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5 Super Essentials Tips to Find Instagram Influencers In Your Niche

Instagram, started in 2010, has turned into a powerful marketing tool for brands looking to increase their audience and visibility.

With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is loved by businesses. Over 71% of them use it to connect with their audience and find newer markets.

Ah, the power of Instagram for brands!

And how can we forget the Instagram influences? Brands are using this power to boost their marketing and get increased visibility.

But, the question is, with influencers flooding the internet, how do you pick influencers in your niche? Is it easy? We will explain it to you.

Search for Influencers on Google

Search for influencers on Google just like you search for products or information. Type “the best Instagram influencers” or “top Instagram micro-influencers.” You can also be niche-specific like “top 10 Instagram fashion influencers”. Make sure that you use the Advanced Search section of Google to set the correct location and display only the latest results. You will get answers in various forms such as blogs, ads for influencer marketing platforms, influencer websites, and even links to answers on Quora. Analyze the search results.

●     Search for influencers in blogs

Search for the latest blogs on the influencer topic. Many of the blogs are informative and give you information on the influencers and their brand association. Some even share information on the campaign success rate by collaborating with influencers. All these give you the insight to pick Instagram influencers in your niche and how to go about creating influencer campaigns. Many of the blogs provide links to the Instagram profile of the influencers. Your next task is to check for the authenticity of their followers and the engagement rates.

●     Search for influencers on Instagram

You will get Instagram influencers on the Instagram platform, obviously. But do not think that this is an easy job. On the contrary, you will be surprised by the complexity of finding influencers on Instagram. On average, there are more than 500k influencers on Instagram. Over 50% of the influencers have followers in the range of 5000-20000. Around 25% have followers in between 20k-100k. Given these statistics, how easy will it be for you to find Instagram influencers in your niche? We know it will be challenging for you.

One way to narrow down the search is to use hashtags. If you need influencers for fashion, try the hashtags #fashioninfluencers or #fashioninfluencer or #fashionblogger. Try to narrow it down further by adding your country like #fashionbloggerusa. Visit the profiles of influencers to check the follower count and engagement rate.

One disadvantage in searching for influencers on Instagram is that you do not know if their followers are genuine or fake. There are external tools to find it.

Once you are done with the list of Instagram influencers, contact them through email or DM. Request them for their collaboration procedures. Compare the rates of different influencers and select the best fit for your brand.

●     Study your competitors

Another best way to find influencers in your niche is to stalk your competitor’s Instagram profile. You can find your influencer in their profile if they are actively collaborating with influencers. Study how they have collaborated with influencers and have created their campaigns. Do not copy their creatives. Instead, try to be different and a mark above them. But their collaboration will give you ample ideas to find your influencer and collaborate with them for brand endorsements.

●     Search influencers on an influencer marketing platform

Searching for Instagram influencers on Google or Instagram is no mean task. Imagine having to list thousands of influencers in your niche and working on who is the best fit for your brand. Some tasks are best performed by experts. Influencer marketing platforms do this job for you. Hire the services of the best influencer marketing platform, and you are done with the headache of finding Instagram influencers for your niche. Yes, it is as easy as that!

An influencer marketing platform has many influencers from various social media platforms in its repository. It lists the information of the influencer, their followers, their niche, and other details. You can filter the best that suits your brand.

To make the task easier, you can place your offer for the endorsement, and influencers bid for it. This way, influencers come to you instead of you finding them.

But wait, your task is not done yet. Once you list down the relevant influencers in your niche, how do you ensure they are the best fit? You have some serious work to do now.

Take a look at the content they have posted on their profile. Search specifically for brand endorsements they have done.

  1. How good is their follower engagement rate?
  2. How creative is the content?
  3. Did the endorsement come across as natural?

Once you gauge these statistics, it will help you decide whether the influencer can be a true representative of your brand.

Contact them and resolve your queries on their rates and how they go about their job. If you feel that they may be perfect for your brand, start a new partnership with them to boost your brand.

●     Importance of influencer marketing platforms

Influencer marketing platforms help you pick Instagram influencers in your niche and run your campaigns efficiently. Choose the best influencer marketing platform, and they will provide you with services such as-

  1. Help you partner with influencers in your niche
  2. Manage negotiations
  3. Create campaigns for you
  4. Run campaigns on various social media channels.
  5. Monitor the campaign’s progress
  6. Submit the campaign report
  7. Manage payments to influencers

Bottom Line

Instagram is a treasure trove of influencers. If you find the right choice, be assured that your brand will get enormous publicity. We recommend that you invest in the best influencer marketing platform to save time and money. Form beneficial partnerships with Instagram influencers and see the results. It will amaze you!

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