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5 Heating Myths That Homeowners Should Know The Truth About

Whether you want to admit it, fall and winter are just around the corner. With the rising prices of homes and rent, it’s easy to forget about the increasing costs of utilities. Be smart with your money by understanding how to heat your home correctly. We can answer any questions you have about heating myths at your home. Keep reading to learn about temperature-controlled buildings for your residential, commercial, or agricultural property. 

Myth #1 Closing the Vents In Rooms You’re Not Using Will Save Money

When we first heard this myth, we thought it seemed like a common-sense thing to do. If no one is using a room, close off the heat to it. When no one is in the room, you turn off the light, right? Wouldn’t the same principle apply to your heating? Surprisingly, no. 

How your heating system works in most homes is that it evenly distributes heat and air conditioning throughout your entire home. When you close off vents, you are disrupting the distribution of air, making your unit work harder and become less efficient. 

Myth #2 Heat Your Home Faster By Turning Up The Heat

You want your home to heat up right away. So, it will make sense to turn up the thermostat, right? If you turn it up higher, your home will heat up faster, won’t it? Think again.

Your home will regularly heat up at the same speed. Whether or not you have your home set to 68 degrees or 75, it will take the same amount of time to reach that temperature – i.e., it won’t heat up faster by cranking it up a couple of degrees. If you feel chilly and want your home to heat up quicker – throw on a sweater because you’ll have to wait.

Myth #3 You Will Always Have Cold Floors — And Feet 

Are you always noticing how cold your feet are? Do you constantly have socks or slippers on when you are at home? It could be a more serious issue than it appears. If your floors are always cold, you could have some drafts in your home. 

Drafts in your home, usually around your doors and windows, means you are throwing your money away. Your heating bill is more than it needs to be because your heat is escaping. A quick fix to seal up these drafty areas will save you considerable time in the long run. We want to keep our heat inside our homes.

Myth #4 Leave Your Heat On All Day Rather Than Turning It On And Off

You may have heard that it is better to keep your heat up all day and that this could be less stressful on your furnace. Well, while this will keep your house climate controlled, your heating bill won’t be pretty.

If you were to turn down the thermostat about 5 degrees when no one is home, you would keep a considerable amount of money in your pocket yearly. It doesn’t need to be nice and toasty if you aren’t home, and it won’t be stressful on your unit if you turn it down a couple of degrees for a portion of the day. Later on, your bank account will be grateful.

Myth #5 A Bigger Furnace is More Efficient

In some cases, bigger is not better. That is the case for the furnace in your home: Bigger is often not better. You want a furnace that is suitable for the square footage of your home and for how you heat your home. 

When selecting a furnace, it is best to consult with an expert. They will be able to give you the best advice on size and the model. Also, they will be able to tell you the best yearly maintenance schedule and any other upkeep you need to do throughout the year.

Enjoy a Climate Controlled Building 

Heating your home properly just got easier since you have the truth about these heating myths. Make sure you leave vents open, even in rooms you aren’t using, to allow the airflow to dispense evenly throughout the house. Don’t crank your thermostat way up in an effort to heat your home faster; that won’t work. If your floor is cold, along with your feet, search for drafts and cover them adequately in one area of the house. Are you leaving the house for some hours or days? Turn down the thermostat. Turning it on and off will not cause the heating bill to shoot up, so don’t worry about turning it way down or off when you leave. Finally, shop around for an energy-efficient furnace because bigger is not always better. 

Now that you are more equipped with the knowledge to heat your home efficiently, you can implement these tips and save money. Have more questions about heating and cooling? Discuss your home needs with professional experts. They can guide you in the right direction when getting a controlled or non climate-controlled building. The best part? You won’t have to lift a finger. Their trained team will quickly deliver and install your storage buildings. You can learn more about mini storage buildings, non-climate controlled buildings, climate-controlled buildings, and more. Always expect friendly yet professional service from start to finish.


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