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The Role of Digital Health Care Services:

The role of digital health companies is of paramount importance as these are serving the healthcare industry in the best way ever. These digital companies have reshaped all the fields of healthcare and have played their role in the form of improved diagnosis and better healthcare for patients.

Different Digital Healthcare Companies:

Here, we are going to highlight the top healthcare digital marketing agencies that have paved the way towards better communication between patients and doctors and provide great information regarding medical issues:

·         Fitbit:

This is one of the top healthcare digital companies working for the betterment of humanity. It is working in collaboration with Google. This partnership has provided Fitbit with a better opportunity to provide information to the physicians.

Google and Fitbit are playing their role in the healthcare industry by bringing platforms such as Cloud Healthcare for storing data and a wearable device along with the mobile Fitbit app, respectively.

Fitbit has also helped people in dealing with some serious health issues, including hypertension and diabetes. Moreover, Fitbit has also introduced a new platform known as Twine health which will rise as a great product for maintaining well-being in human beings.

·         Doctor On Demand:

This is the largest healthcare digital marketing agency and is progressing on a faster note. It helps the patients through different services such as video calling to connect to their doctors with the help of mobile or laptop.

The patient can take huge advantage of this agency as it provides them face-to-face communication with their physician without visiting him physically.

·         Ada Health:

This company is the combined efforts of physicians, doctors, medical practitioners, scientists, and industry pioneers. The main agenda of this company is to provide the patients with easy access to doctors by suggesting different possibilities that are of much help to them.

Ada’s core works under an effective and efficient system that is keen on providing the best care to the patients and helps them to lead healthy life. Ada is working in collaboration with some non-governmental organizations and different health systems to achieve its goals.

According to research, Ada’s health has been considered to be the top-ranked medical app among 140 countries of the world, and this is a significant achievement in nearly five years of working.

·         MySugr:

Based on the research carried out by the WHO (World Health Organization), diabetes is emerging as an epidemic on the international level.  As it is a deadly health issue, and the number of people suffering from this disease has been increased up to 422 million individuals, sincere efforts must be incorporated to eliminate this disease.

This mySugr app was initially introduced in Australia and is capable of recording and controlling the levels of blood glucose. This app provides its user with a blood glucose meter along with some testing supplies.

Individuals can easily access this app throughout the world.

·         Publicis Health:

Another name knew as Publicis Health Communications Group (PHCG). It is working as an agency that controls other marketing agencies and helps the healthcare industry in this way.

Services provided by Publicis Health include advertisement, digital marketing, market access, branding, communications, and message delivery between different agencies.

Publicis Health has played an important role in creating general awareness among people and has brought about great revolutions in the field of the medical industry. It is the third-larget digital healthcare marketing agency in the world with a team of 12 other agencies and around 5,500 employees.

·         Samsung Health

Samsung Health is not only a fitness or health app rather, but it also acts as an ecosystem that is working solely for the better fitness of individuals. It can help you in having easy access to the doctor, along with providing you with medical information.

It helps an individual using a smartphone, Samsung Health app, or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, to maintain the record of his fitness with the help of 39 exercises and also provides him with a prescription to follow.

It is used by 65 million people all over the world, and all of these are keen to have a fit and healthy body. So, we can say that this app is playing an important role in the lives of people by providing them with a healthy lifestyle.

It is working in collaboration with many partners and provides its users with health accessories, wearables, and some other health-related products. It also plays an important role in helping people to adopt some reasonable modifications in their lifestyle, such as sleeping and eating habits to lead a healthy life.

·         Digital Pharmacist:

As the name indicates, this digital platform is working in collaboration with 7,500 pharmacies and helps the medical stores by providing them with the necessary tools that are required for effective working and best patient care.

It has different features such as an automated voice, email messages, and text services which alert a patient in case of a refill that is due to them. This app plays an important role in connecting the patients and pharmacies by providing interactive educational training sessions and digital marketing solutions.

·         Xealth:

Xealth is considered to be the king of all the digital marketing agencies providing their services to the healthcare industry. It makes use of high-quality content and is playing an important role in the betterment of health development.

It allows the physicians to treat the patients by allowing them to share content that is effective for the patients as it creates awareness among them through a digital platform. It also helps them in managing diseases with greater efficacy.

This content is not only in the form of a written article, but it also shares some informative videos that are helpful for patients, for instance, a doctor can share a video to help the heart patient in which he can describe a healthy diet plan for that patient.

Author’s Bio:

Adrian Leah is working as a Digital Marketing Expert and has been working for top healthcare digital marketing agencies. He loves to share the insights of this market and publish his content related to this to help the peeps.

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