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Hemp Seeds: The Benefits & Nutritional Value

Hemp seeds for instance have virtually no CBD nor THC. They do however contain an amazing variety of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Incorporating hemp seeds into a regular diet could provide certain advantages. Let’s look at the advantages and nutritional value that hemp seed extracts can bring in with this informational guide.

1 – Hemp Seeds Are High in Protein

The majority of people tend to turn to dairy products or meat to meet their protein requirements. But, millions of people suffer from lactose intolerance. Also, there are vegans and vegetarians who steer away from eating meat. Protein sources that are familiar to these people are chickpeas, lentils, green peas, and tofu.

But, there are few alternatives that compare to hemp seeds. They contain about 10-grams of protein for 3 tablespoons! They also provide a complete source of protein that contains all nine amino acids essential to life. In addition, hemp protein’s digestibility is the same or even better than proteins from nuts and grains.

2 – Hemp Seeds Have an Array of Minerals and Vitamins

Hemp seeds are especially high in:

  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamine
  • Niacin
  • Folate
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin E
  • Phosphorus

3 – Hemp Seeds Have an Excellent Array of Essential Fatty Acids & Fiber

Omega-3 and Omega-6, the important fatty acids provide numerous health benefits. Hemp seeds have lots of these essential fatty acids. The human body isn’t able to create these fatty acids, and we must take them in through our diet.

Most people consume fewer omega-3s and too many omega-6s. Hemp seeds can increase the amount of omega-3s.

Hemp seeds also have fiber. It is vital to include sufficient fiber in your diet. Fiber can improve digestion. Whole hemp seeds possess an apportionment ratio of 20 percent of soluble to 80 percent insoluble fiber. A large portion of the fiber contained that hemp seeds contain is their outer shell. Therefore, try to find hemp seeds with an intact hull to boost the amount of fiber you consume.

Soluble fiber provides an important variety of nutrients that are beneficial to bacteria living in the digestive system. It may also help reduce the chance of spikes in blood sugar. The study that was published in Nutrients in 2013 revealed that soluble fiber can help reduce cholesterol absorption.

Insoluble fiber can help the elimination of waste and allows food to pass easily through the digestive tract. A study that was published within The Journal of Nutrition in 2008 also revealed that it was associated with a lower risk of developing diabetes.


4 – Hemp Seeds Could Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

About 18 million people per year die in the world due to heart disease (CVD). Presently, CVD is the #1 reason for death in the world.

An article published by the Journal Nutrition in February of 2005 looked at the possibility that arginine may be linked with the risk of CVD. Researchers discovered that an increase in intake of arginine was associated with lower levels of C-reactive proteins (CRP). CRP is a sign of inflammation, and higher levels of it are linked with a greater chance of developing heart disease.

Another study that was published in the American Journal of Physiology in 2007 was based on studies on animals. It was discovered that hemp seeds protect the heart during an incident of ischemic (a time when blood flow is reduced flow, similar to an attack on the heart).

5 – Hempseed Oil May Help Improve Certain Skin Conditions

Atopic dermatitis is often caused by chronic inflammation. A study has found hemp seed oil can aid in the treatment of atopic skin allergic dermatitis because of its fatty acids.

6 – Hemp Seeds Could Reduce PMS Symptoms

The study that was published in the journal Reproductive health in 2011 examined how essential fats on women who suffer from PMS. The study found that women consumed either one or 2 grams of essential fats each day.

Researchers found that females who participated in the study benefitted from a notable decrease in the symptoms. Because hemp seeds are rich of essential fats this could be another reason to consider hemp seeds.

7. Things to Consider When Buying Hemp Seeds

In the first place, be sure that the hemp you purchase is produced by the United States, Canada, or a European Union country. Check to see whether the hemp is produced organically. Farmers who operate in the context of 2018’s Farm Bill have their crops examined often. A major and crucial test is related to THC content. Industrial hemp is legal if it is able to contain at least 0.3 percent THC.

You can buy hulled hemp or toast these seeds. Hulling the seeds makes sure that they are more convenient to consume. This process also boosts ratio of protein and fatty acids. The hull, however, is the part that is most fibrous.

Hemp seeds have a sweet, nutty taste that many people enjoy. They’re like sunflower seeds that are not flavored seeds, but with a more soft texture.

The hemp seeds are consumed by following methods:

  • A bit of toasted sugar for a crunch snack.
  • Hemp seed ground is used as an ingredient.
  • You can mix the seeds and water to make hemp milk.
  • Raw, for a snack.
  • Sprinkle hemp seeds on salads cereals, yogurt, or salads.

8. May Help With Digestion

Hemp hearts are high in fiber in the diet that aids in digestion and a feeling of satisfaction. 100 grams of hemp seeds are packed with the equivalent of 4 grams fiber and make hemp seeds the ideal addition to your morning muesli, sandwich, or superfood shake. The fiber is also helpful in keeping the gut flora balanced and boosts your immune system.

9. May Reduce Inflammation in the Body

The fatty acids found in hemp seeds help to decrease inflammation within the body. These seeds also have high quantities of GLA (gamma-linoleic fat) which can help with ailments such as nerve damage and high blood pressure arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and other inflammatory conditions.

10. May Help With Healthy Weight Loss

Hemp hearts are a great source of full protein and dietary fiber and complete protein, which both aid in digestion and regulate and make you feel fuller longer. This means that you aren’t tempted to snack on sweets or simple carbohydrates by adding hemp hearts to your well-balanced healthy, nutritious meal.

Final Thoughts on Hemp Seeds & Their Nutritional Value

Though hemp was used by humans for millennia before it was banned at the turn of the century. After more than 80 decades of bans, it’s now legal to cultivate hemp in nearly all American states. The majority of farmers cultivate the plant to supply CBD. CBD market. But hemp can be used for many other applications.

Hemp seeds are an excellent illustration. They’ve recently become more sought-after in the West as more people are beginning to realize their advantages. Hemp seeds are great sources of proteins, vitamins, minerals, as well as fatty acids. The research suggests that they can provide many advantages. The research is still ongoing, however, the results so far are highly positive.

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