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Benefits of Salesforce Integration With Drupal 8 Website

Since the release of Drupal 8, businesses have wholeheartedly accepted the content management system for developing websites. One of the prime reasons for welcoming Drupal 8 is that it allows easy integration with third-party software and applications. Like other third-party systems, Drupal 8 also allows integration with the cloud-based Customer relationship management (CRM) software Salesforce.

While Drupal provides enterprises with a robust platform for developing websites, Salesforce can significantly improve business sales and revenue. CRM software allows businesses to strengthen their relationship with existing and potential customers and enhance the customer experience.

Now, one might question whether the integration of Salesforce with Drupal 8 is a success or not. If you are a business owner wondering the same, this article can help you with the advantages. Before delving into the various benefits, you should first understand what Salesforce is all about.

Salesforce – It is one of the most popular CRM systems today that helps companies boost sales by improving customer relationships. This cloud-based CRM solution is primarily integrated into a business model to get help with analytics, managing sales, marketing automation, and customer relation, etc.

Now that you have a better understanding of the CRM solution Salesforce, let’s look at how integrating it with Drupal 8 can prove beneficial.

Advantages of Integrating Salesforce with Drupal 8

  • Controlled workflow of sales and marketing

Your sales and marketing techniques can be managed more effectively when Salesforce is integrated with your Drupal 8 website. You can keep track of sales and your marketing campaigns all in one place with greater efficiency.

  • Saved time and efforts

Integrating the CMS software with your Drupal 8 site will enable you to manage your business efficiently. You won’t have to compute every sales figure and then analyze it manually. Instead, you will have a ready-made solution present with Drupal 8 to help save your time and efforts.

  • Instant email notifications:

There are no chances of missing a potential lead as the CRM allows you to receive instant notification in the form of an email whenever a customer tries to contact you. It increases the chance of lead conversion, and even if the customer doesn’t purchase anything, contacting them immediately will leave a better impression. They can visit your website again and even bring more customers.

  • Improved data protection:

Drupal 8 is one of today’s most secure CMS platforms because of its widespread community and regular updates. Integrating Salesforce to Drupal 8 will allow you to expand the security of your site further. The robust authorization protocol will only allow authorized people to access your website’s data. Your data will remain protected and secure with this integration in place.

  • Tracking fellow competitors made easy:

If your business needs to do better than others, you will have to keep track of its development and business strategy. There are multiple in-built tools present in the Salesforce CRM that make it easy to track how your competitors’ business is doing. You can compare and build improved strategies to ensure your business excels in this competitive market.

The best Drupal development company will help integrate the Salesforce CRM with your site smoothly so that you can have an improved experience while managing your business.

  • Forecast your business growth:

Integrating Salesforce CRM to your Drupal 8 site doesn’t only help you manage sales or build customer relationships but beyond that. You will have the right tools at your service that help determine where your business is leading. The software will run multiple algorithms based on several business parameters to assess your business’s growth or if there’s declining growth. In any case, businesses will have the time to make necessary arrangements to boost their business performance.

  • Managing customer orders:

Your business requires you to manage the orders placed by customers efficiently. Looking over vast amounts of data from spreadsheets can become tedious for anyone. But not anymore, as you can access any data in a single click by integrating the CRM software Salesforce to your Drupal 8 website. You can access each customer’s data right from when they contact you until they purchase a product or service from your site.
You can also apply various filters and customize how you want to access and view customer orders with the integration of Salesforce.

If you have the right resources to do the job, integrating Salesforce with Drupal 8 will be smooth. You won’t have to worry about the integration flaws, and they can be easily updated. However, you must avail the best Drupal development services so that there is no conflict.

Auxesis Infotech can help companies integrate Salesforce to Drupal 8 effortlessly. You can get appropriate assistance with the integration and update process and improve your business strategy. The on-job professionals will ensure you have an improved and effortless experience while developing and managing your site.

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