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A Guide on Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

Once, sunglasses were supposed to be rare, however. With time, sunglasses have become popular enough. Now people wear it for UV protection instead of looking cool. However, nobody wears sunglasses that don’t look cool. So, people buy sunglasses that give full protection from UV and look stylish on them. A conventional sunglass, which is made up of plastic contributes to pollution.

Fortunately, eco-friendly polarized sunglasses are always perfect for manufacturing sunglasses because small pieces of material are used-in for making the shade. At the time of the global plastic waste crisis, it’s inspiring and exciting to see the plenty of maintainable sunglasses now available in the market to look amazing and protected.

It’s manufactured with various recycled materials, ranging from fishing nets to skateboard wood. Below are some of the cool pairs of shades added for you to wear on your next vacation.

Buying Eco-Friendly Sunglasses in 2020

People around the world wear shades. They have become common, and many people also have over one pair of shades. Plastic is harmful. So, eco-friendly shades are a good alternative to wear.

Below are a few things to consider while buying a pair of sunglasses.

  • How does sunglasses become eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly sunglasses are environmentally-conscious using earth-friendly material and ethical practices. However, there is no hard rule. They lead to:

  • Good environment. Such manufactures are taking responsibility for saving the earth. People should appreciate, and others must follow in their footsteps to make an eco-friendly environment. Global warming has become the most challenging issue and growing with years.
  • Do something more. Companies have to perform their role after taking environmentally friendly steps. They are fixing the lacunas to help local communities. An example of it is the removal of plastic bottles from the sea area.
  • Alternative of plastic is Eco-friendly

There are plenty of materials used in place of plastic for sunglasses manufacturing. Each material has its trait to contribute positively to the environment. At the same time, offering a good style sense.

  • Recycled materials are recycled plastic. It is created from the plastic waste found near the ocean is used for manufacturing. The fishing nets, wood, vinyl records, leather, aluminum, and wheat are used to produce the sunglasses. You don’t need extra material when you create a sunglass from recycling material.
  • Wood and bamboo sunglasses are crafted from wood, which is an environmentally friendly material. Wooden shades are like Zebrawood or rosewood. They have a unique quality of floating and are more lightweight. Bamboo is a little different from wood because it grows swiftly and produces more oxygen than a similar tree group.
  • Bioplastic sunglasses are biodegradable materials made from renewable resources. Typically, acetate frames fall in this category. The benefit of using them is to release the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed. They decompose faster than plastic and have no harmful traits.

Best Eco-Friendly Sunglasses in 2020

  • Zeal Optics Windsor

It’s one of the most popular and favorite eco-friendly shades to protect from UV rays. They are manufactured with high-quality eyewear using plant-based materials that diminish the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

The best part about polarized lenses is, it protects 100% UV rays, increase the saturated balance you see, and eliminate glare. The distinctive shape, along with rubber, highlights the temples, keyhole bridge, and nose area for added style. This pair of sunglasses is ultra-cool and lightweight.

  • Dex Shades Wayfarer Wood Polarized Sunglasses

They are manufactured using recycling skateboard wood. The frame is wood manufactured with a lightweight and durable pair of sunglasses. It has a good grain variation that makes it more stylish and unique.

If we talk about eye care, it covers 100% UV protection due to the polarized lenses and never took-off in the water because they float. For eyewear protection, the company has unique and stylish cases for you to put the sunglasses when taken off.

  • Sunski Recycled Plastic Sunglasses

It has around lenses and colorful frames designed by Sunski. The blonde shell plastic frame makes recycled polycarbonate plastic, making it an ultra-lightweight pair of sunglasses. It has polarized blue lenses that protect 100% from UV rays and diminish both eye glare and strain.

The brand is serious about protecting your eyes from UV rays and the environment. The recycling plastic package makes it environmentally friendly. We have also heard that the company donates 1% of its profit to environmental enhancement. It’s truly heart-touching and learning lessons for other businesses.

  • 4EST Wood Sunglasses

These are handcrafted sunglasses – maple wood is used for manufacturing. The unique wayfarers have a niche material embedded into the shade. The level of craftsmanship is evident when people hold and wear wood sunglasses.

Besides, it gives optimal protection from UV rays, and a sustainable case to protect the shades. The company doesn’t only produce eco-friendly sunglasses but also promotes an eco-friendly environment. They plant two trees for each pair of sunglasses shows their civic sense.

  1. Wildwood polarized sunglasses for Kids

A stylish and classic wayfarer is specially designed for kids. They are highly functional and eco-friendly. It contains a polycarbonate frame, and lenses polarize made from recycled plastic, and little wood is used on the arms.

They are scratch-resistant lenses, with 100% UV rays protection. They are available in funky colors like blue and pink. Since these are for kids, it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • BioSunnies Eco-friendly Sunglasses

It’s one of the most affordable eco-friendly sunglasses available in the market. They are manufactured with wheat straw and plant-based dye colored.

The eco-friendly shades, which are flexible, and lenses are polarized. It provides full UV protection and recycling. They are bisexual wear available in five different colors.

  • EKO Aviator Wood Sunglasses

Good eyewear doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking for budgeted eco-friendly shades, these are the best choice for you.

They have wood arms making them unique and decent in the aviator shape. It contains a metal frame in silver or gold color. The polarized eco-friendly lenses make it 100% UV protected, and the design makes it comfortable for a person to wear.

Author Bio:

Juan Brown is a retailer of eco-friendly polarized sunglasses in Los Angeles, California. He has worked so much on creating awareness in LA to the people to avoid wearing harmful material sunglasses.

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