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Glasses For Round Face Male 2022

Glasses are an amazing way to change the aesthetics of your face instantly. Various shapes of glasses can alter your facial look dramatically. It is important that you get a pair of glasses with a suitable shape for your face. For everyone out there who needs glasses, don’t think of it as a necessity. Instead, think of it as a cool accessory that you can wear on your face to overhaul your visual appearance. In this log, we will see some glasses for round-faced males in 2022.

Do you actually have a round face?

First and foremost, determine your face shape. There are 4 basic face shapes- square, round, oval, and diamond/ heart. There may be slight variations but you will definitely fall in one of these categories. The easiest way to determine your face shape is to find out the widest part of your face. Since we are discussing round faces here, let me help you with this. A round face will have the widest area of the cheeks. The forehead and chin will look round. That’s it.

What about other face shapes?

Heart or diamond-shaped – 

In the heart-shaped face, the forehead is wide, the cheek is wide but you narrow down your chin.

Round – 

We have already discussed this in detail above, cheeks are the widest part of your face.

Square – 

Your forehead is wide, your cheeks are wide and also your chin is wide. To sum it up, in this kind of face shape, there is no contrasting narrowness in any of the face parts. 

Ova l

Lastly, oval face shapes have a narrow forehead, wide cheeks, and a narrow chin. Frankly, this looks similar to round faces but this is more elongated. Another, differentiating feature of the round face is that the forehead and the chin area are more round as compared to oval shapes. But, glasses which are suitable for the round face will also be suitable for oval ones, you can use them without a second thought.

Glasses for round face male

A downside of glasses is they can be crazy expensive. But in this blog, we have not only decided to show you some great-looking glasses but also ensured that they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. We provide glasses at the best possible price. Our new collection of 2022 glasses ensures that you don’t look dated and you are always in trend. You’ll definitely want the styling of your glasses to last at least 2 years. So, we have selected the most popular glasses which sell like hotcakes. 

For round faces the glasses should be wider than taller. The reason is. It’ll balance the face shape. Along with the frame shape, we should also carefully choose the proportion. If your face is small then go with a small glass frame. Bigger frames work in some scenarios though.

Below we will discuss every suitable pair of glasses for a round-face male. Also, we will include some secret- glasses that make you look younger.

Rectangular Frame

Rectangular frames need no introduction as it has been with us for a long. It is preferred for a round-face male as it looks good on round faces. Rectangular frames, along with square frames help add angles to the round face. Round faces are generally smooth and have soft lines so adding angles to a round face will accentuate your face’s features.

Wayfarer frames

This is a classic-looking style of glasses made popular by Ray-Ban. This style of the framework is best with a person having a round face with flat or slightly curved eyebrow lines and longer temples. These are thick frames that are thicker around the top that is near your eyebrow.

Over-sized frames

Over-sized frames have been picking up pace in gaining popularity recently. Bigger frames look good on round faces when they are long, bold, and colored.

Aviators/ Navigators

Aviators are a renowned styling in the sunglass world. But now it has started gaining popularity among prescription glasses too. Well, aviators work better in a square-shaped face but don’t worry we’ve got your back. A variation of the aviator glasses called the navigators to look good on round faces. Navigators have wider tops like the aviators and narrow down the bottom but don’t have the pointy features of a regular aviator. 

Geometric shapes

Geometric frames are a unique style of frames that come in various forms like a hexagon or other angular shapes- basically relating to geometric shapes. The angular features of these frames add angles to your soft round face which balances your overall look in an awesome way. 

So, in this blog, I hope we were able to guide you to the best glasses shapes for your face type. Keep reading our blogs regularly to stay on top of the world regarding eyesight-related knowledge.

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