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How Do Lashes Grow Naturally

Short and thin eyelashes are usually inherited. Before answering your billion-dollar question, “how do I grow my eyelashes naturally”, let’s brief you on what causes lashes to thin out and fall so that you can avoid them in the first place.

Nevertheless, stress, hormone imbalance, dryness on the lids, and aging are just a few of the other factors that can cause them to fall out or get thinner. Eyelash breakage and thinning can also be caused by poor cleanliness, medical problems, and so on; whereas thinning can be caused by poor hygiene, medical conditions, and so on. You can also use safe Eyelash growth serum.

The first step to ‘how to grow out your lashes naturally’ is to give them proper care and attention. So, let’s get started with the dos and don’ts of achieving healthy lashes.

When you clean your eyelids and lashes, be gentle

Gently massage coconut oil into the eyelids and lashes. Then, use a cotton pad to wipe off the oil and make-up with the cotton pad. You will not only get rid of your makeup, but you will also moisturize the area where it was. Rubbing or pulling on your eyelashes is to be strictly avoided.

Avoid putting eye makeup on every day

When you put eye makeup on, it can dry out your lashes and cause your eyes to hurt. Waterproof mascara can be especially bad because it takes a lot of work to get it off. The way you rub and pull on your lashes can damage them or even make them fall out.

Give your eyes a good rub down

With or without coconut oil, gently massaging your eyes can help your eyelashes grow, as well as keep your eyes and lashes moisturized if you use the oil.

Apply a warm compress to your closed eyes

A warm compress is good for your eyes. It can help your eyes right away. If your eyes are dry, it can make them feel a little gritty. It can also keep your lashes moisturized. You can use a warm compress to get rid of clogged pores and thoroughly clean your eyelids and lash lines with this method.

You can use a warm compress to get rid of clogged pores and thoroughly clean your eyelids and lash lines with this method.

Once you follow the above steps, you can see a considerable improvement in the overall appearance of your lashes. To accentuate their growth naturally, follow the below-mentioned home remedies that have been tried and tested by millions of people globally.

Green tea packs for eyes:

People who drink and apply green tea have found that it can help grow hair and keep it healthy. Green tea has flavonoids and a polyphenol called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) that help your lashes grow longer and thicker, as well as make them look fuller. Drinking green tea every day or applying it to the lashes both help a lot. Make eyelashes grow by putting a green tea bag on your lids. You can also dip a cotton swab in the green tea and put it on your lashes every day.

Castor oil and coconut oil

A lot of people put castor oil on their lashes every day to make them thicker and keep them from falling out. Mix a few drops of castor oil with some coconut oil and gently apply it to the lashes with the help of a cotton tip. You should do this every night before you go to bed and wash it in the morning, too. Many people have found the answer to “how to make.your lashes grow” by trusting this simple yet effective home remedy

Lemon infused olive oil

You can use olive oil to help your hair grow and keep your lashes from falling out. Lemon peels have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that are built into them. Lemon peels can be soaked in olive oil for a few days to make your own eyelash serum.

With a peptide-based serum, care for the lashes

Lash serums are used by dermatologists and millions of women all over the world to make their eyelashes grow longer and fuller. While most of us are looking for an eyelash growth serum, there are other things to think about, like the ingredients, skin sensitivity, and sun protection formula. Check to see if the product has been tested in a lab and is safe to use on your skin before you buy it. These advanced peptides, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol are some of the active ingredients in peptide-based lash serums. These ingredients help new lashes grow while also hydrating old ones. There are serums for eyebrow and lash growth that can be used by both men and women of all ages.


While your lash line is predominantly dependent on your genes, with the right choice of products like advanced lash serum and good lash hygiene, one can enjoy darker and denser lashes that flutter as you blink.

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