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Craigslist Seattle – 9 Secrets of High-Profit

Craigslist Seattle is a popular place to sell your items. Either you’re searching for something (a job, a home, or used items) or you have something you want to sell. You can find tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the service, regardless of your situation.

 Just a little knowledge can make a difference in selling or not selling an item. If you follow these guidelines, you will get better results every time you post something to Craigslist.

 These are specific tips for achieving sales results and not general Craigslist suggestions. Be careful when you meet people or give out your personal information. Craigslist safety and scam information is available. Additionally, the Craigslist forums are very useful.

  • Repost to Keep Your Ad Top

 Wouldn’t it be nice to just click a button and have your ad up on the first page of the web? Unfortunately, this won’t be possible. Craigslist has established measures to stop that. It is designed to stop spammers from invading craigslist Seattle. You don’t need to be bothered by spammers, but there are some workarounds. These will help you get your ad noticed. Buyers don’t like to scroll through old posts and it could take them a long time before they buy your ad. If you have not received a response within a few business days of posting, it may be time to repost.

 Before you can post ads on Craigslist make sure that you have a Craigslist profile. While you don’t necessarily need one it is a great help.

 Post your ad following the guidelines below.

 Log in again on the next day. Click on the ad you wish to repost and open it up in a new window.

 Right-click on the “edit this posting” button and open it in another tab.

 Right click the “category”, in which you want your ad to be posted. Then, open that tab in a new window. You can quickly edit in any of these tabs.

 To post, click on the button to the right. Select a category.

 You can go back to the tab where you originally placed your ad. Copy the content and then paste it into the new template. When done, click continue.

 Enter the code for the annoying captcha.

 Now go to your old ad on the second tab and delete it.

 Your ad must now be reposted at the category’s top.

  • ALWAYS Post

  An Image

 A GOOD Image

 We are visual beings. Post an image when you want to sell something, such as a house, an antique TV or even yourself. Images-based ads will get the most attention. I actually filter out those ads without images when I’m trying to find something used. My reasoning is that if the person does not post a photograph, there may be a problem with the item. Also, be sure to take crisp, clear photos of your item when you post them. Don’t just snap a photo of the item with your smartphone and call it quits. This will only cause irritation to the buyer. They’ll move forward.

  • Avoid putting a question in the headline

 This could work in your favor if you post a job, a personal advert, or even a service. If your questions are pertinent, people will be attracted to you. If you’re selling personal items, then questions are a great way to get people to respond. If you’re selling a tangible object such as a home, car, or any other item you don’t desire, keep the headlines informative. Consider these headlines.

 They both contain the same information. The first is a straightforward description. I feel the second is sales talk. You should be as direct as any listing in a Best Buy/ Target catalog. You can do the same if your house is being sold. Be honest and straightforward. It will hurt.

  • Be as precise as you possibly can

 Remember that you are selling something that people have to come out of their way to buy. They want to be as informed as possible about the item before spending the time or gas money to get there. I’ve seen listings with only one line about an item.

 Yeah, great. The ad which includes photos of a bookcase and information about the maker, condition, manufacturer, and whereabouts is far more compelling. This reveals a lot more about the seller. One person could not be bothered to place the ad. The other one has done a great job. While it might not accurately reflect who you are as a person or what the item is in, Craigslist makes first impressions count.

  • Do your homework

 You thought homework was done. Craigslist is huge, with millions of items being posted each year. If you’re looking to sell your sofa, how can you make it more appealing? Craigslist is the best place to look. Check out the listings to see similar sofas. Do you see the same sofa over and over? What went wrong? It did not sell. Is the price too high? Pictures are not taken or they are bad. Take the time to really dig in. Once you know the terrain, you will be able to create compelling ads. But there’s more…

  • Check the price

 Like all negotiations, this one involves negotiating between what you want to get and what the buyer wants. Buyers will want to pay the least possible. You want to get the most. Post an item that is too expensive and you won’t be able to get any bites. Don’t post anything too low and you will lose your bargaining ability. Craigslist buyers are always looking to lower their prices, so be sure to take that into account. I will generally accept the lowest price and add 20-25%. Although this isn’t a general rule for all items (e.g. a home or car), it is a good guideline. You can sell your sofa for $300. But you should only take $225. It’s possible to get $250 for your sofa, which will make everyone happy. Important: Accept only CASH, preferably in $20 bills.

  • You can pair items together

 It might seem obvious but most people will list a crib separately from a glider. You may need one or both if you’re looking for one. Combine them. Give both a discount to get them off your hands. You can mention the possibility of splitting them if you wish. One ad might sell two birds, but one post could be enough.

  • Be an Eager Beaver

 I don’t like responding to emails and calls immediately. Craigslist will increase your chances of selling items if your emails or calls are returned promptly. Many sellers will send out several emails to potential sellers. The first to respond wins. It’s important to be first and polite. Post your ad on your return if you’re traveling for business or pleasure. If you are overwhelmed by emails and find yourself answering a lot, texter will help reduce wear and tear.

  • Consider Trades

 Craigslist makes it easy to trade. People don’t have much stuff these days and they have a lot. One man’s trash could be another’s treasure.

 These nine tips can help your items move faster than the heatwave sunscreen. We’d love to hear your great selling tips. Oops! But before I sign off, let me add one last thing…

 Be a great craigslist Seattle and take items off the market!

 It’s happened to me numerous times. I look for the right thing, then send an email. The reply I get is, “Sorry. That was sold.” But why is that ad still up on the internet? Even worse is the fact that as you search for the exact same item every day, that ad still exists! Don’t litter craigslist seattle posting your old ads! This will not help this wonderful community.

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