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Tips for Designing Your Office Reception Area in 2021

Your office reception area is the first thing your customers and prospects see when they walk into your corporation. Have you heard the phrase “First impression lasts forever”? This expression applies to the office spaces.

 Do you know the importance of the reception area design of your office on your customers, visitors, and vendors? The reception area of your office is the first impression your customers and visitors have about your business.

Carefully design this area to be professional, stylish, and functional. There is a variety of design elements such as design, color, layout, materials, and branding that represent your business values.

Take your time to carefully design each element of your reception area in your office space. As a designer, you must craft a reception area that presents the right brand image and values to your customers and prospects.

Your goal is to design a visually appealing, elegant, and comfortable reception area to attract more potential customers to your business. In this post, we will discuss how you can make your office reception design more attractive and meaningful.

Tips for creating a well-designed reception area

Since your reception area plays a significant role in conveying your brand tone and values, your front desk design should always be a priority in your office space. Let’s look at how to create a professional and attractive office reception area in your corporation.

  • Determine your reception design and look

It is crucial to decide the right reception area design and looks when it comes to designing. Mostly, a reception area design is based on the nature of your business. Determine the design and overall look you want to display in your front desk area.

Your reception area design must cater to the needs of your customers and your brand. It must be unique with a sleek design, attractive imagery, decorative pieces, and comfortable furniture to give a strong first impression to your customers.

  • Choose a suitable color scheme and branding

The second tip that you should keep in mind is that colors play a significant role in influencing human emotions and behaviors. That’s why always choose an appropriate color scheme for your reception design.

Use light neutrals such as white, grey, navy with brighter colors to give a unique look to your lobby area. Your designers can provide various color combinations with furnishing options to make your reception area more attractive.

 These color themes apply to the wall coverings, carpeting, furniture, and window treatments. There must be proper lighting in your lobby for a better effect.

  • Make your reception area the centerpiece

Make your reception area the centerpiece of your lobby. Your reception area style, size, and shape determine your other décor options. Let your reception area speak a word for your business.

 Look for unique and eye-catching designs to make your reception area more elegant and aesthetically pleasing for your customers and visitors. Face the front desk toward the entrance door for a more friendly and immediate greeting with the customers.

  • Easy Layout

Your reception area layout is an essential component of your design as it reflects how other areas of your company are set up. A straightforward layout of your reception area will help your customers and visitors navigate your office design.

Your design layout depends on how much space you have in your office. So, you can create a natural layout design from the entrance door to the front desk and subsequently to your seating area without any disruption in the way.

 You can hire professional design software to help you create a design layout for your company.

  • Comfortable Seating area

A comfortable seating area is another essential component of your reception area. All offices accommodate their clients in their reception with comfortable seating area such as sofa while they wait is a must.

While designing your reception area, make sure there is enough space with seats for the customers and visitors to sit comfortably. The seating area must be comfortable and cozy with magazines and newspapers on the table to read for the customers while waiting.

  • All the design elements should be durable

Another important thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to the front desk design is the durability of all the design elements. It must be durable and long-lasting to withstand a lot of traffic, such as customers, vendors, and visitors throughout the day.

 If the design elements are not durable, it can lead to wear and tear in a short time. Whether it be the front desk material, seating material, or flooring, it is crucial to use high-quality materials to withstand heavy usage throughout the day.

  • Minimize the visible clutter

It is essential to minimize your visible clutter to make things visible for your customers and visitors. Use lower shelves under the front desk to keep the office equipment and other essential items. Add a coat rack to hang the coats along with an umbrella stand. Place a dustbin separately by the door.

  • Add Finishing Touch to your front desk design

Adding a finishing touch to your front desk design is a must. Place your company’s logo design on the door and the wall behind the front desk. Keep the clutter to a minimum; use only attractive and meaningful paintings to hang in your reception area.

Your reception staff should be friendly to greet the customers and visitors coming from the entrance door. Besides that, you can also place pot plants in your reception area to make it look more natural and pleasant.

 Choose a skid resistance flooring material for your reception area to avoid slippage in the rainy season. If you want to revitalize your business, create an attractive reception area.

The Takeaways

An attractive and well-designed reception area adds value to your company. Ensure your reception area conveys the right message to your customers and visitors about your business. A well-crafted reception area creates a strong first impression on your customers and visitors about your business.

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