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What is the Connection Between Spirituality and Religion?

Both religion and spirituality have a strong connection with each other, and both are founded on attempting to find the true purpose of life. Though religion and spirituality have a link and connection, both of them have different concepts.

Spirituality is present inside the individual and what they personally believe, whereas religion is an organized, community-based set of ideas. Spirituality is a part of religion, but spirituality does not always define religion.

Both religion and spirituality can be beneficial for the mental health of a person. They have the same effect in certain respects. Religion and spirituality can assist a person cope with stress and help them find their true self.

Let’s talk about religion and spirituality in detail

Religion Beliefs

The majority of the people around the globe follow different religions. Religion gives us something to believe in, and it allows us to connect with other people who have similar beliefs.

Many communities are united because of the same religious beliefs. Studies also say that religion can have a positive effect on our mental health. Every religion has its moral values and ethics that it teaches to other people.

Religion creates a sense of belonging among people, and it also initiates social connections. Wherever you live, you can feel the connection with another individual if you have the same religion as them.

Religion gives us hope and helps us in coping with difficult situations. It gives us guidelines to live by and also teaches us to forgive others, be empathetic, and show compassion and gratitude.

Some of the most widely practiced religions in the world include Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. There is also Buddhism which many people believe in.

Santeria is another religion mostly followed in Africa. This religion originates from Africa, and this syncretic religion is followed by the people of southern Nigeria, Senegal, and Guinea Coast.

What are the Roots of Santeria Religion?

Santeria has roots in African traditions and ceremonies that originated in Nigeria. Slaves from Nigeria were imported into North Africa in large numbers, particularly in the western hemisphere.

Because traditional African convictions were prohibited in those times majority of the African slaves converted to Christianity to avoid persecution and execution for their People’s faith.

The followers of the Santeria religion believe in the existence of one God and say that one God is the master of the universe while there is also a lesser divine being  “Orishas” who takes care of the world.

Santeria emphasizes the formation of personal ties between religious practitioners and Orisha gods through various practices. The believers’ practice Santeria religion spells, sacrifice animals (mostly chicken), and also do mediation as it provides believers with protection, knowledge, and success. In times of adversity, believers should look to God for guidance. Santeria religion also has a connection with spirituality.

This religion focuses on creating a relationship between humans and the powerful mortal spirit known as Orishas. Many people visit experts of the Santeria religion because they believe that Santeria religion spells can offer them the spiritual guidance they need.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is about recognizing your beliefs and understanding that there is something bigger and greater than yourself. It is more about being a human being and understanding your true self.

Spirituality gives you balance in your life; it offers peace of mind and also assists you in understating your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

The way we express our spirituality is based on our personal experiences and beliefs. Some people express it through religious ways such as by following the practices and participating in rituals and religious festivals. The believers have a strong faith in their religion because they believe that it can provide them comfort in a difficult time and can assist them in finding their true selves.

While for some people, spirituality has totally different meanings. For them, it is about relating to their friends and family. They believe in forgiving their mistakes and being kind to others.

They express themselves through creativity such as art or by making music and painting. These people read books and try to enjoy the world. Love, trust, and forgiveness are very important to them.

Fear and suffering are a part of life, but you can understand your true self and find the peace you need after going through all the struggles and sufferings.

Final Thought

Our spiritual expression is formed by our personal, familial, and cultural experiences.

Some people use religion as a way for them to display their spirituality. Individual customs and communal religious rituals also keep people’s religions alive.

Many people find spirituality and religious activities to be a source of comfort and stress alleviation.

However, it is important for us to examine our relationships with ourselves before we can cultivate a healthy lifestyle, relationships, and view on life. Finding your true self and knowing who you allow you to make better decisions in life.

When you know what matters to you, decision-making about relationships, finances, and other life choices becomes much easier. Your goal serves as a guide and a standard for you. If you value education, you should invest in it.

Forgive yourself for the things that happened in past and move on so that you can be a better version of yourself.

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