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How To Protect Your Guitar From Too Low Humidity?

You may know the fact that a bad humidity level can affect the quality of your guitar. If you want to enjoy the melodious and euphonious sound produced by the guitar for many years, then you should store it with integra boost humidity packs. If you are living in an area where the humidity level is very low, then your instrument will start cracking.

You have to store your instrument in a properly humid space. Maintain the right humidity level near your instrument by using humidity control systems. Just like the guitar, all other musical instruments should be stored at an adequate humidity level. Just like human beings, guitars and various other musical instruments stay perfect at the humidity level falling between 40% to 50%.

By using the Integra boost 62it is possible to maintain adequate humidity. Just like a low humidity level can affect your musical instrument similarly extreme level of humidity can also lead to adverse impacts. Here, in this article, we are going to describe various tips and tricks that can help to maintain the adequate humidity level near your musical instrument:

1. Humidify Your Room

You should install a humidifier in your house that can help in maintaining the right humidity level for your instruments. If you just want to maintain the humidity level in that specific area where the guitar is stored, then humidify only that space.

You should do market research and find the best type of humidifier for your place. You should choose the humidifier that has a large capacity of water and that means it will spend less time to fill it. There are plenty of options available in the market and we recommend you choose the best one that falls inside your budget range.

2. Mop Your Floor

During dry days, you should mop your floor because it helps in maintaining the right level of humidity. If you are hanging wet clothes in the laundry room, you should put your guitar there with them. This technique is really helpful if you are living in a dry and hot region. Also, you can keep your guitar in the bathroom after taking the show, if there is space in the bathroom.

Leave your guitar these for some time and let your guitar soak a little bit of moisture. But do not leave your guitar here for long because extreme humidity levels can also affect the guitar quality. It is one of the best ideas if you do not have a humidity-controlled room.

3. Friendly Evaporative Coolers

If you are living in the southwest, then you can use the evaporative coolers to keep your place cool and comfortable. By maintaining an adequate ambiance, you can easily elongate the lifespan of your evaporative coolers. We recommend you use the portable version of the cooler.

Integra Boost 62 Can Save Your Guitar From Low Humidity

4. Humidity Control Packs

You should use humidity control packs to maintain the adequate humidity level near the guitar. The Integra Boost humidity packs are capable enough to improve the humidity level in the dry ambiance. The Integra Boost pack emits moisture when humidity falls down a certain level and absorbs moisture when the humidity goes above the specified level. Thus, the humidity packs also work properly where the humidity level goes above. It is the perfect solution for those who are concerned about too low and too high a level of humidity.

5. Place Humidity Pack Inside Case

You may not want to control the humidity level of an entire room with humidity control packs. You should keep the best humidity control packs inside the shut case. Put your guitar inside the case after every use. Also, place the humidity control packs inside the case. If you have placed your guitar inside the well-sealed case with the humidity control packs, then your guitar will remain okay.

Also, you do not need to check your guitar frequently. But make sure you replace the pack when it is completely used. Along with the humidity control packs, you should also humidify your room. It is so because the guitars which are stored in the humidity-controlled room along with humidity control packs stay for longer.

If the place where you are living is extremely dry, then you should use more than one pack. Some people try to rehydrate the Integra Boost humidity control packs. Well, the rehydrated packs may not be very efficient and increase the risk of molds and mildews. There, we recommend you replace the packs instead of rehydrating them. By rehydrating the tap water, it is possible to change the chemical properties of the intended design.

Final Words

These are some of the ways to protect your guitar and other musical instruments from any kind of damage due to extremely low or extremely high humidity levels. Because they don’t release anything but pure water vapor, Integra Boost control packs are safe to touch all of your products.

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