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Dubai Tour & Desert Safari

Travelers from all over the world converge in Dubai. Are you a travel enthusiast who comes to Dubai for the pleasure of fun, excitement, and enjoyment? Dubai desert is undoubtedly a great place to visit and share exciting moments with friends if that is the case.

Tourists flock to Dubai from around the world, and tourism contributes a significant portion of the city’s economy. During the 3rd millennium BC, nomads lived in Dubai and traded with other countries.

Families are also welcome in Dubai to explore its beauty. In addition to its tax-free status, Dubai is home to an excellent education system, a world-class health care system, and businesses run by Indians, Lebanese, and Chinese entrepreneurs.

Dubai’s primary feature is its tourism industry. The beautiful scenery, huge buildings, and desert Safari Dubai attract thousands of visitors every year.

Dubai’s top attractions

The Burj Khalifa

The city has the tallest buildings globally and is a world leader in architecture. More than 1000 apartments make up its 163 floors, and it has luxury hotels, offices, and entertainment centers.

Burj Al Arab

Dubai considers it to be a beautiful piece of architecture because it resembles a ship. A five-star hotel, it is the world’s highest-ranking establishment.

There is sometimes a mistake in saying that this hotel is “the world’s only seven-star hotel.” Hotel management claims it has never operated a seven-star hotel.

Dubai Museum

Visitors can learn about Dubai’s history at Dubai’s most famous museum, located near the Dubai fountain. You can see many wonders in the Courtyard, Al Kalmah Houses, and Arish Houses.

Window shopping is also great in ancient souks because of the dioramas. Other attractions in Dubai are the Bedouin Craft and the Marine Life.

Dubai Marina

Dubai’s most popular attraction is the neighborhood in the city, and there are over 1600 luxury apartments in the area. Located away from traffic, the marina provides residences and cafes, a bistro & restaurants as well.

Desert Safari Dubai

The Desert Safari in Dubai experience offers a lot more than you expect. Upon visiting, you can enjoy several fantastic excursions, including camel riding and dune bashing. Sandboarding and evening dance performances are also available at very cheap rates.

Dubai Mall

More than 1200 stores in this mall carry all the major brands. This is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is an attraction with its size and many features.

As well as multiple cinemas, an ice skating rink, aquariums, and theme parks, it offers a wide selection of activities.

Dubai Fountains

It is a magnificent structure that includes more than 60000 lights to create a spectacular view. This Dubai must-see attraction has several shows nightly.

Jumeirah Mosque

All visitors to Dubai must see this mosque, as it is one of the most spectacular mosques in the city. You can learn about their culture and traditions through guided tours every week.

Why is Dubai so popular among tourists?

Tourists flock to Dubai for several reasons.

  • Dubai has some of the world’s best luxury hotels, including the Burj Al Arab, Habtoor Grand Resort Residence & Spa, JW Marriott Hotel Dubai, and Shangri-La Hotel Dubai.
  • There are over 300 hotels in total offering services to their visitors.
  • From beaches to deserts you will get everything here. Visit the golden dunes and cherish the hot beauty with many thrilling rides.
  • Additionally, it has world-class restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. These include Rivington Grill, Rib Room, Aqua Sheesha & Grill, etc.
  • ┬áDubai has fabulous shopping malls with all the international brands to make your shopping experience an awesome one

About Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari is a perfect fit to offer many excursions in one place. So, your whole day will be great fun if you opt for a safari ride that includes a bucket of rides like dunes bashing, buggy rides, camel and horse riding, sandboarding, and much more.

When the sun drowns down, the live performances begin, and artists become on fire and showcase their talent to the tourists. There you will find belly dancers, Tanura dancers, fire show and cultural show presenters, and much more.

So, you can visit Dubai as there is much more than you imagine. You can find business and job opportunities, tourist spots, and more.

Other Places To Visit in Dubai

Dubai is home to a fountain called the Dubai Fountain. The fountain is one of the most extensive and most intricate. A light show is also displayed on the fountain, which can be seen from all over the city.

One of the most famous landmarks in Dubai is the 828 meters high Burj Khalifa, which provides breathtaking views of the city.

There’s no denying that this iconic tower is one of Dubai’s most popular attractions, whether you’re admiring its architecture or snapping pictures of the bustling metropolis.

Stunning Plam artificial island is one of Dubai’s most popular tourist attractions, and it’s no wonder – it’s incredible. Palm Jumeirah is an oasis in the desert with its crescent-shaped crescent and towering palm trees.

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