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How To Beat The Challenges Faced During App Development


With more than 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, it’s easy to understand that the mobile app industry is experiencing immense growth day in, and day out. The uses of apps are increasing at a rapid and invincible pace and have become the need of the hour not only for users but also for businesses. But nothing in the world is free from obstacles and mobile apps are also not an exception. In this article, we’re gonna throw some light on the challenges that come in the way of dallas mobile app development and how to remedy that. Let’s dig deeper!


The mobile app industry is flooded with a plethora of applications that are designed and developed as per different platforms but only some of them can gain a firm space on the mobile screens of users. It requires an intuitive interface, seamless speed of loading, offline functionalities, attractive features, data security, and convenient navigation to make a mobile app perfect.

The availability of state-of-the-art technologies and immense growth in the use of mobiles encourages businesses to develop mobile apps for their businesses. However, making a mobile app successful requires some capabilities to overcome challenges that come during the application development lifecycle. Here are some of the challenges and their remedies that you should consider before you start building one!

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Challenges Related To Technical Mobile Application Development

Building Apps With Remarkable Aesthetics

Users are more likely to choose to use an application that can lure them to look inside in a blink of an eye. An application will receive a weak response and have no or less value if it fails to provide appealing aesthetics to its users. Hence, it’s essential to develop an app that can do it all. But creating an eye-catchy app isn’t a piece of cake and you might come across challenges, though exploring steps to build an app can be a way to go.

You can make an application attractive by introducing excellent visuals that can leave an effective as well as durable impression on users. Design the graphics and features in a way that looks simple but capable enough to surprise them. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Know your target audience
  • Keep the aim of your app in mind
  • Try to be innovative and unique
  • Do research into well-known apps

Creative And Natural Interactions

Users can be able to interact with their mobile screen faster with more convenience if the in-built sensors of the devices are used accurately. This can be a challenge as well as an opportunity for developers during the app development lifecycle.

  • Offer users more to play with by introducing more than basic physical signs of interactions
  • Increase their app experience by enabling them to play with various motions including. flipping, tilting, and so on.
  • To create an interactive as well as user-friendly design, take it as a prominent part of the design strategy.

Keeping UI Simple

The fancy haute couture is only appreciated in an in-person fashion house. The mobile app UI is different from that where simplicity matters the most. Making the user interface complicated can confuse you, users, hence, make it as simple as it can.

  • Keep UI understandable
  • Use simple and clear structure
  • Create consistency in navigation
  • Don’t add complexities in functionalities
  • Keep content and menu title understandable

Data Security

Digital interaction comes with possibilities for hackers to breach the data value. Sometimes, your app can be vulnerable to malware attacks and can be a critical issue when users engage with your application and unfold their significant information. Furthermore, the software or hardware disintegration can cost you a fortune to resolve

  • Encrypt everything inside the app’s DNA.
  • Developers should encrypt everything shared by users when interacting with the app.
  • Develop a backup of the program to ensure the data goes to the archive at regular intervals.

Non-technical Mobile App Development Challenges

Customer’s Review

The design of an application is prepared by keeping your end-users in mind, as they are the people who use the application. If the customers do not find your application user-friendly or if your app does not provide a good experience then there is a high chance that the customer will leave the app and uninstall it and may even look to add a negative review on the app stores. A couple of such reviews can reduce the popularity of your app and may also affect the number of your potential customers.

  • Seamless navigation within an app is of a great value
  • Keep the design of the application as simple as it can be.
  • Use thumbnails and icons to boost the user experience.

Improving Performance

However, the interactive capabilities and design elements are essential but the app performance is also crucial in leaving an impactful impression on users. Besides, there should be fewer vulnerabilities in terms of crashes and bugs. The application has to be downloaded using little space on the devices. Eventually, the challenge is to develop intuitive, flawless, and aesthetic applications that are robust in performance.

  • Do proper testing of your app to private general and battery-related performance.
  • Analyze results fed by test users to remedy and resolve issues.
  • Launch MVP intending to lessen that damage.

Drawing Attention Of Potential Users

As per the reports, millions of applications got deployed on app stores in the last 3 months, and if you wanna win the race. You’ll have to make a difference. Numerous apps vanish from the app stores within a little time, hence, for App Developers, the success of an application is a challenge.

  • Drawing the attention of users is the prime strategy
  • Create a robust strategy to penetrate the market
  • Research intensively to know the user’s expectations from the type of application you’re going to develop.

Mobile App Challenge Related To Design

Issues With Multiple Operating Systems

Besides multiple others, one of the toughest challenges faced during dallas mobile app development is the efficiency of the app when running on different platforms. An app must run smoothly on different platforms.

  • Perform bug fixing in all available operating systems
  • Release a Beta version to address OS-related compatibility
  • Design apps in a way that suits cross-platform development

Compatibility With Various Handsets

One of the biggest challenges for dallas mobile app development is the limitations of devices based on their in-built technologies. Building an app that performs seamlessly irrespective of the type of platform is another challenge for developers.

  • Make sure the apps are equally accessible for the users with tablets, mobile, and other smart devices.
  • The app design has to be inclusive of different screen sizes, pixel densities, and resolutions.

Challenges When Developing Mobile Applications As a Developer

Estimation of Funding Properly

Developing an application is never a one-time investment. To deal with competitive apps and to enhance performance, updating an app timely is required. Being a client not being aware of these changes when deciding the funding can lead to later chaos.

  • It’s crucial for app developers to quote an average estimate for the app updates in the future.
  • Create presentations regarding the average cost required for timely updates and what you’ll do to make it worthwhile.
  • Providing a crystal-clear idea about the overall funding for updates ahead of time can be a good step.

Differences Between Concept & Reality

There’s always a difference between what a client expects an app to be and what developers visualize when developing an application. A client might have plenty of requirements regarding design, features, and so on and for that a developer has to face issues when making it a reality. This is the challenge between imagination and reality and creates numerous pressures and difficulties for a developer.

  • Keep your clients updated about the process going on and the resources required to deal with the challenges.
  • Try to make your client understand the complexities and obstacles involved in the process that might require frequent iteration before the app approval.
  • Clarify the doubts and avoid confusion and find alternatives to resolve issues before it’s too late.
  • Make sure the product at the end of the work is the same as it was in the beginning.

Unmatched Tips For Mobile App Developers To Keep Obstacles At Bay

Tech trends change from time to time and keeping abreast with the latest tech trends is more than important. Being in the limelight requires an app developer to grow with the technology. It simply means, to stay updated, learn new techniques and skills, and be ready to perform more than a general guy does. Here’re some of the key tips to be in the game!

  • Build a strategic approach for app design, development, deployment, and management.
  • Educate others and learn new skills from others
  • Choose updated, and well-known libraries
  • Always choose from the most-used design patterns and not what’s your favorite.
  • Ensure utilizing all available resources to keep yourself updated.

Wrapping Up!

App development isn’t just all about writing codes and building apps; there’re always numerous challenges and obstacles involved in it. To keep obstacles at bay, you require not only coding skills but excellence to cope with these circumstances. However, this article is anticipated to help all the developers, but more for newbie developers to predict the unseen circumstances and prepare for them upfront. Go through the article, leverage it, and be prepared for the future!

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