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How to Choose a Best Sober Living Program for your Loved Ones:

Sober living houses are essentially specialized to deal with the addicts and sober alcoholics; these houses provide such programs that help the addicts to abundant their bad habits and be a part of the society again. This system works on different activities rather than using a medicated treatment. Every sober house is different and linked to the chain of sober houses. Still, some practices are common, which include house rules, shared bedrooms, bathrooms, conduct contracts, curfews, and community meetings, conducting drug testing, and random tests. The rent of these houses is paid weekly, in advance by the residents.

The concept of sober living programs in California is more popular now, and the general public is now much aware of it. Sober living houses offer you enough facilities to retain the sober track. But these drastic changes in life can shift from control to more independence that can create problems for many people such as the following:

·        Independent Environment:

Those who lived in sober living homes feel more independence than living in their own home; they face a large portion of their daytime unsupervised and have unlimited access to the internet, phone, and money. This unmonitored access to such things can trigger many individuals to get back to the old ways and do whatever they want.

·        Relapse rates can be high:

Individuals who complete inpatient programs and are supervised all the time in the 24-hour structure of the residential house, when they suddenly move into the environment of unsupervised house systems, have more chances to relapse to the old addictions such as drugs or heroin. Hence, those individuals must give the monitored environment to lead them to the right path.

·        Lack of Personal Support:

Many people experience difficulty when they reach the sober living system and struggle hard to build a solid recovery support system to achieve their goals. In this environment, there is a need to establish an intimate, supportive environment to motivate yourself. However, there are still a few issues that need to be addressed, including anxiety, lack of motivation, and unfamiliarity with what to do in their new sober life.

·        A Big Challenge:

A big challenge that the individuals of sober living systems face after the completion of this program is to find an employment opportunity in the market as it becomes hard to find a job afterward.

Common Things in Sober Living Programs:

Although all sober living systems provide different programs but have some common things to provide, which are the following:

A house manager takes the role to supervise the clients living in the house daily.

Rules and guidelines are provided to make sure to generate desired recovery outcomes, but it all depends on the individuals to stay compliant with these guidelines on their own.

Comradery: The biggest benefit that you get in sober living homes is the common ground that you and your new roommates or housemates share as everyone who lives there is going to face the same challenges often at different times. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to keep the pace toward recovery in such an environment.

Many sober living programs also offer some additional support services. A sober living house is an independent living system with some accountability. It is suitable for those who have acquired adequate self-control and begun to establish their personal support system in their recovery.

Individuals who exhibit the following traits are appropriate to live in the sober living system:

  • Highly motivated individuals who aim to abandon the drugs.
  • He possessed the ability to find employment.
  • Have some awareness on how to face the challenges.
  • A friendly behavior with the local recovery community.
  • Have the ability to maintain the budget and manage money.
  • Possessed a strong desire to get self-assistance.
  • Have a good tolerance ability to stay with other people in a sober living home and share a common goal for recovery.

If you have the following signs, then living in the sober living system is not a good option for you.

  • The person who chooses sober living as an alternative to a professional recommendation for a higher level of care.
  • When you choose an area that is unfamiliar to you, and you don’t know anyone in the area.
  • Have a lack of skills in money management.
  • Individual who has high social anxiety.
  • Clients who like to live in isolation.

How to Choose the Best Sober Living Programs:

  • Every sober living program has its strengths and weaknesses. Hence, to choose a sober living program, the following guidelines will help you to select the right one for you.
  • The essential step that you should take to choose the right sober living program is to research it in advance.
  • Ask queries if you have and be sure to understand what the sober living program provides beyond what their website reveals.
  • You can clarify if you like to avail of a program in the sober living system and develop an understanding that what this particular feature will provide you.
  • Understand how much independence you can handle there; if you think you will relapse in that environment easily, then don’t choose it because the majority of people left their motivations and desires in such an environment.
  • You should also check the support service that you will avail there as if the support is stronger, and you will find it easy to quit the addictions. The amount of support directly depends upon the desire to seek it out.

·        Plan a Visit to the Selected Program:

When you select a sober living program, then it is highly recommended for you to plan a tour to that sober living house and meet the residents. In this way, you will get accurate information that will help you to determine if it’s a fit for you or your loved one. If you are not able to visit, then you can in contact with the clients who are already living there to get an idea as the best one provides support and motivation for recovery.

·        Ask your Treatment Provider:

While you are taking the treatment, you can get recommendations from your current treatment provider as he is an excellent resource and familiar with both the patient and the area programs. They are also well aware of individuals seeking care. Additionally, they are well familiar with local programs and advice you on the best living home for your further recovery.

Getting sober is the first challenge that you need to face in the sober living program. You will also find several good options there, such as they provide good assistance after an inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment program.

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