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Achieve Top Position in Blogosphere With These 5 Tips

Every blogger wishes to enjoy a unique position but few achieve it. One mistake that most bloggers make is to ignore the major facets of their blog that affect its marketability. In this post, we are going to mention some such aspects of blogging and will also offer actionable suggestions and tips to strengthen that aspect and enjoy good visibility. It will help you improve the google ranking of your blog:

Work diligently on your social signals

Social signals may not be directly related to the ranking algorithms of Google but they do impact the ranking in an indirect but powerful manner.

That is why most of the high-ranking pages have impressive social media profiles and high interaction rates. For that, you rest need to be active on a different social media platform and post the material that attracts more likes shares, and comments. It is also important to strategically use social sharing buttons below your materials that encourage readers to instantly share specific posts, quotes, or informatics with their community. Asking questions and using polls are other strong ways of gaining better social media traction. /

Perseverance is the key to success

Many bloggers fall prey o the quick fix traps where people promise o to improve their DA or build thousands of followers in an unbelievable small time. One thing to remember here is that if it sounds too good o be true then it is. Some SEO half professionals may even succeed in increasing your DA and rank in record time but they probably use black hat SEO that can actually hurt your digital brand and may even get your site penalized. So it is best to follow organic SEO practices for increasing the authority of your blog.  One thing to remember here is that instead of just waiting and watching you can also utilize your waiting period by continuously working on different ethical ways to improve your SEO profile.

Value over the volume

It is true that the volume of unique links mater. However, volume is not the only factor to be considered. It is equally if not more important that you get the links from high authority and relevant sites. Many bloggers also offer aid link building where they just insert your link in their existing articles. They don’t pay attention to the relevance, context, or quality of the material. All they care about is inserting a link to your webpage. It may sound tempting and serious bloggers may even consider spending some money for getting quick links. However, such irrelevant and low-quality links in bulk hurt the reputation of your blog and may hurl your blog down several ranks.

Wisely use commenting as a strategy to boost visibility

One of the best ways to gain visibility is through commenting. However many bloggers use I in the wrong way. They just leave the URL of their blog in the comment section of popular blogs. Such unethical practices can land you in the soup. It disappoints both audiences and Google. So you are never able to build a good rank or gain good visibility through such methods. Instead, you can go for an ethical way of using comments to build good links. For that start by visiting the high authority sites and searching the posts that are relevant for your latest posts. In the comment section of those posts, you can write the answer or statement where you can easily place a contextual link to your blog posts/ It will help you gain relevant visibility and also allow you o build committed traffic.

Avoid complicating your blog posts

One of the major reasons behind the failure of a blog post is the hefty material that isn’t easily digestible or understandable. For that, you need to carefully review your post before publishing it. It is also good to get your post reviewed by your friends to send to family and seek their feedback. You may also consider checking for the complex sentences and paragraphs and breaking them down into small digital parts and quick tidbits that are easy to be retained understood and practiced.

Another benefit you get is the commitment and loyalty of your readers/subscribers as they love the easy to the understanding article. You may also offer a detailed description to build and strengthen the familiarity between you and your audiences which helps you to influence them in a better way. Right from email marketing to affiliate programs, this familiarity and trust help you achieve positive outcomes with modest efforts.


Starting a blog is technically an easy task but getting success is a different story altogether. Just like any other business you need to take good care of your blog and work on its key facets. It will allow you to build a decent link profile and committed traffic. It also enhances your key stats. By showing positive key aspects you can attract top of the cream clients and expect a good regular income. In this blog we mentioned such actionable tips t improve the key stats of your blog and get the best rewards.

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