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Are Legal Services considered as Essential Businesses during COVID-19?

During this viral pandemic, every government has issued certain restrictions in all fields, which has led people to meet a variety of challenges in their lives, whether it is retaining employment or staying healthy. As COVID-19 is more transmissible from person to person contact, therefore, in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus, we need to limit the contact of people with each other at the same place. Therefore, various businesses have instructed people to stay at home and spend time only with their loved ones. 

According to the “stay at home” orders, all non-essential businesses are advised to remain closed to eliminate viral transmission possibilities. Under the stay-at-home order, only essential service providers are permitted to remain open during the pandemic. Whether these legal services near me are considered the essential business depends on the particulars of an area’s stay-at-home order. But people should always be able to connect with professional lawyers and attorneys, even during this coronavirus outbreak.

People who get a new legal query or have an ongoing case that demands a lawyer’s guidance and assistance are seen wondering about how to approach an attorney during this pandemic. These stay-at-home orders issued by the government in a country or city may vary from place to place because some states have included these legal services in the list of essential businesses. While some states like Michigan have omitted lawyers from the list of essential workers. 

How to Contact an Attorney in COVID-19?

Even if your government has excluded the lawyers from the list of essential workers, you still have a chance to contact an attorney during this period. During this viral pandemic, lawyers have embraced the technology wholeheartedly, so many attorneys and other legal staff are working remotely in order to help their potential clients during the coronavirus outbreak. Lawyers who are not working in the office are still taking calls from their clients, and they are also using video conference calls more often in order to consult with their potential clients. They are also attending various other legal matters that can only be done in people, such as court appearances and settlement conferences. 

With the help of advanced technology options, clients and attorneys are able to exchange legal documents through file-sharing tools and emails. And when it comes to signing those documents, they can use digital or electronic signatures. So, it is easier to communicate with a legal attorney for your ongoing case or any query during this whole period of the pandemic, but it is not like a traditional meeting. And if you are someone who is looking for a qualified attorney, the internet is the perfect place to research during the COVID-19. Check out for the best legal services near me which are open for work or business during this stay-at-home order. 

What are Legal Benefits?

Legal benefits have become more common across the world, but some employees and employers still do not know what they are and how they can benefit us? 

Legal benefits are known by several names, such as legal insurance, legal assistance, legal benefits, etc. Nowadays, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has also included certain legal benefits components in its plan. This EAP offers employees complimentary support, advice, resources, and legal help for a large range of important life affairs. Businesses offering EAP and considering a legal assistance program need to check with an EAP provider to certify that employees do not pay for identical benefits. Employees can use these legal benefits for their numerous issues, which are listed below. 

  • Traffic violation
  • Creating a will
  • Family law issues
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Dealing with Debt
  • Buying or selling a home 
  • Issues with auto repairs or contractors 

Having an option of legal assistance through legal benefits will make employees feel secure knowing that they have a solution if a problem arises. 

Legal Benefits Plan for Employees          

The legal benefits plan lets employees focus on work instead of worrying about their legal affairs. Most of the benefits packages offer access to preventive dentistry or medicine with access to preventive law. These legal benefits providers offer a way to easily administer and access their legal insurance plans, which offer a free enhancement to the company’s benefits package and its employees an effective way to resolve their legal issues. 

When a person is dealing with some legal concerns, his stress and burden can be evidenced in the workplace through poor job performance, wasted time, absenteeism, and increased health care costs. After having a voluntary legal benefits plan, employees can have peace of mind knowing that they are prepared if any legal matter arises and they will not be distracted by their legal concerns. 

The legal benefits plan also helps employees reduce stress and worries about the costs of legal services. According to a research report, whenever it comes to the cause of anxiety or stress, personal finances are the main reason behind it, and finances are mainly tied to financially driven legal requirements. Usually, most people hesitate to consult a professional attorney because they think they cannot afford it, but with an affordable legal benefits plan, both the employees and the organization can reap benefits. 

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