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All You Need to Know About Beautiful Abstract Art Paintings

Art paintings are one of the few subjects where there are so many options and variations. Art is such a wide field and includes so many branches such as visual arts (drawing, painting, and sculpting), literature (drama, movie, story, and poetry), and graphic arts such as (designing, drawing, and painting on various surfaces and using different tools).

Painting has been one of the oldest forms of art, and there have been many popular painters from ancient times that include Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, and Salvador Dali. There are many different types of painting art, such as Realism, Impressionism, Pop art, Abstract art, Photorealism, and Surrealism. Every type is distinctive and follows a certain pattern.

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art originates from the late 19th Century and is today known as contemporary or modern art. Abstract art is unique from every other form of art as the individual is not bound by any pattern and can make up any image, line, or shape that may not resemble anything. Abstract art is a type of art where you can intentionally use lines, colors, forms, and shapes that may not reflect anything in particular. For example, you can use colors that may display emotions, and use shapes that may resemble objects.

The most remarkable thing about abstract art is that it is up to the viewer to interpret the painting according to his/her thoughts and opinions. Abstract art paintings may appear to some as some messy combination of colors, lines, or shapes, but for some, it may strike as a particular emotion or feeling that the painter is trying to display.

Abstract art is the name given to artworks that followed a certain philosophy and style from the 1860s to the 1970s. Some of the most popular painters who have done marvelous abstract artworks are Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miro, Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, Van Gogh, Piet Mondrian, and Hilma Af Klint.

What makes Abstract Art Different?

Many art critics say that abstract art does not require any skill, and the painter can throw colors and conjure anything he/she thinks about and without any meaning. But art is all about intent and interpretation. If you want to do abstract painting, then you can very much do so and portray a personal touch and style.

A person who simply throws colors on the canvas does not have any intent, and he/she is just looking at what the result is. On the other hand, an aspiring artist would surely have a particular purpose and intent when doing abstract artwork. Beautiful abstract art paintings usually depict the true value of colors, edges, shapes, lines, and imagery.

Art is like music where there are various genres and only a few you like to listen to. If you are an aspiring artist, then you need to know about your range of styles and techniques. The colors, lines, and shapes must resonate and reflect a particular feeling and emotion. Abstract art surrounds a certain mystery, and many artists want their audience to draw in and get intrigued by the painting.

A beautiful abstract painting captivates you, and you tend to lose track of time and try to relate to it. The abstract art should be visually stimulating and engage you on a visual and emotional level. Every piece of art or painting involves certain elements that are textures, lines, colors, shapes, form, and value.

  • Texture

In abstract art, you have the luxury to use different tools to portray a certain texture. You can use paintbrushes of varying sizes; some objects dipped in paint and even your own hands. When you have skill at a certain element of the texture, then you can use it to your liking.

  • Lines

Lines straight or curved have always been an essential element of art paintings, whether it is realism or abstract. The lines can be drawn to depict a noticeable movement and can exude a rhythm, subtlety, and style. Even different types of lines can be used in one abstract painting.

  • Shapes

One of the most tricky elements in abstract painting is the shapes as abstract art is known to depict random shapes without any proper meaning. To make a creative piece of art, you need to pick a shape that has a specific quality that can contribute to your painting.

How to Make an Abstract Painting

Abstract art can be made by using numerous tools and on different surfaces. The goal of many artists who work on abstract paintings is to make something entirely unique and awe-inspiring. Abstract art defies any rules or guidelines, and one can express his/her thoughts in any image, shape, texture, color, or form he/she may like. The steps you need to make a beautiful abstract painting are

  • Prepare the Paint

There are many steps in preparing the paint which include selecting a suitable canvas, choosing the paints, collecting your painting tools, and changing into ordinary clothes.

You can buy a ready-made canvas from a craft store easily. You have to decide whether to use oil paint or acrylics. Oil paints have a distinct smell and take longer to dry while acrylics are odorless and dry quickly. Then you need to organize your painting tools such as brushes and change into clothes which are easy to wear and wash afterwards.

  • Knowing about the Color Theory

It would be best if you got a color wheel from a craft store, and it will help you to see the colors in relation or contrast to each other. The color wheel is divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary color. You also need to know about warm and cool colors.

  • Making a Random Abstract Painting

You can begin painting either on a blank canvas or make a textured background. You can use blue painter’s tape and paste them across the canvas, the purpose is to make certain shapes and lines that appear random but clear. You should constantly mix the colors and paint on the canvas with random brush strokes. After a while, you can remove the tape.

If you have moved into a new house or redesigned your existing house, then you can certainly add a sophisticated touch by putting exquisite abstract paintings on the wall. The paintings can be confusing and appealing at the same time to any guest or friend that comes to your house.

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