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Guide – Can your Hair Grow With A Sew in Weave?


While most of us enjoy having braids, sew in the weave is the type we all find ourselves returning to. You can’t really go wrong with a sew in if you’re attempting to grow out your hair or want to give your natural hair a break. 

But, if you are getting a sew-in for the first time, we are sure you have many questions because we certainly did. One of the most FAQs about sew in is; can your hair grow with a b weave? The short answer is yes because sew-in weaves are a protective hairdo.

Colorful hair extensions have been around for years and it’s become more popular nowadays. Many people go to salons and get hair extensions but the question is can your hair grow with a sew-in weave. This blog will tackle the different aspects of cute hairstyles extensions and see if they can help your hair grow better.

Here are some pro tips on growing your hair while wearing curly sew-in weaves!

1. Some TLC never hurts anyone

Achieve this healthy locks with some TLC
Achieve these healthy locks with some TLC

Weaves are an excellent protective style that provides your hair with a much-needed vacation from heat and chemicals. It’s the ideal time for your hair to hibernate and grow. To achieve the greatest effects, treat and cut your hair before weaving to ensure that it is in good condition and grows healthily.

2. Appreciate your edges

Edges on point
Edges on point

Make sure your braids aren’t too tight. Your edges are so valuable and delicate that no style is worth losing them for. If anything makes you uncomfortable, don’t be scared to say so.

3. It all goes back to the basics

Massage your hair with hair oil
Massage your hair with hair oil

Apply oil or hair lotion to your scalp and leave it out regularly. We recommend massaging your scalp with coconut oil or Jamaican black castor oil. It is critical to keep your scalp nourished when your weave is installed to accelerate development.

4. Tick Tock

Don’t let your weave overstay its welcome
Don’t let your weave overstay its welcome

Regardless of how fresh you’re sew in weave still looks or how many salon appointments you’ve made in the meantime, don’t keep your weave in for more than 4-6 weeks!

5. Take breaks 

Take breaks </span>
Take breaks

You need to give your natural locks a break between sew in weaves. Allow it to breathe for a week or two — you won’t be sorry! Steam your hair to stimulate hair follicle growth!

FAQs about sew in weaves for all the curious cats out there!

Zendaya explains her sew in weaves
Zendaya explains her sew in weaves

1. How long does it take to install a sew in?

This depends entirely on your hair length, texture, and the sort of sew-in you choose, but it typically takes three to six hours to install (translation: pack snacks to your appointment). BTW, depending on the style, sew ins are usually easier to install than braids, which can take anywhere from four to eight hours to complete.

2. What is the lifespan of a sew ins?

If you show you are sew ins love and take proper care of it, it can last up to six to eight weeks. If you leave it in for much longer than that, you risk causing harm to your hair and scalp. What is the simplest approach to avoid any unpleasant side effects? Don’t skip your hair appointments.

3. Are sew in weaves damaging to your hair?

The short answer is that it depends. Sew-ins can be damaging if they are not correctly put or if you do not maintain them. The best approach to avoid damage is to go to a respected stylish and feel comfortable enough to tell them if you’re suffering any tension from the braiding and the sewing in the extensions. 

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On a side note, you should also ask your stylist many questions regarding maintenance because the more information you know, the better.

What is the general verdict on sew in weaves?

Sew ins are worth the money, even if they cost you some coins. They are not only gone with the wind fabulous, but they also allow your natural hair to grow long and healthy. But, hey, if you’re still undecided, talk to a stylist and seek consultation before making any decisions.


Sew ins are the perfect way to up your hair game. These babies are protective, fab, and require little upkeep. Shop at True Glory Hair today for the finest virgin Brazilian human hair lace wigs at attractive prices and give your hair the glow-up it deserves!

Whether or not your hair can grow with a sew in weave depends on a few factors. If you’re new to the idea of a sew-in weave and not accustomed to the care it requires, it’s likely that you won’t have the best results with your hair. However, if you’re an experienced weaver, we believe you can have both long and healthy, and cute hairstyles.

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