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Ant Control in Brampton – Everything You Need to Know

Brampton is one of the most populous cities in Canada. In addition, there are more houses in the city with ants. If you don’t check an ant infestation, ants can hamper the smooth functioning of your family & home in Brampton. Nevertheless, pest control services, such as Preston, remain active on properties for ant control in Brampton. Two major types of ants in Brampton are carpenter ants and pavement ants. Pavement ants are bothersome because they eat sweet or greasy food. On the other hand, carpenter ants are more troublesome because they gnaw through wood and eat high-sugar food.

How to Identify an Ant Infestation in Your Home

Both ants and termites live in colonies. Plus, it’s important to identify them to decide the right method of pest control to eradicate them. The following steps can aid homeowners in identifying the presence of ants in their homes:

  1. Holes in the wood at your home indicate you are either confronting a termite or carpenter ant infestation. Carpenter ants are black-colored pests with clear wings and a larger front pair than the back with elbowed antennae signifies. Conversely, termites are white with the same size wings and straight antennae. Hence, you can identify the pests while keeping the appearances of these pests in your mind.
  2. Additionally, you may see black or brown ants in clusters on the basement or floor of your home. If you see ants in the same size that fits the aforementioned description, it means you have seen pavement ants.
  3. You may suspect ants at your home, but you might have never seen them. Then, the following questions can clear your doubts:

Q1. Are you hearing sounds inside the walls, identical to the breaking of the Rice Krispies?   

Q2. Have you found any wood shavings inside your house?

Q3. Are you facing moisture problems around windows, bathtubs, dishwashers, or showers continuously? 

Carpenter ants gnaw at wood, and they are vulnerable to dehydration. Moreover, you may find their colonies in the beams or wood panels near the sources of water. 

How to Control an Ant Infestation

Once you identify the types of ants on your property, you should look for ways to exterminate them. Calling the professionals is the best thing you can do to successfully get rid of an ant infestation from your property. Besides, professionals inspect the size of the ant colony and the nature of an ant infestation first. They do it to prevent structural damage that carpenter ants can cause to your property. Moreover, credible pest control services use eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals for ant control. 

On the other hand, pavement ants aren’t dangerous, unlike carpenter ants. Professionals use eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals for pavement ant control in Brampton if their infestation is large.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Regular verification of ant control is a need for homeowners in Brampton. Pest control experts can check ant or other pest infestations on properties via regular visits. It restricts ants from infesting a property in Brampton. Sealing ant nests is a crucial step to prevent a recurring ant infestation, and pest exterminators are experts at it. Pest control technicians of credible pest control services also educate property owners about how to identify an ant infestation. It aids homeowners in taking the right steps to avoid an ant infestation in their homes.   

Home Remedies for Ant Control

Some home remedies can help you reduce the effects of an ant infestation. For example, a mixture of soap and water is toxic to carpenter ants. Similarly, spraying ants with the natural ant killer can minimize the effects of an ant infestation. However, home remedies against ants aid in getting rid of a few ants from homes but not the entire ant colonies. You don’t know how many ants are causing the possible damage to food and wood structures in your home. 

Nevertheless, you can ensure the absence of ants in your home by calling the experts at ant control. Thus, you should call a pest control service for it. Make sure you choose a pest control service that conducts a thorough inspection and clean-up with ant control. It also ensures the safety of your children, family, and pets.


Brampton is one of the most populous cities in Brampton, with many homes and ants. You can confront an ant infestation in your home if you live in Brampton for the same reason. Mostly, carpenter ants and pavements ants infest homes in Brampton. You can identify the aforementioned ants while keeping their appearances in your mind. In addition, calling pest control professionals is the best thing you can do for ant control in Brampton. Preventive measures against ants can also aid you in avoiding an ant infestation on your property. Home remedies for ant control only minimize ants on a property but don’t exterminate their colonies. Nevertheless, you can always count on professionals for ant extermination from your property.

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