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The Importance of Cerakote Gun Coating Services

Cerakote gun is one of the most popular ceramic finishes that is applied to a wide variety of materials. The Cerakote finish is quite special and it has advantages better than that of powder coating. The common materials that may get a Cerakote gun coating are metals, wood, polymers, and plastics.

The Cerakote gun coating exhibits high-performance, long-term durability, and impeccable resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical reaction. When put up against other types of coating, the Cerakote finish withstands temperatures up to 900 Fahrenheit.

Cerakote coating comes in various colors, and the color can last for many years without any impact. Cerakote finish is quite stable, and the common applications include

Car parts

The wide properties of Cerakote make it ideal for exhaust pipes and engine parts. The high-temperature resistance of Cerakote gun is quite effective, and secondly, it improves the movement of lubricants in the engine. The car engine heats up due to fuel movement, and in summers, the temperature can further rise inside the hood. However, Cerakote can reduce the inside temperature by over 30 degrees. Cerakote coating can easily increase the lifespan of the engine parts and improve functionality.


In recent years, the popular application of Cerakote coating is on a firearm to enhance its looks and functionality. A Cerakote finish on a firearm will lower the chance of any corrosion, scratches, and rust. One can also choose a specific color for the coating. The best advantage is not having to spend on costly corrosion removal from the gun.

Sporting equipment

The scopes and knives are a few of the equipment that gets Cerakote finish to improve durability and functionality.

Why the use Cerakote Gun Coating for Firearms

Cerakote is an efficient and effective ceramic and polymer coating applied to a firearm to provide a bold and sophisticated look. The physical properties of hardness, material strength, resistance to corrosion and chemical, and prevention against abrasion is what makes Cerakote finish so special.

Rigorously testing of the properties ensures that Cerakote coating is better than another coating in the same category. In many applications, Cerakote finish even outperforms other coatings easily.

Most firearms have a certain amount of aluminum and steel, and Cerakote applies to them without any hassle. The Cerakote coat minimizes the interaction of liquids and oils, which then prevents the risk of corrosion.

The Cerakote coating is thin and measuring only about 0.001 inches or 1 mil, and it bonds easily with steel, aluminum, and polymer. The practical applications make Cerakote finish unique, but it has also got to do with improving the exterior looks.

Gun enthusiasts can pick out various colors and patterns when it comes to applying a Cerakote gun coating. You can choose a bright or mild color and exude your personality through the color of the coating. The process of applying Cerakote finish has become quite popular, and now numerous shops offer this service. Today, you have the option of vibrant colors, fantastic patterns, and distinctive looks to flaunt at the shooting range.

The advantages of Cerakote gun coating services near me are

  • Enhancing the functionality
  • Ensuring protection against abrasions, rust, and corrosion
  • Reducing wear and tear with time
  • Providing additional strength

The Cerakote finish was originally developed by the gun industry, so the coating suits all types of firearms. There are over 100 different colors available, and it is only one mil thick but provides outstanding protection.

Importance of Professional Cerakote Coating

Today, we live in a digital age where people can get information about anything and become experts. An ordinary person has easy access to tutorials and videos to learn how to fix a problem. But Cerakote coating is not DIY (Do It Yourself) and requires proper expertise from a professional person.

The Cerakote finish process begins with firearm disassembly, and it is necessary to ensure that the coating works properly. After disassembling, the firearm parts are de-greased and then the sandblasting process removes the oil. Any residual oil on the gun parts can cause issues with the final coating.

Once the gunsmith removes the oils, an HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray gun applies the coating on the firearm. Only an expert and professional person can apply the coating with finesse and ensure proper thickness. An over-application of the Cerakote coating can affect the firearm’s function. When the coating process is completed, then the metal parts are oven cured at 250 degrees. The polymer parts are oven cured from 140 degrees to 180 degrees.

To get a custom Cerakote coating, you need to leave the firearm at the shop. However, some firearms come from a manufacturer with a Cerakote finish pre-applied. The cost of the Cerakote finish depends on the style of the firearm and any complexity in the design. However, even a basic color costs a few hundred dollars.

The firearm coating is a part sealant and part finish which extends the durability of the firearm. The traditional method was using stainless or blue steel, but it was not waterproof. The Cerakote finish is waterproof and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

The Reason why Cerakote Finish a Nice Option for a Firearm

The Cerakote gun coating adds a layer of protection, but it also prevents the gun from dust, dirt, and other particles. In the summer months, a person may sweat profusely in the daytime, but Cerakote coating can keep the gun dry. The Cerakote gun consists of ceramic particles that resist any scratching or abrasion.

There are two formulas for Cerakote, air-cured (cures in the air) and oven-cured (baking in the oven). The air cure formula is ‘Cerakote C’ and is used for high-temperature parts such as the barrel of the gun. The oven cure formula is ‘Cerakote H’ and is ideal for the frame and slide-on of the gun. Some of the firearms that come from the factory with a Cerakote finish are

  • Beretta M9A3
  • Colt 1911 pistols
  • Lionheart pistols (all models)
  • Magnum Research Desert Eagle (Select models)

Many people believe that Cerakote finish is a cosmetic coating of a firearm but provides numerous advantages. The Cerakote gun coating is a composite epoxy mix with ceramic and polymer. A person can apply any custom color or pattern.

The four steps of Cerakote finish on a firearm are disassembly, cleaning, sandblasting, painting, and baking. A spray gun applies the final coating, and it is toxic, so the gunsmith has to wear protective equipment.

You have to employ expert Cerakote gun coating services near me because you may not have the same level of craftsmanship. The gunsmith shop offers a wide range of gun restoration and customization.


The Cerakote gun coating is cost-effective and improves both functionality and durability. The surface becomes hard and prevents any scraping or peeling. The best advantage is long-term protection from rust and corrosion, which is not possible with other coatings. You can get a custom finish and choose among 100 different colors such as gold, silver, and bronze. The Cerakote finish will ensure the quality of the firearm and prevent wear and tear.

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