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9 Reasons to choose Android Application Development over iOS

When deciding between iOS and Android maximum humans make their selections primarily based totally on their private preferences. But you, as a commercial enterprise proprietor, can’t make selections in your private preferences.

Consider your standards and commercial enterprise that are subject to the maximum. In this article, we’ve achieved the studies and accrued quite a few facts for you in particular for those operating frameworks (iOS and Android) and contrasted numerous metrics so you could make your selection less complicated.

A developer can help you with this. You can hire dedicated android application developers for more help.

1. Market Share:

If you examine the stats of the closing five years, Android is taking the marketplace at a steady tempo and is enlisting its presence in a huge demographic and geographical variety of smartphone users.

The improvement of the mobile app, the smartphone has a right away impact, suggesting its attain to $189 billion in sales from shops that choose Android.

As consistent with IDC facts, 87% of smartphones marketplace percentage shipped globally with the aid of using 2019 is absolutely ruled with the aid of using the Android Market.

You can see from the data that molecular telephones jogging in Android constitute 87 percent of the global marketplace in 2019 and are required to increase withinside the coming years.

This is a large sum and has a large ability marketplace of customers. Now in case, you examine this with an anticipated 395 million iOS devices and 46 million and 45 million Windows and BlackBerry devices, separately.

2. Android Development is low price and offers excessive ROI:

Since Android has a large number of customers from an increasing number of various backgrounds, packages are much less expensive. Most of the packages are unfastened to download and also are effortless to be had at the play keep in assessment to every other running system.

This is in particular beneficial for brand new corporations to release their packages. Cheap or unfastened packages go a long way in selling software and the agency behind it.

Building up your very own packages for Android is cheap. You don’t have to pay any yearly price to be a clothier (even as iOS costs you a set price every 12 months), and also you don’t have to pay for SDK tools.

Your maximum price may be the layout segment of your software. This carries belongings and graphics, audio advent, and coding. Obviously, you may pay extra for advertising, ASO, and various things to enhance the possibilities in your achievement.

Your engineer can use any tool to construct and take a look at any software for his or her mobile application, making certain low funding and patron engagement. End users, consequently, take benefit of interactive software, and consequently, this may bring about better ROI.

A developer can help you with this. You can hire a dedicated android developer for more help.

3. Low Barriers of Entry:

To construct the iOS app, a clothier ought to use a Mac. But this isn’t always proper withinside the case of Android, Android packages may be created on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Moreover, registering as a clothier at the Apple App Store calls for an every-year rate of $ 99, even as a one-time installment of $ 25 is needed to enlist as an engineer at the Google Play Store.

In easy words, the access price for Android builders is much less than an iOS Android Developer.

If you’re growing an Android app, it’ll be permitted and deployed on google play within a day. While at the App Store, it takes 1/2 of a month.

According to personal feedback, an app at the Google Play Store may be up to date in many instances as desired. On the opposite hand, withinside the case of the iOS app, first, you’ll have submitted your software replacement so that it will undergo a tedious method. Android manifestly wins this recreation as a long way of effectiveness.

With an appropriate cellular software improvement platform, you may with the race!

4. You can goal every other platform :

Using Java Platform to increase Android App makes it less complicated for porting the software to one-of-a-kind systems like Ubuntu and Symbian. Hence, you as a commercial enterprise proprietor could have the possibility to goal numerous systems with Android Application Development.

Kotlin is the respectable language of Android App Development constructed with the aid of using Google and that is an alternative to Java. Kotlin may be used to increase packages that run on Android, iOS, and Java Desktop Ver.

Big corporations like Uber, Pinterest, Evernote, and others use Kotlin language for their Android Application Development.

5. Building up software for Android offers extra functions of Flexibility:

What are the functions you’ll supply through your commercial enterprise software? Since Android is open-supply, there may be you may customize your Android software with more flexibility- making the capabilities and functions that your personal needs.

6. Android Application Development offers you the most customization characteristic:

Since Android is an open-supply platform, it offers a perfect customization characteristic for Android Application Development and that is the cause why Android programming and Application Development could be very popular.

7. Scalability and Versatile with Android Studio:

After the advent of Android Studio, the scalability and versatility of OS have increased. You can combine your software with the whole environment of Android with the assistance of Android Studio which includes tablets, smartphones, Android TV, and Wearables.

You could make your Android software well matched with the approaching technology like AR, IoT, and VR. Hence, we are able to say that you’ll get positive advantages after growing your Android software.

8. You will locate Android Application Development clean and short to learn:

Flexible techniques for improving elements at the side of Android’s open operating version and clean availability of sources make it extraordinarily clean and short to increase apps on Android.

Android’s boom as a cellular app improvement network has been exceptional over time and could seem like developing rapidly.

You will locate the appealing price and time matrices while you’ll increase your software on Android. Its beneficent method of approval and functions will make it extraordinarily easy, less complicated, and speedy to make any software live.

9. Google Now:

This sticks out from the group of Google offerings and, even as the first-rate voice seek has been rolled into the Google iOS app, there are factors of Google Now that you may best experience on Android. When we appear in our era to push matters ahead and provide actual comfort boosts to everyday life, the predictive and pre-emptive nature of Google Now because it seeks to satisfy your dreams earlier than you observed, maybe sincerely revolutionary.

Whether Google Now is higher than Siri or now no longer is still subjective, though. This remains a count of preference, however right here at Android Authority we accept as true that Google Now is extra sincere and to the point, that’s something all of us search for while locating the proper virtual assistant.


App development is not easy. But Android app development is very beneficial. So go for the Android application. A developer can help you with this. You can hire dedicated android app developers for more help.

Author Bio –

Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web/App design and Android Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Global Clients. He loves to share his thoughts on Web & App Development, Clone App Development, and Game Development.

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