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All You Need to Know when Buying Guns Online

If you have recently developed a passion for sports shooting, you need to practice at the range. But before going to practice, you need to buy a gun that can help improve your accuracy and precision.

Today, buying a gun is as easy as buying an electronic gadget. With the advancement in technology and the digital age, you can easily order a gun online. Apart from sports shootings, one can also buy a gun for personal protection.

The Process of Buying a Gun Online

At first, you may be apprehensive about buying a gun online and If it will be delivered to your home or not. You can get a gun from a local firearm store but may not find them affordable. On the contrary, search online and find a wide assortment of guns and at a reasonable price.

Buying guns online is legal under federal and state law, but the process and rules are different. You can order a t-shirt or pair of shoes and get home delivery. However, it is not the case with a firearm. The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits sellers from directly delivering firearms. You cannot make home delivery of a gun even from the biggest online retail store.

Before you buy guns online in Washington, you need to read the federal requirements on how to buy guns from a retail store or online. The firearm purchase rules change from one state to the next. However, you can buy the gun online, but it will be delivered to a local gun store having FFL (Federal Firearm License). Apart from the license, the gun store has to make background checks and requirements before transferring the gun.

Few reputable gun stores allow you to buy a firearm online. However, you need to provide the FFL of the gun store. You can easily browse through dozens of guns according to particular make and model.

The advantages of buying a firearm online are

  • Huge range of firearms to choose from
  • Affordable price as the online stores do not have to pay any overheads
  • There is a tax exemption if the vendor is out of state
  • Monthly deals that further reduce the price

The Steps to Follow when Buying a Gun Online

There are online gun stores that have a separate section where there is a list of the local gun store having an FFL, which you can select.

Once you have selected a particular online store and the gun, you need to find a local dealer with an FFL. You can inform them beforehand that you are ordering a gun online and have provided their FFL. There are even collectors who have an FFL. Once the gun arrives at the local dealer, the rest of the process is similar to buying in person.

The steps you need to follow are

  • Contacting your local gun store with FFL
  • Informing them that you will like the firearm shipped to their gun store
  • Ask them about the fee for the delivery and pick-up service, which is around $30 to $70
  • Once you agree to pay the fee, then you can arrange the transfer
  • You have to inform the local gun store about the online retailer and their email address so that proof of license can be send
  • Also, let your online retailer about the FFL and its address so they can deliver the gun to the correct address

Do You Have to Pass a Background Check?

One of the key stages is passing the background check at the gun store. To complete the transaction and getting possession of the firearm, you have to pass the background check. You have to submit your details such as name, address, contact number, and email. There are few conditions you have to meet; otherwise, the FFL will deny the sale of a firearm to you. Some of the conditions are

  • Conviction of a crime and spending time in prison
  • Fugitive from the justice system
  • Addiction or use of any controlled substance
  • Living in the country illegally
  • Dishonorable discharge from military
  • Someone having a restraining order against you

If none of the above conditions applies, then you can easily get the firearm. Once you get the firearm, you have to inspect the gun rather before leaving the gun store. There are instances when the online retailer sends a gun that has some faults. If you find some damage, then inform the gun store and refuse to pay for the gun. The gun store will contact an online retailer and ask for a replacement, and the gun store itself can replace the firearm at no cost.

If the gun is fine, then you can accept the sale and make the transaction. The FFL store will also guide you on how to clean and maintain the gun.

Is Buying Used Guns Online Feasible?

Buying a gun online usually depends on the purpose. Most people looking for personal protection usually search online to get a gun for an affordable price. If you need a gun for practice at the shooting range, then online is the best option. You can easily browse through a wide collection and get a reasonable price.

The online gun store has the guns categorized in different options. You can even filter the search and select the gun. The first step is to make an online account on the gun store and search for the gun. If you have finalized the gun, then add it to the cart and order. The availability of pickup gun stores depends on if the selected item is sold in that location or not.

A person needs to be 21 years or older to buy a handgun, and the firearm transfer is subject to state and federal rules. The online retailer and FFL store must comply with the regulations; otherwise, online delivery will not be possible. A person has to bring government photo identification so the store can validate the age, identity, and residence.


Buying a gun online is becoming quite popular as people get the luxury and comfort to order a gun just sitting in their home. However, you need to send the FFL of a local store to ensure delivery, and you also need to know about the state laws regarding the online purchase of firearms.

Author Bio:

Mark Williams is an instructor in shooting range and gives important tips to young individuals who want to improve shooting accuracy. He also likes to tell people how they can order a gun online.

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