March 14, 2023

Popular design options for custom donut bulk boxes

custom donut bulk boxes

custom donut bulk boxes

Custom donut bulk boxes play a pivotal role in the growth of the business. They promote your brand, give it recognition, attract customers, form a positive image, and create a positive expectation in customers’ eyes. There is so much that you can do with the custom boxes, the sky is literally the limit here. In this article, we shall discuss some of the most popular types and designs of custom donut bulk boxes. So, let’s begin now.

Window boxes:

It is one of the most popular types of donut boxes. And there are plausible reasons behind it. Donut is an appetizing item, so it makes sense to tempt the buyer by showing some part of it through the box. Using the die-cut method, the makers carve a window in the box and make the donuts visible to the onlookers. The window does not have to be in a straight cut, you can create it in the round, oval, or in any custom shape that looks appealing to the eyes.

custom donut bulk boxes
custom donut bulk boxes

Printed boxes:

By printing, we mean boxes that use elaborate printing methods and techniques to show off imagery and information on the boxes. You can digital, offset, and screen printing methods to produce such boxes. When it comes to pictures, patterns. or any other designs that you want to display on the boxes, you have absolute freedom to do so. You can use your company’s name, logo, tagline, and any other information that you may deem fit and helpful to the average user.

Handle boxes:

Another popular type of custom donut bulk box is the handle box. A handle box is like the name implies a box with a handle attached to it. The purpose of the handle is to make it user-friendly and highly portable. In the absence of a handle, the buyer has to carry the boxes by holding them in their hands. It is not a very comfortable position to carry a box, especially if the buyer has to travel a long distance. There is always the risk of the box slipping out of hands and losing the donuts on the floor. Hence the use of handle boxes.

Boxes with inserts:

A donut box with inserts is practical, convenient, and very useful for the buyer. An insert keeps one donut from rolling over to other donuts and mixing. If you are buying donuts in different flavors you would want them to remain separate. Mixing can rub off their toppings, sprinkles, sauces, etc. It is also easy for the buyer to identify and tell them apart from each other once he is home and wants to try different tastes and flavors. These inserts then make a lot of sense.

Vibrant and colorful boxes:

Custom donut bulk boxes need to be bright and colorful. Colors play a vital role in attracting potential buyers. Imagine a donuts box that is monotone and dull. The box will kill any appetite the buyers may have for the donuts. Beautifully printed and colorful boxes that show off the right hues to the buyers will get more attention. Research shows for edible items buyers get more attracted to colorful boxes. So, colorful boxes help in this regard.

Gift boxes:

A donut is a popular snack and is a must-have item for events like birthdays, tea parties, anniversaries, etc. People also like to gift them to their near and dear ones on such occasions. It gives birth to the need for custom donut gift bulk boxes. They come in different sizes and you can also customize the size according to your requirement. To make them truly memorable for the recipient you can add his picture to the box too. It will make it more personal and intimate. You can also add some warm wishes and greetings to the box commemorating the occasion. It will make the whole experience very special.

Uniquely-shaped boxes:

A donut box does not have to be in a square or rectangular form. You can personalize the shape according to your preference and requirement. That’s the beauty of custom donut bulk boxes. Go for eccentric or off-beat shapes that look unique and different. How about a triangular box, or a hexagonal box? There can be many different options, use your imagination and create something magical.

Single pc. boxes:

So many people consume donuts in their own company. They have it on the go, as a quick hunger fix or when they have a craving for it. For all such consumers, single-piece packing is ideal. Instead of handing them the donut wrapped in butter paper or a bag, why not present it in customized single-piece packing. It looks beautiful and there is so much you can do with its shapes. You can have it a buttercup box, a window box, a pastry box, or a custom donut-shaped box too. Anything is possible with custom donut bulk boxes.

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That wraps up our topic on popular types of donut boxes. We hope you find it to be useful and informative. With customization at play, there is so much that you can do with the box. You can also hire the services of a professional designer to produce beautiful boxes. We wish you a great time exploring the world of custom boxes.