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How Much Does a Balani Suit Cost? – Houston Custom Suits

If you’re wondering how much a Balani suit costs, consider this: The company was founded by Peter and Angela Balani in 1961. Prices for Houston custom suits start at $899 for a single-button style and range up to $995 for a tuxedo. The average price of a custom suit is $699. The company’s website lists different prices for different types of Houston custom suits and shirts.


The tailors at BALANI specialize in custom men’s clothing and are recognized as among the world’s best. The company has two showrooms in the heart of San Francisco, where they greet customers with warm vibes. The staff members take measurements of each customer’s body and create a tailored suit. Each garment is handmade with care using only the finest materials, ensuring the best fit and style.

The company is opening its own showroom in mid-April in New York City but is also open online. The brand offers tailored suits for both businessmen and professional athletes. The prices start at $899 for a full-length suit and $699 for a jacket. For men who are looking for a custom-made suit, the process is quite thorough. The team takes 30 different measurements to ensure the perfect fit. The company even takes photos of its customers to ensure the perfect fit.

Personalized Process

Creating a custom suit from scratch is an intensely personalized process. At Balani, every garment is meticulously measured to create the perfect fit. The process begins with photographs of the customer, which help the designers determine the body type of the customer. This ensures that the three-dimensional fit is perfect. Unlike most other brands, BALANI’s suits are made for both men and women.

The custom-fit is another factor in a custom suit. A custom tuxedo with ill-fitting sleeves and pants can make the person look like a mylar balloon. In addition, a custom-fitted tuxedo can be made in any color and material, and the designer will work with you to customize the details to match your personality. The customization process is an additional $600-per-piece price, which includes a complete suit.


The custom-fitting process at Balani begins with 30 individual measurements. The company uses photos of customers to determine their body type and sex. This way, the suit will be designed to fit perfectly on the customer. Once the custom-fitting process is complete, the final product is guaranteed to be perfect in all aspects. It’s a painless process that can last a lifetime. While you’re waiting for the finished product, consider the quality of the custom-fitted garments.

Custom-fitted suits and jackets are the most expensive options, but the quality of a Balani suit is worth every penny. A custom-fitted suit is one of the most expensive ways to make a statement at a wedding or other special event, but it will be worth it. A Balani suit is an investment in your image. With the right fit, you’ll be sure to stand out in a crowd.

Custom-fitting Services

In addition to custom-fitting services, the company operates in 14 different markets. The company also offers in-house tailoring in Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles. For those who want to save money, a Balani suit is more affordable than many other premium suits. The brand’s prices start at $617 for a standard men’s suit, which includes a tuxedo, a shirt, and a tie.

Founded in 1961, Balani Custom Clothiers is a Chicago-based custom clothing company. Prices range from $899 to $999. Most customers spend around $500 or more for a suit, but some customers pay more for a tuxedo or a custom-made jacket. Despite the high price, a custom-made suit is worth the extra investment, as it is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Custom-Made Suits

A custom-made suit from Balani is an excellent investment that will stand the test of time. This Chicago-based company offers 14 locations nationwide. In addition to Chicago, the company has locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Its tuxedos start at 999 dollars. The entire process can take up to two months, and a complete suite package can cost up to $1,500.

A custom-made suit from Balani Custom Clothing costs around $800 and is fully canvassed. It is handmade and offers countless customization options. All BALANI garments are custom-made and have hand-cut buttonholes, and are made from the finest fabrics. The company sources its fabric from the world’s most prestigious mills, ensuring the best quality and durability. In addition, BALANI offers an array of accessories, including cuff links made from enchanted scarab beetles.

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The cost of a custom suit from Balani begins at $899. Jackets start at $699, and tuxedos are $995. A tuxedo costs $995. A custom suit from Balani starts at $900. However, you can choose to upgrade your suit with higher-end fabrics, change the cut of the jacket, and commission enchanted scarab beetles for the cuff links.

The company offers a wide range of products, from shirts to custom-made suits. Among them, a custom-made suit may cost up to $999. In addition to the price, you’ll also need to consider the quality of the materials. A Balani suit will be made of high-quality fabric, so it will last for years. The fabric used for these suits is also breathable.


When it comes to custom-made clothes, the difference between a standard and a custom-made suit can be dramatic. Typically, the price of a custom-made suit will be between two and three times more than a retail one. A tailor should also be able to adjust the fabric, cuffs, and buttons to match your style. This type of customization is not available in a standard custom-made suit.

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