, after making a regular practice for some months. They can have a solid grasp on their bikes. However, they can show their complete grip on the motorcycle ride to take them on the road. Enjoy the moment of time to learn and practice a bike with scorpion seat online.

Turn on the Lights:

Riders must be careful for switch on the front headlights of their motorcycles. However, it helps them see the road clearly at night. Therefore, they must on their lights to have a clear and vivid vision of traffic.

Hence, due to lower visibility riders fail to identify the people and hit them on the road. Therefore, hit and run is a serious crime in the USA. So, keep away from this to the maximum extent. Bikers must install sharp yellow lights on their front to illuminate in the darkness. Thus, they must not become the knight riders and stay as the night riders.

Understand the Right Lane:

The most important thing for bike riders is to understand their side of lane. It is therefore, most riders do not know about this rule. And due to which they find lots of pains and difficulties in riding. Therefore, according to the rule of traffic. Bike riders have to keep their rides on the right most lane of the road. Therefore, the lane should be extreme right. However, they must keep a distance of about three feet from the parked vehicles to avoid hitting them.

Hence, all the seasoned and first-time bikers must understand this rule. To follow it on the road. It allows other vehicles to stay on their respective lanes and prevent the happening of disastrous incidents on the road. Similarly, they must understand their driving directions and grab the meaning of the arrows to guide them correctly.

Know the Traffic Signals:

It is utmost necessary for the new bike riders to know about the traffic signals and arrow directions on the road. The green signal means clarity. So, riders must proceed their bikes safely ahead on the road. Yellow signal indicates the pause or halt. Red signal means danger and prompts a biker to immediately stop a bike on the road. Therefore, they must respect the rules of traffic and follow them exactly.

Moderate Your Bike Speed:

The pace of a bike must be average. However, it must be in the control of the rider. Riding on the road is a hard nut to crack for most bikers. So, they must slow down their pace to cross the obstacles on the road. Many roads have sudden speed breakers and bikers have to ride watchfully to cover the resistance. It maintains a smooth and seamless flow of riding on the street.

Avoid the Distractions:

Riding a bike is a responsible job for bikers. Therefore, they must focus and concentrate on their riding. Keeping the attention ensures the safety of bikers. So, they must avoid all kinds of distractions. Do not take any calls or listen to music while riding a bike. These things completely distract the riders and makes them off the track. Hence, avoidance is good for protection and saves many lives.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are essential safety tips to keep the utmost protection and prevention from risk of danger. However, riding slowly and in moderate speed lowers down the threat of harm. Therefore, riders must purchase scorpion seat online to sit comfortably on their motorcycles.

However, the comfort and convenience of the seat gives them the wonderful experience of riding a motor bike. Therefore, they must respect the traffic signals and follow them strictly to avoid the damages. Especially, in the night. Riders must be careful and watchful in riding a bike to maintain the extreme level of safety.

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