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Best Motherboard For i5 6600k

ASRock Motherboard Z170M EXTREME4

ASRock is one of the main motherboard makers on the planet, and they practice generally in the middle of the road gaming mobos, so you ought not to expect high illustrations execution with the Z170M Extreme4, however with its little structure factor, it makes it worth the venture.

Being that the ASRock Z170M Extreme4 is a miniature ATX mobo, it can fit in most reduced CPU cases. This makes it ideal for individuals who need a moderate style of PC set, however one that can even now play designs substantial computer games in a good setting. On the off chance that you simply need an across-the-board PC with not that numerous fancy odds and ends then this is the best motherboard for i5 6600k that you will discover.

The ASRock Z170M Extreme4 is a miniature ATX motherboard, which means it has the entirety of the necessary ports and openings for a mid-run gaming PC, however, they are completely packed into a minimal bundle. The Extreme4 has 4 openings for RAM, and is viable with practically all top-of-the-line video cards out there should you need to update it later.

MSI Pro Solution ATX Motherboard (Z170A PC Mate)

MSI is popular for creating high-caliber, yet entirely moderate PC parts, particularly motherboards. Try not to let their sticker prices fool you, MSI motherboards can keep going quite a while when you deal with them appropriately, this is particularly obvious with the MSI Pro Solution, otherwise called the Z170A PC Mate.

The PC Mate is ideal for mid-run processing, which means you might be utilizing the PC for basic errands like web perusing, office works, and periodic mid-go gaming. The best motherboard gives enough spaces and ports to the entirety of the peripherals and additional items that middle-of-the-road clients may require, however in case you’re anticipating utilizing this as a base for your very good quality gaming rig then you may think that it’s lacking.

The PC Mate accompanies all the extravagant accessories that you can discover in most different motherboards; locally available video and sound, 4 openings for memory, 6 implicit USB ports, and whatever else that essential client will actually require. In any case, what sets this specific mobo separated from the rest is its moderate sticker price.

ASUS Motherboard Z170 PRO Gaming

Asus has consistently been on top with regards to very good quality PC parts, with their ROG line being their top-level contributions. Notwithstanding, you can at present get top of the line specs regardless of whether you have a limited financial plan with the Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard.

On the off chance that you imagine that miniature ATX sheets can’t deal with very good quality gaming PC parts then you are in for a treat. This motherboard is for the individuals who are searching for a miniature ATX board that can likewise deal with the top of the line gaming.

The Asus Pro Gaming board can deal with whatever you might need to slap onto it, and it will deal with them well. Much the same as the ROG motherboards, the Pro Gaming has 5-way enhancement controls, which makes it simpler to overclock the processor and permit it to run at the nearly max limit.

Contemplations to Make When Buying a Motherboard

While picking a motherboard for your PC, you have to take two or three things into thought to guarantee that you are getting your cash’s worth.

  • Size and Form Factor

In the event that you are considering building a moderate style PC, at that point you should pick the best motherboard for i5 6600k that is little and minimized yet at the same time furnishes you with all the important ports and openings for essential use. Do remember however that you should bargain in execution and space for peripherals in return for the littler structure factor. Then again, in the event that you are anticipating building a gaming PC, at that point you should allot a ton of room for the CPU case as it will be huge and massive as to oblige the entirety of the top of the line parts and the cooling framework.

  • SATA Slots

The SATA spaces are the place you will connect your hard drives. In the event that you are a visual planner or video proofreader, at that point, you will require a great deal of hard plate space, now and again considerably more than what a solitary hard drive has to bring to the table. In the event that you figure you should include a couple of extra hard drives soon then you have to check if the motherboard you’re getting has all that could possibly be needed SATA openings for them.

  • RAM Slots

Most motherboards these days have at any rate 2 openings for RAM, however in case you’re constructing a gaming PC or in the event that you will utilize the PC for processor-weighty registering, at that point that won’t be sufficient. You have to locate the best motherboard for i5 6600k that can deal with in any event 16GB of RAM, which is typically two 8GB chips, in addition to two additional spaces for future updates.


Picking the best motherboard for i5 6600k is one of the most significant strides in developing a PC since this is where you would put the wide range of various parts. In the event that you need to utilize all the pieces of your PC, not really simply the processor, at that point you have to begin with a decent motherboard.

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