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Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

The first question that triggers is, What are Google reviews widgets and why do we need to embed them on the website?

Well! The answers to the above questions are provided below in this article along with an easy steps guide on how to embed Google reviews widget on the website.

Customers are the asset to the business and are true critiques of the functionality of its services. Their reviews act as a building block for business growth and hence are of great importance.

User reviews can modify the purchase decision of another user and intensifies his/her desire for the product.

So, let’s understand what these reviews are, why they are important, and how to embed reviews on websites.  

What Are Google Reviews?

The reputation management system or the character certificate of products/services, having the potential to influence the customer’s purchase decision and hence building their trust towards the products/services. 

It allows customers to share their experience of the product on metrics such as quality, authenticity, reliability, etc. Using google reviews, we can leverage the customer’s experience to build new customers. 

Why Are Google Reviews Important For Business?

What if you want to visit a new place you have never heard about?

What if you want to purchase a product you have never used before?

How do you get to know if the product is worth buying?

Well! The answer to the above questions is using Google Review System.

Google reviews are the realistic information about the product/services and hence act as powerful word-of-mouth. 

It is a major SEO ranking factor, and boosts up the business ranking, thus increasing online exposure.

In a study by Joy Hawkings, a top Google My Business contributor, it was found that when the number of reviews diminished, the search position of business also dropped a few days later.

Being one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business, google reviews influence customers before they can even walk in your store.

Why Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website?

In a layman language, a digital workplace for any business is its website, which allows the viewers to dive into the company’s features and its products.

In today’s world, where digitalization is an extensive and comprehensive tool for expanding social networks, businesses and brands use these websites as an online platform to work from.

So, to attract customers the website needs to have eye-catching content and reliable reviews from its trusted customers. Google reviews, being honest and genuine can help the brand to do so.

Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews Widget On Website

Google reviews are trusted statements which accelerate the purchase thoughts of customers and enhance their desire for a product/service.

Some of the benefits are-

1. Improved Online Performance 

Google reviews are impactful on search ranking lists. Well, balanced reviews can help shoot your business to greater heights. It helps to gain greater search visibility and drive more traffic. 

Also, Google reviews can help grow business as it acts as a great marketing strategy. It critically analyses the positives and negatives of business and gives them a room of scope, by modifying and remodeling their business tactics and product management system.

2. Reliable Credit score & trustworthiness

Trust-building is the most important factor for business growth. People buy products they find most reliable.

Reviews being proof of credibility are a good source to showcase realistic data about the product information thus strengthening the bond of trust.

People are likely to trust the customer’s reviews rather than the brand’s own reviews when the brand calls for action.

3. Boost Engagement & Click-Through Rates 

The most important element every brand is in greed for is customers’ engagement in its products. 

Google reviews can create the ‘desire of want’ in the customer’s mind hence encouraging them to take action and intensifying their engagement towards the brand. 

Therefore, it helps to increase the conversion rate, as they give the validation that customers are looking for.

4. Increase Transparency 

With many privacy concerns that this world is facing over the past years, businesses also need to maintain a screen of transparency. 

By remaining open and honest, customers’ inclination towards the products can be increased.

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