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AC Buying Guide: What Features To Consider When Buying An Air Conditioner

From August onwards, the price of air conditioners in India tends to drop a little. So it is an excellent time to acquire one; depending on where you live in India, you can still use it for a month or two. There is a various best air conditioners in India in different brands like Whirlpool, IFB, etc.

However, with so many various types of air conditioners on the market, choosing the appropriate one for your house may be a nightmare. It might be difficult to find an air conditioner at a reasonable price that provides adequate cooling based on the size of your room and the weather in your location.

You don’t want to wind up with an air conditioner that is either too little to keep your space chilly all the time or too huge to appropriately remove the humidity.

People in India are looking for the best 1.5 ton split AC at an affordable price which is available in the market. Let us see how to choose an AC.

Things to consider while buying Air Conditioner

When it comes to air conditioners, we consider cooling capacity, ambient temperature, filtration, the coolant used, and a few of the more advanced features that have recently become prevalent. The best 1.5 ton split AC is the most wanted AC by customers in today’s era as it is very much affordable.

AC Types

Window AC

They’re big because they have to fit all of the components onto a single chassis. This also implies that a buyer has fewer things to worry about, resulting in the overall item being cheaper than the rest.

For this reason, we sometimes know such air conditioners as monoblocks. To mount a Window AC on a wall, you’ll need walls that are 9-12 inches thick. If your walls are thinner than that, you’ll need an additional support structure or you should seek a thicker wall.


+ Low cost

+ Simple installation

+ Monoblock design


– Noisy

– Mounting requires a robust wall

Split AC

Split air conditioners are better than window air conditioners since the compressor and heat distributing coils are separated into an external unit that sits outside your home. Split air conditioners are harder to maintain since maintenance professionals must reach the exterior unit.

There are also certain restrictions on the distance between the internal and exterior units that you can install. The more apart the two are placed, the less efficient the combination gets, so keep it as low as possible.

These air conditioners may be mounted up to 40 meters apart as long as the interconnecting tubing is well-covered. Cassette air conditioners are a type of split air conditioner in which they positioned the internal unit on the room’s ceiling.


+ Expensive

+ Quieter

+ Can be mounted on any wall


– There’s a higher chance of coolant leakage.

The Quality of the Air

To lower the humidity in the room, boost cooling, and provide more comfort, your air conditioner should include a good dehumidification unit. During the monsoon season, air conditioners with a good dehumidifier may provide improved cooling and comfort.

The filter is something else to keep an eye out for. A good filter enhances cooling and the effectiveness of the air conditioner.

Rating and Efficiency

When it comes to large appliances, you’ll always notice an energy efficiency rating. Every air conditioner must carry a label showing its efficiency on a 5-star scale, according to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The higher the number of stars on this scale, the more effective the air conditioner will be.

AC with Inverter Vs Non-Inverter AC

We convert DC (Direct Current) power to AC (Alternating Current) power via inverters. You take the AC electricity from the wall socket, convert it to DC, and then convert it back to AC for the compressor motor in air conditioners.

Traditional air conditioners are used to achieve this in a set way, with compressors in either an ON or OFF state. The switching frequency of inverter air conditioners is more dynamic. This permits the compressor to function more flexibly, allowing you to adjust the air conditioner’s tonnage/capacity to meet your demands.

Traditional air conditioners can’t match this level of precision when it comes to temperature management. You can get the best 1.5 ton split ac into both types of AC in India.


During the cold winter months, certain air conditioners can heat the space. This is advantageous since it reduces the number of appliances required.


Timers allow you to schedule the air conditioner to run for a specific amount of time before shutting down on its own. This is useful if you want the room to be colder before going to bed and then want the air conditioner to turn off after a few hours.


It’s critical to choose the best air conditioner in India that operates quietly and smoothly. An air conditioner should not produce sounds that are louder than 60 dB.

In an air conditioner, an auto-restart function is also beneficial. When the electricity is restored after a power loss, the air conditioner returns to its original setting.

When it comes to sleeping at night, the sleep mode function comes in handy since it automatically changes the temperature. This not only saves electricity but also guarantees that the temperature in your room does not drop too low, which might disturb your sleep.

This article highlights some of the most important considerations to make when purchasing the Best Air Conditioner, as well as a few models that are both good and affordable. Happy shopping in the off-season!

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