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Why is React JS the Best Platform for Web Development in 2022?

Over the years, web development evolved to make space for several new approaches and technologies. Among the many landmarks that marked a paradigm shift for web development. The emergence of ReactJS should be considered a key one. 

Earlier it was mainly an approach of server-side rendering of HTML files that made the foundation of web development. Then JavaScript changed it all with its dynamic capabilities for building interactive functions for the client-side of the app. This approach was championed by Single Page Apps (SPA) and the AngularJS framework. 

But there were limitations corresponding to this approach, and then Facebook launched ReactJS library, a component-based JavaScript library for building dynamic single-page web apps with server-side development. ReactJS changed the course of web development in many ways and has become the most popular web development technology since then. 

Why is ReactJS so popular, and what made it the best web development platform even in 2022? Before you decide to hire ReactJS developers for your next web project, understanding these typical strengths of the ReactJS library is essential. Let’s explain them one by one. 

Modularity with Ready to Use Components 

ReactJS is one of the popular web development libraries that allows developers to reuse code and coded components across multiple projects. Moreover, the use of JSX syntax that combines HTML and JavaScript helps developers build custom components that can behave independently by managing their own states. 

When these custom-built components can be reused across multiple app projects by the developers, it ensures better modularity and easy configuration. The ready-to-use app parts for different features and functions can be reused repeatedly for multiple app projects. This reusability and modularity ultimately save the app projects time and development cost. 

Faster Performance with One-Way Data Binding

The two two-way data binding of some JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS only became popular for building some dynamic features. Still, it has its fallout with slower and compromising app performance. 

One-way data binding that only allows the parent component to control the child files ensures. A straightforward approach with the least load on the app performance. One-way data binding of ReactJS ensures fast-paced app performance and loading time. 

JSX Syntax for Readable, Clean, and Dynamic Code 

ReactJS provides app developers a coding approach by incorporating HTML characteristics for JavaScript programming resulting in a unique, clean, and readable syntax with many dynamic capabilities. This syntax called JSX is used by React as an extension and has several positive effects, including easy code changes, debugging, feature development, and extensions.  

Easier coding syntax also ensures a lower learning curve for the developers with just basic knowledge of JavaScript. JSX, as the HTML flavored JavaScript code, helps developers to create dynamic custom components for different app features and functionalities. 

Virtual DOM 

One of the biggest reasons many web developers choose ReactJS for their web projects is the Virtual DOM feature. Virtual DOM ensures continuous and streamlined background updates even while the app is running. 

Generally, developers need to refresh the app repeatedly to incorporate changes or reflect the updates. Virtual DOM gives developers freedom from this typical constraint.

Easier Debugging 

ReactJS is also a powerful library to help easier debugging of the code. First of all, real-time and continuous updates in a running app facilitated by the Virtual DOM feature ensures easy code integration, updates, and debugging. 

Secondly, the React codes are declarative or descriptive, meaning every bug also showcases details for easier identification. Thus, the declarative nature of the React code ensures faster bug testing and debugging of the app. 

Ultimate for Post-Development Support 

For any web app project, post-development support always remains a key area of concern. This is where React offers an ideal solution. Rolling out updates for ReactJS-based web projects is easier simply. Because the Virtual DOM allows real-time code changes while the changes are deployed in layers in a running app.  

When the changes and updates are made in a running app without needing the app to refresh, again and again. This ensures a timely and more accessible rollout of updates. Custom React components that can manage their states independently remain entirely free from the controls and constraints of other components or the core app logic. So, any changes with one component are deployed in layers and real-time without affecting the functioning of the entire app.    

Because of these independent and state-handling components, React apps are highly stable and involve the least performance glitches. When every component can be handled separately and independently without interfering with the app’s core logic, no update or change or component malfunction can disrupt the entire app. 

Robust Set of Libraries and Tools

ReactJS comes as the most potent and well-equipped. JavaScript library is loaded with innumerable libraries, components, and tools developers need to shape apps’ features, functions, and user experience across all niches. 

React web apps can be developed faster, involving fewer developer resources and fewer hours. Thanks to these ready-to-use components and inbuilt tools. This ultimately results in higher productivity, cost savings, and faster time to market for the app projects. The best thing about the React repository of tools is that they are continuously updated with value additions from developers all over the globe.

Awesome Community Support 

Last but not least of all advantages of using React for a web project is the access to a robust and active community of developers ready to help you wherever you are struck during the web development. This huge and buzzing community also improves the React libraries, documentation, and tools for other Reac5 developers to access and use. 

Wrapping Up 

From all the features mentioned above, ReactJS stands way ahead. Most other web development libraries and frameworks in terms of ease of use, advanced features, performance, and end-user experience. No wonder, React continues to thrive as the most popular web development framework.

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