September 23, 2021


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Best water purifiers under 15,000

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Best water purifiers under 15,000

Best water purifiers under 15,000

Freshwater is a basic human necessity, you will agree. Unlike many other countries, the water in India is not pure or clean enough for consumption directly without filtering and boiling. In times like these, it is needed to be aware of the best water purifiers under 15,000. Water purifiers use an RO system that filters water through a membrane and removes diseases. The current and high-tech water purifiers of today use UV Light to kill the viruses and bacteria that are present in the water after passing through the RO membrane. You will also come across filters that have a lot of new features like a mineral improvement but overall, water that comes out of a water purifier is safe to drink.


Clean water is not possible for everybody, even water is not free in a lot of areas. Unfit drinking water has led to again in the virus among the young ones and peoples all ages. The need for a water purifier in the office and home has now become a necessity. You cannot drink water straight from taps or any other source.


List of best water purifiers under 15,000





KENT is the most trusted and traditional brand in the area of water purifiers. It is slowly growing its products in the category of home improvements, like vacuum cleaners, egg boilers, air purifiers, and more KENT GRAND+ is one of the good water purifiers available for the Indian peoples.


·      Features


> Purification storage – 20L/HR


> Weight – 9.5 Kg


> Power – 60 watts


> Storage – 8L


>Maximum duty – 100L/day


KENT gives a 1-year warranty and 3-year no service. The periodical service of your water purifier will be free of price for 3 years. It has a Mineral RO system and TDS controller which enjoy the essential natural nutrients and minerals purified with the help of a TDS controller.




Another excellent product from KENT having the best-in-class system, providing you with the mineral rich-water and purified each time. It is solid, has s TDS indicator, filter life indicator, and LCD touch screen also.


·      Features


> Purification storage – 15L/HR


> Weight – 9kg


> Maximum duty – 75L/day


> Storage- 9L


> Power – 60 watts


KENT gives a 1-year warranty and 3-year no service. The periodic service of your water purifier will cost after 3 years. The TDS controller helps in retaining needed minerals in water during the purification process.


[3] LIV PURE PEP PRO PLUS [RO+UV+UF] water purifier


Liv pure is a well-settled and well-known brand in the water purifier market it is driven by a team of professionals and technocrats who meet the needs of changing the environment and in turn, helping buyers get access to purified water all over the country.


The water purifier mentioned above has UV, RO, and UF systems along with different other features. It spends has 6-stage water purification process and in the end, it also improves the taste of water by removes disease, bacteria, and viruses


·      Features


> Capacity – 12L/HR


> Power – 140-300 V


> Weight- 7.5Kg


> Storage – 7L


> Filters – pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, UV, UF post carbon filter


The raised water purifier has a UV fail alert i.e if the UV lamp break working for any reason, it’ll let us know about by ringing the alert.




The company has understood the art of cooling by catering to a large no of commercial, cooperate, and even residential customers. Blue star has been needed for water coolers for home, educational institutes, hospitals, factories, homes, and hotels for nearly seven decades, but it launched a cost of blue star water purifier for residential uses, in the year of 2016.


The cost of a water purifier launched by blue stars has various features and is available in every budget bracket requirement by their consumers. The water purifier is a step above from the water purifier because it gives both cold and hot water, just a push of a button that sets it above from water purifiers.


·      Features


> Storage – 8.5L


> Filters – sediment filters, RO membrane, pre-carbon, UV lamp


> Weight -9.5 Kg


> Power – high


It has a child lock feature, auto-clean feature, and enhances the taste of water. A super-fine sediment remover and removes another disease




Purely it is a cost of products from the radical house of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. HUL launched a series of water purifiers having RO, UF and UV systems, the water you drink is safe and pure from any diseases.


HUL is a brand sale in consumer goods since 1933 and is an Indian company that was settled in Maharashtra. It sure knows about the buyer and their requirement, and the pure cost is the perfect example of it.


·      Features


> Filters – pre-carbon filters, Mini filter, RO membrane, UV and RO-carbon filter


> Storage- 5Kg


> Power – 50 watts


> Purification – 10-12L/HR


It has a dual cartridge system which improves the tastes of water and Odor. Reduces the 90% TDS minimum and removes 1800mg if TDS of water. 

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