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How to Start an eCommerce Business in India with Low Investment

We don’t need to explain how profitable the eCommerce business is in India. Even Though the world’s richest person Jeff Bezos is also an eCommerce owner. Starting an eCommerce isn’t so expensive, this is the first advantage of eCommerce. You have a budget and mindset now that will help you understand how to start an eCommerce business.

Find Your Niche

Be clear on what you are going to sell. Before you get to know how to start an eCommerce business, you must decide which product you are going to sell, how much margin you will get from that product, and whether that product is in demand or not. There are endless opportunities for eCommerce businesses, but you have to counter-question yourself before starting it. 

Create a Business Model for Your Ecommerce Business

Creating an ideal business model is essential before starting any business. Starting a business that is in vogue will not bring success like others. So it is suggested that if you are starting an online or offline business, you must have a proper plan. There are two types of business models, one is a single vendor and the other is a multi-vendor. Let us discuss it in brief.

Single-vendor Ecommerce Website

Single vendor eCommerce websites are websites in which a single person is the owner of that site, and it sells its products to multiple customers.

Multi-vendor Ecommerce Website

Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay are the best examples of multi-vendor websites. In multi-vendor e-commerce websites, you allow multiple sellers to sell your product on your website.

Both types of business models are booming. In the first, you got more margin, and in the second, you got a commission on each product from each seller.

A Perfect Brand Name

Now you have selected your niche and business model. Now it’s time to find a name that will represent your business. Here are some amazing tips for choosing a perfect brand name for your eCommerce business. 

  1. Must be unique that represents your brand name – such as Surf Excel, Cars24, Bookmyshow, Uber. Selecting a name that represents your business in one word. 
  2. Check the domain availability.
  3. It must be easy to remember
  4. Check the availability of your brand name on all social media platforms.
  5. It must not be similar to your competitor.

Register your Ecommerce Business

Get all the legal papers required to start an eCommerce business in India, Such as Pan card, GST registration, and more. 

An Attractive Ecommerce Website

This is one of the essential points that we mentioned in this article. You do not need to learn coding to build an eCommerce website. Many pre-designed platforms allow you to build an eCommerce website without codings, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, and more.

We recommend Shopify for building your eCommerce website because it’s affordable, a drag and drop system is available, and there are many pre-built themes available in it. The website that you will create must be simple, fast, easy to navigate and SEO optimized. Or, if you are not good at designing, you can hire a freelancer or agency to fulfill your requirements. 

Payment Gateways on Your Ecommerce Website

Now it’s time to set up payment gateways. It’s a crucial task, so we would not suggest you do it yourself to save some bucks. The best is to hire an expert to add payment getaways to your eCommerce website. 

You can hire freelancers from platforms like Freelancers, Upwork, Fiver, and more. You only need to create your profile, and post your requirements, then people who can do your work will bid for your job, and you can choose the best one according to your budget. 

Logistics Management for Your Ecommerce Business 

Logistic management is confirming an order from the website to shipping an order to the customer’s doorstep. Whenever someone orders from your website, you will get a notification to dispatch the product. And if you hire a 3rd party to get your work done, they will get notified to dispatch the product. Also, it will help you and your consumer to check the delivery details of their order.  

How to Attract Customers to Your Website?

Now you know well how to start an eCommerce business. So It’s time to make your eCommerce business idea Successful. But, first, you must have a proper marketing plan for how you will get your customer to your website. Because “if you fail to plan you are planning to fail”, – Benjamin Franklin said. 

There are many ways to attract visitors to your eCommerce Websites, such as SEO, Social media ads, PPC ads, and more. To get traffic to your eCommerce website, you must have expert knowledge of digital marketing. Or, If you do not have that much Knowledge, we suggest you hire a digital marketing company for your business. A digital marketing company will help your eCommerce business to attract interested users faster. 

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Final Says 

So here we sum up how to start an eCommerce business in India. I hope this article helped you to understand the eCommerce business process. Every business is unsuccessful until they don’t get customers. So whatever your eCommerce business plan is, you must be prepared for how you will get customers to your website. The present and future of eCommerce in India are so bright, and you can also benefit from it.

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