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How Can Smart Mobility Solutions Assist the Elderly?

As per the data revealed by the statistics department. The total population of older people aged above 65 is likely to surpass thirty percent by 2036, and the circumstance will proceed for at least 30 years.

It is important for older people that they keep in touch with the outside world to serve their health whether. They discover it physically troublesome to do as such. In this case, some of the countries have implemented schemes on public transport for older people, which is, without a doubt, a kindhearted arrangement. Nevertheless, in the case of amenities, for example, convenient access and toilets for the physically disabled are not accessible at the destination. A considerable number of elderly individuals and physically disabled will anyway be disheartened from traveling.

That is the reason; it is good to see the industry and modern cities are coming up with innovative ways to facilitate elderly and physically disabled individuals. Which empowers them to find obstruction-free facilities in their destinations at the time of planning their trips, and in this manner decreases the uneasiness of wheelchair users.

The idea of smart home and the way it works

The idea involves an extensive range of home-based innovation that is linked to gadgets utilizing internet connectivity. From the perspective of a home occupant, a smart home has:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Home security solutions
  • Entertainment systems
  • Electronic equipment
  • Ease using appliances
  • Energy efficiency
  • Accessibility
  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Safety

In the setup of a smart home, each of these devices can be controlled without the need for physical involvement. Smart devices can be controlled by utilizing any personal computer or mobile devices with the help of an internet connection or preset utilizing a programmable schedule.

Consequently, the industry involving mobility solutions is developing quickly. In this case, investors are also taking part and have invested more than 220 billion dollars into a substantial number of new startups around the world since 2010. Taking into account only the past three years, half of that amount has been invested.

Generally, the upcoming mobility solutions projected by new entrants are attentive to younger target groups in urban areas. This implies a lot of ride-hailing applications, obviously, yet in addition added shared smart mobility solutions, incorporating organizations such as Uber to Mercedes-Benz playing their part around the world.

Assistive technology

WHO characterizes assistive technology as “any gadget or system that lets people perform activities that they are unable to do or expands the convenience and security with which activities can be performed.”

Generally, these have been products such as:

  • Bigger door openings
  • Walking devices
  • Bathroom rails
  • Wheelchairs
  • Prosthetics

In order to incorporate smart technologies, assistive technologies have been widened. Which include the utilization of computers, programming, and equipment to support elderly or physically disabled individuals. Despite the fact, some are everyday and straightforward, for example, gadgets that empower the visually impaired or blind individuals to pour tea or captions on video programs, others are intricate, and some are experimental and revolutionary.

Though some advancements help users directly, others empower creators to make assistive gadgets. For instance, 3D printers let producers shape tailored prosthetics and modified guides for individuals who have exclusive disabilities. Such as the individuals who just have one hand to carry out activities that would regularly require two hands.

Urban development for the mobility impaired

To acquire the complete benefit of the opportunities that a city brings to the table, an individual should have the option to get to them. Seniors, along with other people who possibly will have some type of mobility disability, occasionally discover that cities are not mainly intended to cater to their mobility requirements.

New innovations, though, take into account shared transportation alternatives. A convenient public transport system is a fundamental part of seniors. Since irrespective of the fact that there are superb spots to go to, individuals, despite everything, should have the option to get there. Mobility without any hurdle – the capability to travel places freely is a key segment in better-accommodating seniors into society, along with keeping up healthy communities and improved quality of individual life.

Utilizing IoT apps to broaden the range of healthcare

In this case, Barcelona is amongst the world’s principal smart cities in numerous parts, and its tactic to deal with senior care is outstanding. The city has presented several plans with improved strategies for its elderly.

The city introduced an app-based program in 2014 to deal with isolation between older individuals. They likewise eagerly keep an eye on older and disabled residents by using sensor mechanisms as a major aspect of their telecare service.

Similarly, Seoul has a comparable smart city activity with its U-healthcare services. Which helps the older and disabled by giving healthcare advice and telehealth checkups.

Awaited mobility for the elderly: a tradeoff between cost and innovation

As organizations begin considering product development for this group in mind. It’ll be vital to keep in mind that individuals with lower incomes are greatest in danger of mobility inability. A smart plan will be vital, yet so will smart business models that give reasonable items to a portion of the populace with far less money to spend as compared to younger individuals.

Despite the fact that this possibly will appear to be overwhelming.  Keeping in mind that the typical future in Europe is seventy-nine years old for men and eighty-four years old for women. The test of elderly mobility is something we’ll all need to go through at some point or another. Rather than disregarding this developing part of the total populace, the best way would be to do the maximum for them.


With the help of innovation, individuals’ life can become more productive regardless of their age and disabilities. The advancement of these smart mobility solutions, having a useful impact on not only the older and disabled. But to other individuals are also applicable. Empowering innovation should not only be viewed as an “ideal to have” however as an advantage to society in general.

Author’s Bio:

Paul Cadby has worked on several projects, including smart mobility solutions. His passion for writing allures him to share informative knowledge and ideas with the relevant audience.

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