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Before the Stories are Lost: A Demonstration to a Long-gone Era by “Patrick D. Lane”

Learning real-life events helps us understand complex issues and gain insight into our common mortality throughout history. Through exploration of the past, we can experience various emotions related to what happened. Despite already knowing facts about our history, many will dig deeper to understand and appreciate why individuals hold their values and act as they do today.

Before The Stories Are Lost, by Patrick D. Lane, is a compilation of thrilling stories about people hunting illegally in Texas during the mid-twentieth century. Lane was up in South Texas, and his words are inspired by real-life events and people he knows. The book is an interesting monument to a time when hunting was a part of life, and law enforcement was lenient. Lane’s book is divided into sections that relate to his experiences as a young man who, along with his uncle and stepfather, is skilled in illegal hunting. These instructors taught him to hunt like an outlaw, emphasizing the value of far-sightedness and secrecy. Lane and his mentors were part of a group of outlaws who hunted deer illegally on large ranches in South Texas, including the King Ranch, East Ranch, and Kenedy Ranch.

Thrilling Pursuit of Daily Sustenance

Immerse yourself in “Before The Stories Are Lost” and take an unforgettable journey back to simpler times. Follow the stories of brave outlaws as they hunt for their daily sustenance with unparalleled skill, mastering nature’s bounty both respectfully and thrillingly. Though these tales may be alluring, heed this warning: attempting such activities without proper training or expert guidance would be foolish and dangerous. These outlaws were not hunting for sport but for food, and the thrill of the hunt was a bonus.

A Tale of Lost Adventures: Exploring Lane’s Compelling Stories Of A Bygone Era

Lane’s writing is upfront and unpretentious, but the content of the stories makes them so compelling that the readers cannot get enough of his words. However, the author does not recommend anyone to try what he and his fellows did. The penalties for hunting illegally today are much more severe than when Lane was young. “Before The Stories Are Lost” is a testament to a disappearing time and place, offering a glimpse into a way of life that will never be seen again.


Patrick D. Lane’s “Before The Stories Are Lost”         

Patrick D. Lane's

“Before The Stories Are Lost” offers a unique and captivating journey into the world of outlaw hunting in Texas during the mid-twentieth. With honest, compelling, and raw stories that shed insight into this long-gone way of life, the book provides readers with an authentic Texan experience. It will surely be appreciated by those interested in history or rural life from the mid-century.

The book is a beautiful testament to a bygone era and an excellent addition to any book collection as it offers valuable insights into a world that no longer exists.

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