January 29, 2022


Be Quirkly

Life is a continuous cycle of events, an endless loop of situations that an individual has to deal with on a regular basis. Each day is like a new beginning, where the individual is presented with a unique situation to tackle. Challenges, hardships, good days, success, every event gives the individual something new to learn. And that is how one learns to grow and adapt, and most of all, to live. 

What an individual chooses to do with the challenge in front of them is entirely up to them, and that, for every person is different as well. Serving as an example is Sean Koh, popularly known as ESKOH. The perfect representation of Every Situation Kan Offer Hope, Sean Koh, has proved that life is a series of choices, and every choice brings an individual closer to their goals. 

Today, Sean Koh is not just a music artist himself, but he is also helping other artists such as Jessica Jung, through his record label, Koherent Records. Aside from being active in the music industry, Sean Koh is highly skilled in cross-border transactions in Fintech as well as extensively experienced in blockchain technology. He is an expert in cryptocurrency and a board member of eMusic and Phunware as well. 

Born and raised in New York, Sean Koh spent most of his childhood in the church with his mother. Besides being passionate about music from a very young age, he learned a lot of values from there, including the sense of giving back to the community and the ability to carry his life forward with hope and dreams in his heart. 

As he grew older, Sean Koh began listening to various other artists like Boyz II Men, KC, JoJo, Brian McKnight, and The Fugees; he developed an admiration for R&B music. Aware that he could sing well, Sean Koh started working on his gospel album, which was released when he was only 16. Immediately, he began touring across Asia and America, through which he gained a lot of recognition in the music industry. He even received an opportunity to establish himself as a K-pop star. 

Sean Koh decided that he wanted to be better at music, and he got enrolled in the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in XXXX. During college, he founded Koherent Records, the first-ever student-run record label during his time. Sean Koh was only 18 then, and he had begun helping several underground artists establish their careers in the music industry through his dorm room and took up a stage name, “ESKOH.”

Through his music, Sean Koh aims to instill hope among women and minorities to help them realize their immeasurable worth and potential, … to assist them in building a vision and acquire the confidence to live out their dreams.”