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Best Video Editing and VFX Software of 2023

Video content has exploded in popularity in recent years. From YouTube videos to TikToks, more and more people are watching and creating video content. This increase in video has also led to a greater demand for advanced video editing and visual effects (VFX) software. Choosing the right video editing and VFX tools can take your videos to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top options for 2023.

Adobe Premiere Pro

For professional-grade video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is a top choice. As part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, Premiere Pro seamlessly integrates with other Adobe apps like Photoshop and After Effects. Key features of Premiere Pro include:

  • Advanced editing capabilities – cut, trim, splice and overlap video clips with precision. Use techniques like chroma-keying, color grading and multi-cam editing.
  • Robust effects – access a wide range of effects to enhance your video, from basic corrections to sophisticated filters and distortions.
  • Intuitive interface – work faster with a flexible, customizable timeline and simple controls. The panel-based layout is easy to navigate.
  • Tight integration – move smoothly between Premiere Pro and other Adobe apps. Design motion graphics in After Effects or polish clips in Photoshop without leaving Premiere.
  • Collaboration tools – facilitate team-based workflows with shared projects, metadata and libraries.

Premiere Pro is the go-to choice for video professionals and offers all the sophistication demanded by high-end productions. The learning curve can be steep, but the possibilities are virtually endless.

DaVinci Resolve

Initially made for color grading, DaVinci Resolve has evolved into a full-featured video editing platform. The free version offers incredible capabilities rivaling paid options. Features include:

  • Multi-track timeline – cut clips and arrange audio across unlimited tracks for complex edits. Add transitions, effects, voiceovers and more.
  • Color correction tools – leverage the same technology as Hollywood films to balance colors and create unique visual styles.
  • Audio mastering – finetune audio with effects like compression, limiting and EQ. Design soundtracks as meticulously as the visuals.
  • Support for 4K – work natively with high-res footage up to 4K. Export videos in any resolution desired.
  • Motion graphics – create simple titles and animations right in Resolve without needing other software.
  • Speed – optimized performance offers smooth real-time playback even with resource-heavy footage and effects.

With robust features competitive with Premiere Pro, Resolve is extremely versatile. The free version is an unbeatable value for aspiring and professional editors and colorists.

Final Cut Pro

Developed by Apple exclusively for Mac, Final Cut Pro provides a powerful editing experience optimized for macOS. Notable features include:

  • Magnetic timeline – clips “snap” together to perfectly align audio and video tracks. Editing is fast and precise.
  • Customizable interface – toggle different browser, timeline and audio modes to match each phase of editing. Keep only the controls you need.
  • Extensive libraries – access a huge range of sound effects, transitions, titles and more. Add polish instantly.
  • Optimized performance – work smoothly even with 8K video. Rendering and playback are super fast.
  • Tight Apple integration – import media from your iPhone or iPad. Use companion apps like Motion for graphics and Compressor for output.
  • Affordable pricing – full licenses are a one-time $299 payment versus the monthly Creative Cloud plans.

For Mac users, Final Cut Pro offers top-class tools in a sleek, intuitive package. While not as versatile as Premiere for multi-platform projects, it’s a superb choice for video editors within the Apple ecosystem.

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora from Wondershare is a highly accessible video editor for beginners. With an easy drag-and-drop interface, it’s simple to cut clips, add stylish effects and export polished videos. Key features include:

  • Intuitive design – get up and running quickly thanks to a straightforward workflow. Edit instinctively without a steep learning curve.
  • Handy templates – shortcut the editing process by starting with ready-made templates for different types of videos.
  • Cute effects – give videos a playful twist with fun filters, overlays, titles and transitions.
  • Fast rendering – preview and export videos with surprisingly quick rendering, even at high resolutions.
  • Affordable pricing – upgrade to advanced features like chroma-keying, PIP, and unlimited tracks for under $50 for lifetime access.

For hobbyists and new content creators, Filmora makes high-quality editing achievable. The affordable one-time payment grants unlimited use, unlike subscriptions for tools like Premiere Pro.

HitFilm Express

As a free open-source option, HitFilm Express packs a serious punch. The user interface is more complex than other beginner’s tools, but so is the feature set. Highlights include:

  • 8+ video/audio tracks – composite and match multiple clips with multilayer timelines.
  • 395+ effects and presets – emulate Hollywood films with cinematic effects like green screen keys, tracking and distortions.
  • 3D title templates – incorporate 3D text and logos rendered in real-time into videos for dramatic intros and titles.
  • Color correcting and grading – sculpt the look from color wheels, curves, HSL and with included LUTs.
  • Roto tools – isolate and adjust regions of clips with spline-based masks. Useful for objects removals or enhancing elements.
  • Custom exports – render videos tailored for different social platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

HitFilm Express punches way above typical free software. The plethora of effects and tools make it possible to achieve truly professional results. Be prepared for a steeper initial learning curve.


While not strictly a video editor, the free open-source 3D creation suite Blender contains a capable non-linear editing system. Key features include:

  • Compatibility with any video format – work with anything from smartphone clips to raw cinema footage.
  • Audio mixing and syncing – seamlessly blend audio from multiple sources including microphones, music and pre-recorded tracks.
  • Flexible interface – choose from different preset layouts tailored for editing or reconfigure workspace entirely.
  • Compositing options – enhance footage with Blender’s node-based compositor. Create visual magic with keys, tracks, masks and more.
  • Integration with 3D tools – leverage Blender’s full capabilities to create 3D titles, simulations and other effects right in the editor.
  • Active community – take advantage of ample tutorials and developer support given Blender’s open source model.

While less intuitive than dedicated NLE software, Blender provides extremely versatile free tools. Skilled editors can augment footage in any way imaginable with its compositing and 3D toolset.

Choosing Your Video Editing and VFX Software

When selecting the best video editing and VFX software for your needs, consider factors like:

  • Budget – Pro packages like Premiere Pro require monthly payments or large one-time fees. Free tools like DaVinci Resolve offer great value at no cost.
  • Learning curve – Beginners will want an intuitive interface to start out, while professionals may desire complex tools.
  • Compatible formats – Ensure the editor works with your specific camera and video formats.
  • Special effects – Some software like HitFilm and Blender excel at producing visual effects. Prioritize this if it’s core to your work.
  • Hardware requirements – Resource-heavy software demands more powerful computers, especially for high-res footage.

The top options in 2023 range from full-featured yet accessible tools like Final Cut Pro to incredibly sophisticated platforms like Adobe Premiere. With the explosion of high-quality video, powerful editing and VFX software is indispensable for content creation today. Carefully weigh the options to select the best solution for your unique needs and level of expertise.

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