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How The Gaming Industry Is Booming In NFTs And The Best 5 Cricket NFT Marketplaces In 2022

Because the sector is still in its infancy, the NFT trajectory is one to admire. It has done well for itself on the international market. On a global basis, their trading volume has surpassed the multi-billion dollar mark. With no less than $41 billion in profits, the year 2021 consolidated its dominance in the trade business. In particular, the gaming platform brought in more than $10 billion, with in-game items alone worth nearly $2 billion in the same interface. This year, they plan to expand their audience by integrating a larger number of people from every niche that is currently being created.

In a short period of time, Cricket NFT Marketplace has firmly positioned itself in the upper echelon of the investing and trading market. Due to the strong money creation characteristics they demonstrate, their ascent to recognition came in handy with their user participation.

The gaming industry in the NFTs

Blockchain and Web3 based applications are on the rise for many reasons – key aspects of them being highly secure and showing signs of undeniable permanence. Digitally native platform – NFTs are a by-product of the blockchain technology, where it evidently resides and functions. NFT standards and advancements are all stored and developed here. The system as a whole is decentralized. Hence it gives more creative and executive liberty to extend the monetization aspects for all the parties involved.

P2E Sports-based game developments to aid NFTs

The growth in the landscape for NFT games – specifically, NFT games based on sports is on an exponential rise among the native fanbase of the respective areas. P2E games are a positive influence in light of the incentivization options that they deliver. Helping both the developers and creators to generate revenue from their respective areas of interest. The more the player engages with the platform, the more they can reap the rewards or tokens that they can exchange for monetary benefits on relevant platforms. Gaming within the P2E NFTs provides entertainment and the opportunity to make bank by trading or investing in the forum.

Let’s take a look at some of the cricket-based projects and the newest “play to earn” deployed marketplace that is yet to be launched.

Some best Cricket NFT marketplaces platforms


    1. The first NFT Marketplace for Cricket game is preparing to launch a P2E game to help bridge the gap between Indian cricket fans and the sport by providing income streams for players on the site.
    2. Potential participants can get a taste of the super treasure tokens by signing up for the waitlist. These tokens are designed to be used as reward tokens that may be exchanged for monetization.
    3. The “play to earn” module is a platform hyper-utility since it instills a higher level of user involvement with the platform.
    4. The roadmap is laid out to launch a marketplace, gaming stadiums with avatars, commodities, and such, including a metaverse and a trading platform.

  1. The players can enter a multiplayer interface to face off in matches and interact.

Faze digital collections

  1. The International Cricket Council (ICC) teamed up with Faze to establish a dedicated NFT cricket marketplace for fans. T20 match digital collectibles make up the collection.
  2. These NFT artifacts will also be available in a box that includes the best moments and images from the matches, such as wickets, victories, and runs.
  3. The platform is set to rate the NFTs in a similar way but with their attributes lending themselves to 6 different categories – common, rare, epic, legendary, platinum, and genesis.


    1. It’s like a collectible trump card, except for outstanding athletes and the best moments from Premier League matches preserved as digital art.
    2. The marketplace currently features a sold-out collection of the trump card packs, which are presently being advertised on the marketplace.
    3. The owners can now buy, trade, and invest in the digital collectibles of the licensed NFTs.


  1. Famous athletes from around the world are replicated as avatars for the game in the metaverse on the gaming platform.
  2. In the soon-to-be-released game, players will be able to play and interact with their favorite skins.
  3. The roadmap is set to launch the game, metaverse, and a marketplace – a showroom to help the owners trade and sell.


    1. They’re on a quest to create a cricket metaverse with built-in gaming features. Participants can trade, sell, and interact with the interface in this area.
    2. The platform is made up of a talent pool of former legends and present cricketers.
    3. The categories of NFTs have been classified based on their rarity – common, rare, epic, and legendary.

Wrapping up

Among the many niches available, digital asset trading in gaming is one of the most important. They’re popular since they provide an escapism platform as well as revenue-generating opportunities.

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