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Some Funny Ideas for Your Anything But a Bag Pack Day at School

A new trend of “anything but a backpack day ideas” has excited students around the globe. You might have seen students from different schools, colleges, and universities following this trend. However, some of us might not know what it is.

This article will discuss different ideas you can use on your “anything but a backpack day” at school. The term “anything but a backpack day” means students can carry their school supplies in anything different and funny.

Keep in mind that there are no rules on bringing anything other than a backpack, but you cannot bring things that you too dangerous. You can bring a stroller, or a kayak, or carry your books in a microwave.

Now let us talk about some funny “anything but a backpack day ideas” that can help you decide what you would like to bring to school.

A Laundry Basket

The first idea is to bring a laundry basket to the school. The fantastic thing about this prop is that it does not have and you can carry it around easily. Moreover, it has a lot of space so you can put a lot of school supplies in it. Another thing is that if you are on a tight budget, you will not have to spend any money on it as you will find it in your home.

A Pillowcase

If you are looking for simple and easy-to-carry items for “anything but a backpack day at school, you can consider bringing a pillowcase to your school. Getting a pillowcase instead of a backpack can be funny, and you can easily carry it all day.

A Flower Bucket

Anything with a handle is the easiest to carry. Therefore, one of our ideas for anything but a bag pack day is bringing your school supplies in a flower bucket. A bucket will save you from lugging around your bulky item.

It is a perfect idea because of the handles it has. Moreover, a bucket is usually big enough to carry all the school supplies, and another fantastic thing is it is not heavy, and you can carry it around easily.

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is the funniest replacement for a bag pack. You will have a lot of fun carrying it around during the day. However, before bringing a shopping cart to the school, remember that you must have permission to bring it.

Another thing to remember is not to steal it from any store and ask for their permission before taking it to the school premises. We don’t want to upset the school administration with our acts on a fun day, so be careful.

A Microwave Owen

Another fantastic idea is bringing a microwave oven to the school. It will undoubtedly be challenging to carry it around all day. However, you will be able to get some good laughs showing up with the microwave oven.

A Stroller

Bringing a stroller to the school for anything but a backpack day ideas is also fun. You can buckle your things in it, and they will not fall. Moreover, as the stroller has wheels, it will become much easier for you to move around.

Cat Carrier

Another fantastic idea for anyone who is a cat owner is to bring your school supplies in a cat carrier. Your cat will become happy seeing you taking the carrier away from the house. A fantastic benefit of taking a cat carrier for anything but a backpack day is that it is spacious, and you can carry many things in it. Moreover, your items will stay secure because of the front gate lock, and you can store the products safely.

Pet Cage

If you have a spare pet cage, you can consider bringing it on your anything but a backpack day ideas at school. It will be an item that will securely hold your things. However, keep in mind that the cage can have sharp ends. Therefore, deal with care while bringing it to the school. If you have a sager cage, you can consider bringing it to the school.

Makeup Trays

If you have stackable makeup trays, you can also consider bringing them. These trays stacked on holders can be handy as they have space. Moreover, because of the rolling wheels, you will not have to worry about dragging them around.

Stacked trays are easy to move and allow you to keep everything well organized. You can lay notes for each class in a tray and can pick that tray without searching for anything you need.


If you have a handy food cooler at home, you can also consider bringing it. Just shift everything out of it and clean it for your books. It is time for your readers to chill in the hot weather. Getting a cooler to the school can be efficient as it will be a compact carrier. It is almost like a briefcase but has a lot of space. You will be able to put all your supplies in it and will be able to carry it on your shoulder all day.

A Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is a heavy item, but as it has a wheel, you can quickly move it around. Moreover, you will not need much time to prepare it as you can borrow it and put your stuff in it in the morning. As the wheelbarrow is oversized, it will be able to fit almost anything in it.

Bottom Line

Kids worldwide have loved this new trend of “anything but a backpack day ideas.” You can see some fantastic ideas of different students who brought uniqueness to it. We hope this article has also helped you select something for your “anything but a bag pack day” at school.

Moreover, you can also come up with some fantastic anything but a backpack day ideas of your own and can post your pictures on social media for appreciation. This day is all about fun, so enjoy the fantastic and unique ideas of your friends and class fellows and spread positivity.

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