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Different Modes of LPG Booking Gas Cylinder and its Features

Booking a gas cylinder was an arduous task a decade ago. The customer has to reach the nearest office of their gas cylinder agent to do the LPG booking. But, with enhanced technology, everything is possible at a distance of your hand’s reach. By doing a single tap on your smartphone you can order the gas cylinder, opt for a new connection, surrender the old gas connection, and many more. The majority of the leading players like HP have made the process of HP gas booking completely online for the benefit and ease of access of the consumers. 

To give a complete insight, here is a comprehensive guide about the different modes of LPG booking for your gas cylinder and its features. Keep reading to know more!

HP Gas booking via online methods: 

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to book the LPG gas cylinder is online. It helps in booking your gas online without having to go through the hassle of offline processes. For the LPG booking online, you will have to go to the website of your gas provider and book your stock there. 

Once you are done with your booking, you can go to the payment option. A ‘Click to pay’ button will appear. Click on it and proceed towards the payment. You can use your credit card, debit card as well as and e-wallet for the payment. You do not have to pay any extra charge. Just the payment and the tax included in the amount you need to pay.

You can also opt for the cash-on-delivery option and have the cash ready at the time of delivery. Also, you do not have to go to the office of your gas company to get your LPG booking done. All you need is a device with which you can get your HP gas booking and a stable internet connection to facilitate the same. Online LPG booking allows you to keep a track of the gas cylinder you are booking. Thus, you can keep a note of the exact time and date of the delivery.

HP gas booking via SMS: 

If you hail from a place where the internet does not function properly or if there are any adverse prevailing conditions that do not allow you to get the LPG booking done online, you can make use of the SMS service to get the gas cylinder booked. This does not cost you any more than a normal SMS does. 

Also, no additional charges are deducted for your HP gas booking. This facilitates the people living in the rural and underdeveloped regions of India to get their gas booking done easily. If someone is unable to make use of the internet because he does not know how to, SMS is the best option. While using this option, the person cannot keep track of the booked cylinder, however, it is useful for your house.

HP gas booking via IVRS: 

IVRS stands for Interactive Voice Response. Its enable the person seeking help to get a link to the respective organization he wants to connect with. It makes use of cloud telephony technology and has proved to be of great help to people who cannot make use of the internet to get their LPG booking done online. 

It gives them an opportunity to book their gas cylinder while staying in the comfort of their home. All the majority of LPG providers would have a dedicated IVRS line to tend to the gas booking needs of their customers. All you need to do is text the IOC on the HP gas booking IVRS number and tell them your area of residence. The rest is taken care of by them. You can rest assured that your LPG booking has been done successfully.

HP gas booking via Offline method: 

If you do not have access to any of the above-mentioned online and SMS methods, you can then go for getting your HP gas cylinder booking done by going to the nearby office. The only fallback is that you have to locate the nearest provider and travel to them. You can do the paperwork they ask you to do and get your LPG booking done within minutes. 

You will be required to carry some amount of money to give as an advance while booking or can pay the entire amount when the gas delivery is done. It depends on the company you are selecting. Although you get to see the entire process of gas booking in person, it consumes more time. Most customers do not opt for this method as it involves more time and effort. 

 Now that you got to know about the different modes of HP gas cylinder booking, you can opt for the one that suits your requirements and ease of access perfectly book.

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