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The Purpose and Advantages of Circle Cutters

If you want to cut metal or steel through circle cutters, then you may be familiar with the method of ‘oxy-fuel cutting.’ The process has been going on for decades, but in recent times, cutting is quite easy with the help of modern tools.

The innovative arc welders seem to be popular for various cutting operations. You may find a lot of equipment and tools to cut metal, but the problem arises when you want a circular cut. However, some welding equipment manufacturers develop innovative cutting tools and welding applications.

What is the Purpose of a Cutting Tool?

If you need a circular cut in metal or steel sheet or pipe, you need to look for circle cutters near me. The process of cutting and welding go hand in hand due to many similar functions. Many manufacturers aim to find the best tools for fabrication, welding, and cutting.

The arc welders, plasma cutter, and oxy-acetylene torches are essential to cut steel objects. In recent times, MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welders and plasma cutters have made complex tasks in construction sites quite easy.

The cutting and welding processes are not simple and require a lot of care and precaution. A common man must avoid attempting to use an arc welder or circle cutter on his own. It is better to employ an expert welder who has the right tools and protective gear. The welder needs to wear a helmet and gloves to prevent the sparks from touching the eyes or hands.

A circle cutter uses scorching heat to cut metal surfaces or objects. The torch of the cutter is the main tool to get clean cuts and with the right precision. Circle cutters have applications in automotive repair, metal scraping, industrial construction, and fabrication shops.

The process involves blowing gas at a fast speed through the nozzle. One of the key steps is making an electric arc to make cuts, and the nozzle helps achieve it. The circle cutters are widely used to cut aluminum and steel, and it does so with superb efficiency and effectiveness.

What are the main features of a Cutting Tool?

A metal cutting tool is a common tool that is necessary to cut metal in any shape that is required. There is a single-point and multipoint tool that helps to get accurate cutting. The single point is best for cutting, shaping, and planning, while the multi-point is ideal for grinding, milling, and drilling. For a cutter following, you need to consider the following factors as

  • Toughness and sturdiness so it does not chip or fracture
  • Hardness so that the tool can withstand the heat generated during the cutting process
  • Resistance to withstand the wear and tear

The crucial aspect is that the material of the cutting tool is harder than the steel or aluminum that will be cut. Another key thing to consider is that the cutter needs to have precise clearance angles to make an accurate circular cut. Some of the other vital factors include the angle of the cutting face. The two key aspects of metal cutting depend on the condition and purpose.

The roughing cuts help to remove the large part from the object that needs to be cut. This process also allows for cutting in the desired shape. The finishing cuts on the hand are necessary to cut with exact dimensions.

The Steps to follow when using  Circle Cutters

The task of cutting metal is easy with the right tools. But it can be tough when a round hole is required. The modern circle cutter comes with the latest torch that provides heat to form an arc. There is also a pin at the center that provides a central point to get a precise arc. With adjustments, a worker can be able to get circular cuts from 1 inch to 12 inches. The steps that a worker follows when using a circle cutter are

  • 2 × 2 wooden pieces are placed parallel on the work surface or table. The object that is to be cut is placed across the wooden piece. A clamp holds the object in place and on the work table
  • A mark is put on the center of the object, and the hole is drilled
  • He adjusts the circle cutter according to the size of the cut and the thickness of the object
  • The circle cutter is turned on, and by smooth motion, the arc is formed in a circular pattern
  • A clockwise movement for a few seconds with the high flame from the torch results in a fine circular cut

The Features of a Circle Cutter

A circle cutter can make precise and accurate cuts in copper, brass, aluminum, steel, wood, plastic, and other composite materials. The features of the best quality circle cutter include

  • A sturdy and durable body of steel
  • Adjustments according to various diameters is easy to perform
  • Very safe to use, particularly if the drill press runs at less than 500 rpm
  • The blade and drill bit is present in the kit and replaceable

The modern circle cutter allows the worker to set a mark, light the torch, start the cut and hit the switch to make accurate holes. The advantages you get from a superior quality circle cutter are

  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Can efficiently cut a hole of varying degrees with precision
  • Effective in cutting holes inside and outside the diameter
  • Best for getting circular cuts in steel or aluminum surface

The welding equipment manufacturer knows the changing requirement when it comes to welding and cutting. The robust cutting torch is a key tool to get consistent cuts and with better efficiency. If the oxy-acetylene cutter is not suitable, then the plasma cutter is the right tool. A circle cutter is built for accuracy, practical use, and durability.


When it comes to technical work, then accuracy and efficiency are a priority. A circle cutter is the best cutting tool to get holes with precision. This new tool prevents any use of multiple tools to get a circular cut.

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