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Glasses for Square Faced Male 2022

In recent times the need for glasses has increased. Scientists are now blaming this on spending too much time indoors. Researchers give credit to the outdoors as low light is the reason for eye problems. According to their suggestion, a kid can maintain a healthy eye if he/she spends a minimum of 3 hours in 10,000 lux or more of bright light. To give you an idea of the same, a well-lit room is about 500 lux bright only.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. True but still we know the trends and what the majority loves. So, trust our blog and we will not fail at providing the best style for you. Let’s get started.

Best glasses for square face male 2022

As glasses have become an inevitable part of many people’s lives, it is also important to look good in that attachment. Here we have selected a list of best glasses according to square face male which any individual will agree to unequivocally. 

Square faces have a wider forehead, cheeks, and even the chin. Your jawline will appear strong and is almost horizontal if you have a square face. We will also give you a secret which is glasses that make you look younger. Yeah, no one likes to look old! First, check if your face is really square so that your purchase is apt.

For square faces, we want to balance out the angles with counteracting shapes of glasses frames. So, here are the best of them in 2022.

Round glasses

Round glasses will be on the list for square faced people forever, I guess because it absolutely deserves the spot. If you want to balance the angles from your face then what else is best rather than a circle. We definitely have to keep this shape in the 2022 glasses list. 

No matter what color you choose with this shape of glasses, any square faced male is bound to look good in these. But we will suggest you go with jet black glasses frames if you have a fairer skin tone for a modern aesthetic. Metal frames will look good and formal but colorful and tortoiseshell plastic frames can give it more vibrance.

Browline glasses

Browline glasses give a classy and vintage look to the wearer as the popularity of browline glasses goes back to the 1950s when Malcolm X was a famous user of this particular shape of glasses. People quickly started adopting this style and it still lives in the hearts of many. This style got refreshed again in the 80s when Ray-Ban customized it and called it the “Clubmasters”. And you know it right? Anything  Ray-Ban touches get back in trend or becomes a new trend.

Browline glasses are round at the bottom and have a wide browline that can balance out a person’s broad forehead. But try to pick up a slightly rounded browline as a horizontal browline to may add angles to your face.

The hipster culture has reaffirmed this style as vintage styling has started booming in recent times. So, if you like vintage looks and still don’t want to be called an out of fashion guy then pick it up.

Oval glasses in bright contrasty colors

Oval glasses, like the round ones, succeed exceedingly at softening your strong face features. With bright trendy colors like satire blue or any color that gives a sparkling appearance will look very modern and trendy. You can soon become a trendsetter in your school or college.

And here is the secret ingredient to the youth potion that I’d promised- oval glass fall under the category of glasses that make you look younger!!! Yeah, I kid you not. The striking colors give a younger feature to your face.

Cat-eye or aviator

Cat-eye is popular among women so, as a man, you may not want to wear it. We have an alternative for you. You can choose the aviators. Aviators have a narrow rounding button and don’t have any sharp angles. Sharp angled glass may add to the square appearance of your face.

Let’s also discuss some glasses frame shapes that a square-faced male can avoid. We are not forcing anyone into their decision but some shapes do not look well on square face shapes. As a square face already has angles and strong features, it is wise to avoid glass that has sharp angles as these will make your face look more squared out. Stressing out on an already strong feature will not be pleasing. 

So, we mainly advise you against the use of square and rectangular glasses as they do not contribute to softening your face. They will look boxy. 

That was all about selecting the best glasses for square-faced males in 2022. Hope after reading this blog and getting a new pair of glasses, you will look fresh and be ready to face people with more confidence.

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