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How to Make a Logo Online Like a Pro

Creating a logo online has become much easier nowadays, with logo makers available online. In most cases, these easy-to-use tools allow you to design professional logos online without the need for assistance from a graphic designer.

But it is imperative to plan the logo before designing it and know the type of logo you want, its idea, colors, etc. So if you’re going to create your logo, follow this article.

Things to learn before making a logo online

Logo Type

Briefly speaking, there are three types of logos:

Wordmark: This type of logo consists of the company name, such as the Google logo or the initials if the name is long, and logos that carry only the initials are also called Monogram logos, such as the HP logo CNN.

Iconic Logos: A logo is based on a graphic. Perhaps the image that comes to mind when you think of the company is the famous Apple logo, the Twitter bird. Using this type of logo is difficult for new companies or strong branding; the other type is logos bearing caricatures, also called image logos. The logos of each of these companies are very symbolic. This drawing is a character that has been credited with success, such as the Kentucky Chicken logo and the Harland Sanders story. It is simply a graphic character representing your company or an ambassador for your business.

Combination logos: the combination is between the icon and text. About company and name or acronyms and image, image and text can be placed side by side, placed on top of each other with an attempt to consider overlaps, or combined to create an appropriate logo. Some of the logos designed this way are Doritos, Lacoste, Burger King.

The image that the logo reflects

When creating a logo for your company, you need to define the values it represents, its goals, and its vision well—the look of your design changes according to your target audience, your products, and your message. Communicate it to your target audience and understand the company’s vision well.

Competitors’ slogans

You can examine and draw inspiration from other companies’ designs and get an idea of how the designs are made. However, it is vital to apply your ideas to your design to create a unique, distinct and original logo.

Proper font

When designing a logo, fonts also evoke a different feelings and emotions. Not every font is suitable for every company, and using the wrong fonts can negatively affect your brand image. That’s why paying attention to the fonts you use is helpful.

The color that reflects the corporate identity

The colors you use in your logo are important because they reflect many things about your brand image. Each color reflects a different message and emotion, so it is helpful to know the psychology of colors and what they represent.

Appropriate shapes

As you design your shape, make sure that you think about shapes that convey the message you want to send. The shape of the logo can communicate to customers. Whether friendly or severe, scientific or artistic, traditional or advanced, your business requires adherence to standards.

Logo file format

Check out the formats you can upload after you finish designing your logo. JPEG file is non-scalable, which means you will see pixels when you zoom in, and has a color/white background. PNG files also have limited scalability but can have a background Transparent, enabling you to place your logo on different backgrounds easily.

Vector files are generally best for use when designing logos, as they are fully scalable and can therefore be edited to fit a variety of sizes, styles, media, and backgrounds.

Commercial use

Verify that the app or site you’re using allows you to use your final product commercially. If you’re designing for other people, some apps have.


Beware of the watermark. Many apps offer free logo designs or graphic designs with the app’s watermark. Then users pay to remove the tag and export the file.

Advantages and disadvantages of online logo design


Save time. Suppose you own a new company and urgently need a logo. If you contact a designer, they will ask for a few days to implement, but you can design your logo in a few minutes with a logo maker.

You do not need special skills to make your logo. Usually, the programs or websites that provide this service are easy to use.

Save money. The advantage over all other benefits is free or cheap, saving time and money. You can make various modifications to your design for free in a matter of minutes.


Logos created without professional help are not original. You choose an online template, and someone else in the market may have used the same template, so your identity can’t be unique.

A free logo maker isn’t always free. It may have hidden costs, and they may restrict you to using specific templates with limited fonts unless you pay to expand your options.

Tool to design your logo

DesignEvo helps you create e a logo from scratch or work from various pre-made template stock. It has over well-designed 10,000 templates for you to choose from. But if you want to design from a blank canvas, you can start from scratch and create a logo with icons, shapes, and fonts. You download a free low-resolution logo for $24.99 for higher resolution or get its copyright for $49.99.


After this article, you have a clear idea of where to start creating a logo for your company for free, or would you instead invest and get a professional logo that stands out from your competitors.

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