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Best Samsung Latest Refrigerator Online Price for Buy?

To keep your food and other edible items fresh and in good condition, it is very important to have a well-working, proficient refrigerator in your home. There are numerous models produced by a handful of established brands out there that dominate the Indian market. But you might wonder which Samsung’s latest refrigerator is the best? Although, market research is very important before picking out the best variant of refrigerators for you. Samsung is one of the best-selling models and is known for its quality among the crowd. Samsung latest refrigerator price is also very affordable for the masses to buy. In this article, we have mentioned some of the blockbusting latest Samsung refrigerators that you can buy online at the best price. Keep reading to know more.

  • SAMSUNG 192 L Direct Cool Single Door 2 Star Refrigerator (Gray Silver, RR19A241BGS/NL)

This single-door fridge is themed to be in a minimalistic design and will be the perfect choice for small families. The linear compressor technology is a major highlight of this wonderful fridge variant. The two-star energy rating also assures that it consumes a very less amount of energy by saving a lot in terms of electricity bills. The anti-bacterial casket present in this fridge curbs the growth of microorganisms and keeps the food healthy. This Samsung refrigerator price is Rs. 12,990 and is definitely a must-buy.

  • SAMSUNG 192 L Direct Cool Single Door 1 Star Refrigerator (Scarlet Red, RR19T21CARH/NL)

Do you know which refrigerator is the best in terms of budget? It is definitely this variant. Designed in a very appealing red color, this Samsung refrigerator is definitely an attention-stealing showpiece. The direct cooling mechanism of this fridge consumes very little energy and makes you save a lot. It also has a one-star energy rating which is very high for the amount it is offered. This model of the Samsung refrigerator price is fixed at Rs. 12,690. If you are looking to buy a refrigerator you can directly visit Bajaj EMI Store or else you can buy online.

  • SAMSUNG 345 L Frost Free Double Door 3 Star Convertible Refrigerator (Elegant Inox, RT37T4513S8/HL)

The double door convertible refrigerator by Samsung is one of the truly noteworthy models in the market, in which you can put your pennies on. This fridge has cutting-edge features like a convertible where you can remove your freezer and eventually make it another normal compartment of your fridge to store edibles like groceries.

This Samsung refrigerator price is found to be in the mid-range, which costs about Rs. 37,040. The 345 L capacity cordially accommodates more essential, being the best pick for medium to large families. The features like the Digital Inverter compressor and Frost-free options are some of the added highlights of this refrigerator.

  • SAMSUNG 198 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator with Base Drawer (Inox Wave, RR21A2F2XNV/HL)

If you ask which refrigerator is the best in light of aesthetics? Then we recommend this wonderful Samsung model for you. Designed in a glossy black and grey finish with a unique pattern of waves all across the fridge, this variant is the best for modern and contemporary-style homes.

This variant is very economical, prudent in energy-saving, and also requires manual assistance in the process of defrosting. This refrigerator can be the perfect choice for couples, bachelors, and single people. This Samsung latest refrigerator price is Rs. 18,999. It saves you a lot of money, and it is a must-buy model under the budget.

  • SAMSUNG 244 L Frost Free Double Door 2 Star Refrigerator with Curd Maestro (Luxe Bronze, RT28T3522DU/HL)

Samsung latest refrigerator

This refrigerator is another classy model brought to the market by Samsung. It has unique and exclusive features like auto defrost to prevent rigid ice structures formation and curd maestro for keeping your curd fresh and edible for a long duration. Ideal for 3 to 5 members family, this Samsung fridge has a 244 L capacity, which enables you to store amble ingredients inside it.

The two-star energy saving rating consumes only a meager amount of energy for the operation of the refrigerator, thereby cutting your power cost by half. This Samsung refrigerator’s price is rated as Rs. 25,890 in the market.

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