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Why is Labradoodle a Very Famous Breed Among Pet Owners?

The Labradoodle is an amazing designer dog first bred by mating standard-sized poodles with Labrador Retrievers. Labradoodle Breed first got the attention of the public around 1988. These dogs have gained so much popularity since then. These dogs were bred for the purpose of allergic owners in need of a guide dog.

But this is not the only reason why these dogs are loved so much. So, what makes this lovely bread so loved? Is it because of their color? Is it their fur textures? Here are some of the common reasons why people love the Labradoodle breed.

They are Service and Therapy Dogs

One of the primary reasons why Labradoodles are so famous is that they make a great service dog. Labradoodles have traits of their parent breed (poodle and Labrador), making them a perfect mix of both breeds.

The Labradoodle breed is gentle, they are great among people with families. They live to please their owners, which makes it great to train them. They are caring and loving, and they go above and beyond in helping the humans they love.

Labradoodles are Versatile

Another amazing characteristic of Labradoodle is that they come in many different sizes and coat colors. Though some colors and coats have higher prices, if money is not your concern, there are many varieties for you to choose from.

Many pet shops are offering multigen Labradoodles for sale. They not only have different coat colors, but they also have a variety of coat textures. Some of the common coat colors they have include Caramel, chocolate, gold cream, red, and parchment. Moreover, the types that you get to choose from include wool, hair, and fleece.

If you are thinking of buying a Labradoodle breed, it is better for you to do some research on the coat types of Labradoodles in regard to the weather or temperature you live in.

Labradoodles Do Not Shed Much Hair

So, if you hear the statement that Labradoodle does not shed hair, it might not be fully true. The Labradoodle also shed hair, but they shed far less hair in comparison to other coat types. The amount shed they produce from what kind of coat they have inherited from their parent breeds.

You can easily handle their hair shed by brushing them regularly, vacuuming, and through other forms of grooming. If you are looking to get Labradoodle and someone in your family has sensitive dog hair, it is better to do some research on your puppy’s coat type.

Labradoodles are Great Family Dogs

Labradoodle makes great family dogs; they are loving and caring. Their loving nature attracts many pet owners to buy them. They love spending time with their family and cuddling up on the sofa with them. Labradoodles are quite a rambunctious breed, so training is essential. These furry little animals are always excited and ready to play with you. They are mostly gentle with kids.

They enjoy going to run or walks, and they will offer you an amazing level of comfort. Labradoodle is a highly social breed, and they are keen to socialize with all walks of life. They also adjust with other animals very well. However, socializing is not just human or pet or dog to human interaction. In fact, Labradoodle is good at socializing in other ways also. It means they easily cover the introduction to new objects, noise, and environments.

This characteristic makes them great family dogs that are confidently able to take on all your new adventures.

They are Super Playful and Give the Best Cuddles

Research suggests that when dogs interact with their owners, they release the oxytocin hormone. This hormone is usually released when they cuddle, play or gaze at their owners.   Labradoodles have super soft and curly fur, which makes them extremely cuddle buddies. They are a very affectionate and playful breed.

They make the best doodles due to their playful demeanor. Their playful demeanor makes this breed stand out when it comes to getting along with children. Who can give better company to kids than a playful and active family pet?

Playtime allows them to release their energy, and it helps them to bond with their family members. Playing with consistent running, such as playing with toys or running around the yard, they release their energy and sleep peacefully.

Other than playing, these dogs also crave mental stimulation. You can provide mental stimulation to your pet through various interactive games and trips to dog parks or by a change of environments such as bringing them to the beach or river.

Stimulation of your puppy’s brain with a new and exciting environment is a great way for you and your family to bond.

If you train your dogs’ correctly from an early age, the Labradoodle will perform well on mental stimulation, and they can also handle change in environments very well.

Labradoodle is Very Easy to Train

The parents of Labradoodle, which are poodle and Labrador, are among the top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world, which makes Labradoodle naturally smart. They love to please their owners. This dog is a people-pleaser. So, seeing you smiling when they faced a trick makes them so happy.

Due to Retriever breed characteristics, they are extremely food-oriented. It means they will do anything to focus. Whether ready to focus or learn, they succeed so long as a treat in your hand.

As intelligent dogs, they can take training sessions very quickly. They are easy to train, making them excellent family dogs because they need over-experienced owners to mature into well-mannered canine members.

Final Thought

Labradoodle is a highly friendly breed. They love their owners and show great affection and care. Labradoodle are playful buddies, so they are good pets for a family. Many pet shops are offering multigen Labradoodles for sale. When you visit a pet shop, you will find a variety of colors and sizes of Labradoodles, so do your research before buying them.

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