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Best Alternative Roofing Solutions That You Should Know

The roof of your house is considered as one of the major things that will protect your home or your workplace and will keep it secure from the damaging elements. Your roof may be damaged by many factors such as weather conditions which may include the hailstorm. Although it seems minor to you over time, it can turn it into a huge problem.

So it is the right time to change your roof and get a new one, but the issue is that whether you should build a new roof by replacing it with a new roof, or you should repair the existing one? It can be a major problem, but with a little guidance, you can make the right decision.

To solve this mystery, you need some authentic roofing solutions, especially if you are living in a hot climate so that you can get the best roofing ideas to prevent the home climate.

Best Roofing Solutions that you Should Consider:

Here are some amazing & creative ideas for your roofing which will surely help you to renew your rooftops:

1.      Shingles:

You can have black land or clay on your roofs which are known as shingles. These can play a crucial role in the endurance, lastingness, and the consolation of your home. The material of shingles also varies from region to region and is dependent upon your area’s climate.

When your house is situated in a hot climate zone where there is scorching heat, you can’t use wood or asphalt shingles material. So for the warm areas, the owner of the house can use the other suitable options like clay, rubber, and metal shingles.

2.      Metal roofing:

Metal roofs are the best option for extremely hot temperatures, and metal is usually termed as a cool roofing option because it has the power to reflect light. Moreover, there is an extra coating of the paint layer that will improve the productivity of your home.

The metal roofs are becoming popular day by day just because of their longevity. Metal roofs have the power to live longer than the typical roofs of asphalt. Metal roofs have the ability to resist the fire in this way these are considered the safest materials for the hot climates as compared to other types of roofing.

After many years, when these layers or coating will be damaged, you don’t have to replace and recoating the roof to maintain it.

However, the metal roofs are usually costly as compared to others, but they last for two or three years. So they are a worthy & reliable investment.

3.      clay roofing:  

Another option to beat the scorching heat is clay roof shingles, which are waterproof and thermal resistive and are available according to your home type. These clay roofing are an attractive option for those people who love the plain architectural shadings.

Clay is a natural option for roofing, so it very environmentally friendly and doesn’t contribute to pollution, you can also reuse them. It is an affordable option because it is less expensive than the metal or slate roofing,

4.      Slate roofing:

This type of roofing is composed of stones, which means it is impermeable to weather conditions like extreme cold or heat. That is the reason, and you can install slate roofs if you want that your roofs last for more than a hundred years.

The slate roof will not absorb water, so it is a safe option that is fireproof or waterproof. In this way, the owner of the house doesn’t have to repair or regulate their roofs due to the risks of fire or water leakage that is caused by excess heat or rainfall.  Moreover, the slate is not only available in dark grey color, but you can get it in various colors.

You must consult with your roof contractor before having Slate roofing due to some deliberations. Slate is a massive material that weighs too much, so it is advised that you must have a detailed evaluation of your home stricter thoroughly to ensure that your family can bear the heavyweight of slate safely.

Slate tiles are quite budget-friendly when we consider their long life span.

5.      Rubber roofing:

Rubber roofs are considered an affordable choice; these are a replacement to luxurious & expensive modern slate roofing. Also, the material of rubber roofs can imitate the view of clay & cedar roofs which are quite costly.

Rubber roof is made with cost-effective materials that can be recycled. It is a famous type of roofing because it has some insulating properties so that it will increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Its cost is similar to asphalt roofing, but it is more economical & resourceful and will protect you from the heat.

6.      Flat roofing:

Flat rooms are usually non-traditional, but these roofs are most commonly used in arid or dry areas just like the Southwest region. Due to the dry weather of these areas, the home builders don’t have to worry about the stagnating of water which causes the damage to the roof.

However, the flat roofs are more likely to leak frequently because the water does not flow down from the top as it used to flow from the erect shelters. Instead of rushing down, the water will stay there like a pool until it evaporates. In this way, the roofs will leak.

How to Avoid Roof leakage?

In case you own an old house and have started noticing some signs of leakage, then you should change your flat roofs, with some spray applied coating.

So to avoid the leakage of your roofs you can apply the coatings of spray on your flat roofs, which will keep your roofs secure from water damages caused by leakage.

In this, you don’t have to worry about leaking because the spray coating is applied, which will cover the entire roof and enhance the life span of the roof.

It isn’t easy to apply the spray coatings evenly on your roof, so it is a time taking process and quite expensive, but this investment is worthy because of the long-lasting life span of your roof.

Author’s Bio:

Keith Harrison has been associated with the creative roofing solutions industry for many years. He loves to share his insights to follow his passion for writing.

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